We Got The Beast - Warlock Pinchers - Deadly Kung Fu Action (Cassette, Album)

AC- Have the various members of Sharkbait worked in other groups before this current project? If so, which ones? CST- We have all been in different bands. Nothing you have ever heard of before, except for our drummer who played with the Swans for a while. AC- Was the changing of each band member's name necessary' to keep up with the humorous image that Sharkbait presents? CST- As far as the changing of names, we're not sure why we did it. I think we just like the idea of having different names and it allows us to act outside of our normal personalities.

That's the main deal. Our singer Pat Charlie Beer is a pretty mellow guy, but in order to be a demented animal on stage he felt like he needed to be called somebody else. We're into humor, although it is something that you will see less and less of as we become more serious. AC- What exactly is a "Whitey Ho"? Whitey Ho and he is a crushing mother fucker. MC Whitey Ho had never been in a band before, actually he's never even played an instrument before.

His real name is John White, and he was a photographer shooting Sharkbait. We needed percussionists and he came to an audition. He destroyed everything in the room that was made out of metal. We signed him up and he's been with the band ever since. His brother is now our damage and fire control officer, Bobby Ho. MC is metal crusher by the way, not master of ceremonies. We use hammer handles to play 55 gallon drums.

You gotta use those 16 inch hammer handles. They have to be just right. MC Whitey Ho likes the 14 inch ones though because they're faster. AC- How were the various percussion instruments created?

CST- We began recording on a four track deck in a shack behind Pat's apartment in Oakland and there was some junk left behind by the previous tenant, namely a large ventilator shaft.

During a session we banged on it, placed a microphone on it, and things have expanded from there. Whitey Ho's gear is also made up of found objects. They include brake drums, springs, 55 gallon drums, and parts we've just found around our industrial warehouse practice space. He's basically an artist. He has an artists' sensibility, and if you're familiar with art music at all, found objects are a major part of it. Plus Whitey Ho just likes to be loud and obnoxious and those are some of the loudest things you can find.

AC- What are some of Sharkbait's inspirations? CST- I'd say our number one inspiration is talk of the town, and politics or events of the day. Over the past few years our shows have always been highlighted by current events. Right now we are performing a piece called "War Crush-We Must Demonstrate," and it's about the heinous effects and uses of chemical warfare related directly to Iraq.

We're also influenced by Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept. Namely the troop run by Seiichi Tanaka, our mentor and generally God-like kinda guy.

AC- What are some of Sharkbait's goals for the near future? We're going on tour in the fall, hopefully the whole country in spring, and maybe over to Europe next summer. CST- Sharkbait started the Carnival of Steel because we were just bored, trying to find bands to play with and having clubs not want to put us on bills with other groups, so we thought that if we had control over the entire environment then there's no worries.

That's what it's all about. Where else would you have Taiko music and crushing rock brought together in the same room with belly dancers and arm wrestling, films, and martial arts? It's because we have this thing that we always say to each other, "If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself.

Not even if you want it done right and this town is full of flaky people, so if we're going to have a good time it'll be on our own. Sharkbait is a live group. We have found that in recording we tend to break everything down too small and get too involved in details and not capture the excitement and spontaneity of our live shows. We're a live band and our new record should capture and improve on our sound and make it a little more listenable.

AC- Has performing live been difficult for Sharkbait? CST- Performing live is definitely not difficult for Sharkbait. In fact our other group Sharkmeat is an improvisational band that changes everything from all percussion to a mix of everything. Most of it is improvised right at the show on stage.

We come up with the words beforehand and just go for it. We love to play, and we like to put on a big show. AC- Would you tell us a little about Charlie Beer's live tape manipulations? CST- Charlie Beer takes a quarter inch reel to reel tapedeck and drags the tape across the heads for a "scratching-like" thing. We're into fucking with anything that's normal like taking a piece of metal, putting a mic on it and beating on it. Beating on things, lighting things on fire, processing our voices.

We are the most crushing band in the world. Everywhere we go, we search around for scrap metal to beat on and the thing that really gets us off is a nice, fresh piece of sheet metal that is virgin.

AC- During some of your live performances, video footage is used. How do you go about selecting video material for live shows? CST- We don't use too much video footage actually.

We do use film. An auxiliary member to Sharkbait The original trash groove slut. He's a percussionist and all around cool musician. He uses found and home shot film. He also does live film "scratching.

AC- Does Sharkbait have any videos? Cassettes are his business. Music his life. Tom Furgas, a cassette-culture artist who resides in Ohio, relentlessly creates unique atmospheres with a passion for stabbing pop culture in the eye. Unscathed by the power of major record labels and the never ending tides of easily forgotten top 40 hits, Tom remains steadfast in his duty to make music. He is the creator of a large catalog of solo material, collaborative projects, and one of a kind tapes.

All of his work that has come my way has been refreshing and spontaneous. He has created many works on cassette which he refers to as OneOfAKind. Tom's idea is imaginative. Produce an original piece of music of which only one copy exists and then mail it to someone, somewhere far away.

I was intrigued by this concept and wanted to know more about Tom's work. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Furgas and he graciously included a personal Manifesto.

His Manifesto sets the stage for understanding the man behind the music. Artists must price their goods and services to match the lowest income levels, not the highest, and to be willing to provide these goods and services free of charge when possible for the artist or necessary for the consumer. Consumers who are unaware of the damaging effects of most commercial music must be freely educated of their error by any means spoken dialog, free alternative music gifts, suggestions for further listening and reading and we deem this educative process as a vital public service to help raise the floundering intellectual and cultural milieu that currently exists in the s.

Item III - Television has been inexorably distorted from its original function of disseminator of culture and information to a capitalist tool geared to create frustration and anger in the general populace by wafting the scent of luxury items and self-servicing lifestyles under the noses of consumer-idiots who can ill afford to possess them. Therefore we say television as with most commercial music must be avoided, ridiculed, appropriated for distortive purposes , and mocked at all costs.

Item IV - True art is not easy to make or absorb, nor should it ever be. The mind is the same as any muscle as it must be exercised regularly to avoid atrophy and subsequent loss. Vigorous cognitive work-outs cannot be had at your local commercial music outlet: seek out difficult music from difficult sources to make the most of your mental aerobics.

Item V - Don't let the bastards get you down. Item VI - We face horrendous global collapse in all sectors of life financial, ecological, sociological, medical, cultural during the next decade and it now behooves us to fight against these trends by producing the highest quality art possible, since art is the loftiest achievement of our species and to quote Zappa, "Music is the best.

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She escapes the House of the Undying afterwards and, shortly after, leaves Qarth by ship. Several weeks later, a warlock with the appearance of a young girl attempts to assassinate Daenerys at Astapor , employing a manticore hidden inside a wooden hollow sphere.

The attack, however, is foiled by Ser Barristan Selmy , though the would-be assassin escapes, after revealing her identity to Daenerys.

Aug 06,  · deadly kung fu action DW: I was amassing a huge collection of kung fun movies I'd tape off TV. One of them, on the back cover of Deadly Kung Fu Action, said "There's no second chance when kung fu.

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  1. Sep 30,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Deadly Kung Fu Action on Discogs/5(14).
  2. Sep 30,  · referencing Deadly Kung Fu Action, LP, Album, BR Went to a swap meet and found this lp. When I got home I noticed something engraved in the vinyl that said "She's not fat, she's pregnant" On one side and "we got the girth-steel pole dont" on the other side/5(15).
  3. Deadly Kung Fu Action, an album by Warlock Pinchers on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.coed on:
  4. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Deadly Kung Fu Action - Warlock Pinchers on AllMusic - /
  5. Listen to your favorite songs from Deadly Kung Fu Action by Warlock Pinchers Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  6. Nov 30,  · Deadly Kung Fu Action "Please retry" Amazon Music Unlimited: Price We Got The Beast. We Got The Beast. I had heard one song by Warlock Pinchers and had the hardest time finding the CD where I was living. I gave it 5 stars because it brings me back so many memories of a time in my past. Read more. Helpful.5/5(5).
  7. Deadly Kung Fu Action "Please retry" Amazon Music Unlimited: Price New from We Got The Beast 2. Where The Hell Is Crispin Glover 3. Arnie 4. Flaming Mimes 5. I had heard one song by Warlock Pinchers and had the hardest time finding the CD where I was living. I gave it 5 stars because it brings me back so many memories of a time in my 5/5(5).
  8. Warlock Pinchers - Deadly Kung Album Track Listing. Trk: Song: 1: We Got the Beast: 2: Where the Hell Is Crispin Glover: 3: Arnie: 4: Flaming Mimes: Additional Track Information Deadly Kung songs: 5: Anthem Five: 6: Devil Without A Pause: 7: Deadly Gary Fu: 8: Morrissey Rides A Cockhorse: Additional Track Information Deadly Kung album.

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