Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Vinyl)

Around the World. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Copyright c — Stormy Forest Productions Inc. Release was issued with a "Free Single Included" noted in credits that consists of live recordings of "Freedom" and "Handsome Johnny" taped to the album jacket. The LP records are pressed with sides 1 and 4 on one record and sides 2 and 3 on the other. Add Review Bradx June 21, Report. Wow, never released on CD. I'm surprised. Great album with Richie's ace rhythm guitar playing well upfront.

Reply Notify me Helpful. Are we to believe that this is not a gatefold version? Predatory Light — MMXIV 10" Pesanta Urfolk "Lurking somewhere within the borders of New Mexico is yet another hugely exciting new project; a project that leaves behind any trace of affectation and theatrical pomp, delivering dense and primordial black metal with a sound as vast and cavernous as the indigenous landscapes.

Boasting members of Drought and USBM notables Ash Borer, Predatory Light is the metaphorical beast residing in their basement; darkly disquieting and utterly unnerving, with a melancholic streak that serves only to darken this trio's already atramentous universe. The British street music, best epitomized by Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner , has its fans in America, no doubt, but no one of West's influence has ever embraced it to the extent that he's been rumored to on his next album.

Still, grime has already made some inroads in America. Rabit, a grime producer from the red-blooded city of Houston, Texas is primed to ride the coming wave. Rainbow was founded by Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. Their first album, appropriately titled Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow , was recorded in Germany and released in August Rising , their second album, was released the following year with a further five studio albums and the live album On Stage released before the band split in To reveal the spinning hologram, fans can use any focused source of light, such as the LED flashlight on a smartphone, directly above the turntable while playing.

In , Audika Records entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the estate of Arthur Russell to compile and issue previously unreleased and out of print material from Arthur's vast archive.

The album is a direct descendent of GY! BE or even Glenn Branca, but has been smudged, distorted, and delayed beyond recognition. What's left are traces -- the ghosts and outlines of songs, trapped in a fog of white noise and overdrive -- and the end result is disarmingly serene. Black and white drip color vinyl. Featuring two pieces of original artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly each representing one of the films and containing liner notes by Shore expert Royal S.

Pressed on gram gray vinyl with green splatter and housed in deluxe gatefold jackets. The smash LP features her biggest hit singles and album tracks from her finest albums on Elektra Records. Nekromantik is known to be frequently controversial, banned in a number of countries, and has become an international cult film over the years due to its transgressive subject matter including necrophilia and audacious imagery. The Nekromantik score strikes a perfect balance of beauty, horror, joy and dissonance.

The score is both minimalistic and hauntingly atmospheric at the core, and yet remarkably complex at the same time. A wide variety of instruments and sound effects are utilized throughout it's making. In sharp contrast to the quieter moments are the tracks that sound as if they are from an old school industrial album.

Harsh noise, clanging metal, pounding drums, synthesizers, and various sound effects come together to create a truly dark and desolate picture. Sur Une Plage — Legerdemian LP Jagjaguwar Pop songs stripped of their organic beginnings to reveal a colder, more cynical outlook towards an uncertain future. Timeghost — Cellular LP Load At once both bone dry and oozing wet, Timeghost's first LP breaks the molds cast by current trends in modular synth fetishism.

Providence's Adam Morosky, active as Timeghost since , records and performs using an array of hardware altered by sensors that pierce through his face like a human patch bay. A concept-heavy record, Cellular approaches its concerns through algorithmic cut-ups, rhythms generated by cell phone interference and electrically induced muscle spasms. Limited HQgm vinyl LP pressing in die-cut silk-screened jacket.

Since the first scribble, its author has endured organ ruptures, physical and mental collapse, deaths and unheated Wisconsin winters. UFO's new album features meaty riffs, distinctive hooks, diverse songwriting, intelligent lyrics and that generally laid-back attitude which has been associated with the veteran metal band.

All tracks are newly re-mastered from the finest copies of the original 78rpm records. On vinyl for the first time. Wovenhand — Wovenhand [] LP Bang!

First vinyl edition of Wovenhand's debut — the first effort by David Eugene Edwards after 16 Horsepower. Foggy and shady passages of folk and blues. Pressed on color vinyl.

And Chris Farren from Fake Problems. Issued on Brendan Benson's Readymade Records, the album finds the talented quartet offering up ten more experimental folk-pop gems including the bouncy lead single "My Brother. Based in Sweden, Bathory is widely regarded as a pioneer of the modern black metal sound, and everybody who is anybody in black metal likes to quote Bathory as a big influence.

The In Memory Of Quorthon box set contains three double-LPs, including a picture disc repress of the original 'yellow goat' pressing of Bathory's debut album, plus a page booklet and 'Goat' poster. The original stereo Epic Records album is now mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso for the first time on audiophile vinyl, enhanced with a first-time gatefold cover featuring original artwork plus a rare photo of the original Jeff Beck Group with Jeff, Rod, Ronnie and Mick.

The sound has a mega-sludge hunch that will make you feel several sweet reefs to the wind, until you fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. The band's pace varies from machine-gun rattle to cough-syrup lunge sometimes within a single song , so you'll want to make sure your neck is well-braced, too.

Pure retro sounding doom. The nightmarish chorus of ' Deaths' arrives late and fierce, as though the band unfurled its crunchy, lumbering vamp just long enough to violently snatch it out from under us.

Black Messiah pulls together disparate threads few predecessors have had the smarts or audacity to unite. One song might channel Funkadelic, another, the Revolution, but the shiftless mad doctor experimentation and the mannered messiness at the root of it all is unmistakably the Vanguard.

Black Messiah is a dictionary of soul, but D'Angelo is the rare classicist able to filter the attributes of the greats in the canon into a sound distinctly his own. Previously known for her work in the context of Boston's Whitehaus Family, Cucucanady represents a mind-blowing excursion into the mists of the here-to-fore unknown universe of acorn people, detuned Scottish balladry and backseat sing-along dynamism.

Deceptively deep songwriting paired with somber yet undeniable hooks. Ekoplekz — Entropik 12" Planet Mu Featuring two tracks, the Entropik EP sees Ekoplekz stretching his sound towards breaking point, each track extending well past the ten minute mark, slowly evolving yet with a sustained intensity, strength of purpose and emotional impact that ensures that neither outstays their welcome.

Felix K — Tragedy Of The Commons 12" Blackest Ever Black Felix K's minute Tragedy Of The Commons is a labyrinthine, slow-burning dread epic, beatless but crushingly dynamic, its frail, minimal synth lines wandering lonely amid plate-shifting bass drones and a dense, disorienting assemblage of field recordings. The hulking "Silent Money" is perhaps Felix's most explicit nod to dub, a slow-motion soundsystem downer, armed with frequencies fit to disinter the dead.

Picture disc. If you want nasal-driven vocals or whining of a lost high school relationship, please look elsewhere. Includes an exclusive 'heartagram' logo slipmat, and a USB drive with 37 bonus tracks -- 80 tracks in all. New full-length from Kentucky's raging horror-punk metal masters. Now a trio, Hot Nerds has built up their wheelhouse to include more brutal, tightly wound bursts of digital skronk made whole by raw, close-mic'd drums.

Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence 2xLP Profound Lore In their brief career, Australia's Impetuous Ritual has already been recognized as one of the mightiest death metal entities in the underground today, alongside such likeminded acts as Portal with whom Impetuous Ritual shares two members and Mitochondrion.

Three years after the acclaimed Hurtsville and a move from the inner city of Sydney, Australia to the Blue Mountains, Jack Ladder returns with his new album Playmates. The album's songs are muscular, raw -- yet polished to the texture of a skyscraper. The lyrics themselves are haunting; they possess the poetic slur of a black-pupilled vision of romantic despair, love's unsure footing and a palpable air of Ballardian discord beneath the surface.

The songs pulse with life. Synthesizers and drum machines rub shoulders with glam guitars and pedal steel, while above all, Ladder's granite baritone slashes at love and darkness like a heavy blade. He is a tender, persistent lover; a despairing prince at the battlements. Sharon Van Etten contributes vocals to two tracks. This production was even more exquisitely produced than his previous Das Gelbe Haus , which resulted in a highly effective, tense thriller. Perrak provided audiences with excellent entertainment, and currently it is still held in a revered cult position amongst professional filmmakers, mainly due to the involved artist's unwillingness to compromise on quality, and it's impressively modern production values.

Blood red wax. Recorded live off the floor in a mere hour or two, the band's debut LP brilliantly captures the raw intensity, expert musicianship, and droll performance of their highly touted live show.

Pressed to seafoam vinyl and housed in hand-sewn, individually branded pleather jackets. The music is between typical library crime music and gangster action cinematic tunes, with very funky grooves, wah-wah guitars, Hammond organ riffs, fat horn stabs and fuzzy guitars and all the elements and ingredients that a gangster movie needs.

CD version due April 7. They classified their music style as "hard rhythmic electronics" and were a major influence on Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Depeche Mode. San Kazakgascar - First Nation Spy 7" Lather "First Nation Spy" is a spy thriller soundtrack for budding traitors and the flip, "Last Man Standing," is a slow building, minimalist tribute to the enduring tenacity of the cockroach. The band didn't really solidify until they recruited ska saxophonist Kevin Mahoney on vocals in They were definitely not lacking sonically, however, playing furious music at breakneck speed and pioneering a new style of brutal and nihilistic hardcore.

In , Siege went into Radiobeat studios to record a demo with Lou Giordano. The tape made its way through the hardcore punk underground, and clearly made an impression.

They called it quits a year or so later. Together they create spacious and dramatic soundscapes of profound intensity on the startlingly original Infolding , blending aspects of free jazz, ambient music and electronica in provocative ways.

Each track has been weighed up for its historical as well as for its musical interest. A combination of melodeon and, for the Zydeco side, button accordion, triangle, rub board and fiddles. Various Artists — I Saved Latin! Fox , and more.

Cover art is a Molina original. All proceeds to go directly to Jason Molina's estate. These three distinct forces combine to make some killer downer punk that is covered in noise, soaked in slime, and here to bum you out.

A movement away from tradition, fascination for Afro-American music, emancipation, rapport to drugs, etc. Chris Weisman - The Holy Life That's Coming LP NNA Tapes Militantly adhering to a limited palette, Weisman's recordings are all captured and constructed on a four-track cassette recorder, lending to the intimate, homegrown quality of the songs contained within.

In the case of The Holy Life That's Coming in particular, the instrumentation is limited to steel string guitar and voice, with the occasional subtle keyboard accompaniment. With guitar, sine wave generator, and voice, Wildenhaus brings together Egyptian cinema music, Berber desert guitar, American folk melody, and film noir score material for a vivid stroll through evocative historical styles and laconic moods.

The legendary hip-hop supergroup's first release in seven years also marks their 20th anniversary as a collective. Before their debut LP, X recorded a demo session that is a brilliant snapshot of the period, and a treasure for anyone with an interest in worldwide first wave punk.

Since then, they've become one of the most-blogged artists of the past two years on Hype Machine. Lush, electronic production buoys key tracks and the vocal deliveries are increasingly sophisticated.

Quixotism takes this aspect of Ambarchi's recent work to the next level: the entirety of this long-form work is built on a foundation of pulsing double-time electronic percussion provided by Thomas Brinkmann. Behold seamlessly blends field recordings, electronics, guitar, drums, and other acoustic instruments into a subtle combination of krautrock, minimalism, and classic free flowing electronics.

Their eponymous album captures the glory of the Creepsound—at times sublime, crusty, swirling and headbanging. Or the Melvins eating the Cure. Hard rock in the classic tradition. In just a few hours the trio managed to record four brilliantly distorted and warped tracks that are sure to delight any lo-fi, garage rock fan.

Featuring a treasure trove of smash hit singles and FM radio deep track favorites, the LP soared to the top of the charts back in the day. HQgm clear vinyl with gatefold jacket. The B-side sees an early incarnation of the band as a three-piece in Live at the legendary Detroit venue Nunzio's, the trio is no less powerful as they blaze through a set of future hardcore classics and throw in a few fundamental punk covers along the way. The debut full length album from New Paltz, NY's Breakfast In Fur is indie rock loaded with psychedelic textures, nods to '90s electronica, '60s pop song-craft, and ecstatic punk energy.

Continues to mine the period of and includes key tracks from all albums as well as live recordings and many otherwise unreleased tracks. They take up their whole side with one looping soundscape that jitters and skitters into and around patterns of dub and space, this exhilarating take on an already pre-determined trajectory is as awesome in its scope as it is in its journey, catch a ride!

Joan label in under the name Guitar Roberts -- this album has been unavailable in any form until now. Distilled the blues form into bleak, minimalist lines and tone; a compound of influences spanning Louisiana guitarist Robert Pete Johnson to painter Mark Rothko.

But I was! In my family it is normal to buy things from garage sales for each other. The trick is to score the biggest bargain you can. It is not unusual in our family to ask, guess how much I paid for this, and then brag that you got it for a quarter.

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Label: Stormy Forest - 2 SFS • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album GatefoldVinyl 7.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Where Have All The Flowers Gone on Discogs. Label: Warner Bros. Records - • Format: Vinyl 7 Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(3).
  2. 7" Single on 45cat: Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone / Just A Girl - Warner Bros. - USA -
  3. 38 Special - Strength In Numbers: Somebody Like You, Like No Other Night, Last Time, Once iN A Lifetime, Just A Little Love, Has There Ever Been A Go>.
  4. 7" Single on 45cat: Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone / Just A Girl - Warner Bros. - New Zealand - B
  5. Title: Where Have All the Flowers Gone / Little Boxes. Genre: Label: Columbia Hall of Fame. Catalog Number: Condition: VG++. I'm always buying records and will be listing many more. Please check back for more listings. If you wish to combine items, please let me know so that I won't keep sending out invoices and/or misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.co Rating: % positive.
  6. Vinyl and CD Discography; 3 Releases 1 Albums 2 Singles & EPs 5 Appearances 1 Singles & EPs 4 Compilations 15 Credits 2 Vocals 1 Instruments & Performance Lou Gossett: Where Have All The Flowers Gone.
  7. Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone / Just A Girl - Warner Bros. - USA () Next by Artist. Lou Gossett - Where Have All The Flowers Gone / Just A Girl - Warner Bros. - New Zealand () Live Music: Vinyl Albums: 78 RPM: CD Albums: CD Singles: 7" Singles:
  8. Lou Gossett-Where have all the flowers gone-WB WD E+. Rare Soul Vinyl > 60s Northern Soul. Lou Gossett-Where have all the flowers gone-WB WD E+; BW "Just a girl" £ £ greeting_dialog_display="hide".
  9. Lou Gossett, Paul Sindab, Joe Lee Wilson, Little Butter A: Blues For Mister Charlie #2 Bobby Sharp B: Blues For Mister Charlie #1: Powertree USA: P Jul 7" 8: Lou Gossett A: Where Have All The Flowers Gone B: Just A Girl: Warner Bros. USA: Sep 7" 1: Lou Gossett A: San Francisco Bay Blues B: You're In A Bad Way: Warner.

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