Various - 15 Years Of Terminal M: A Sides Vol 2 (File, MP3)

You will find no advantage in ripping initially to FLAC 0, then converting — the encode time will be small to negligible in comparison to the rip time.

If you want to best preserve the quality of your CDs, use a program that will prioritize quality. Despite its age and its clunky UI, Exact Audio Copy is the best available and I use it because of that, but there are other good options.

The best way to save time? Get another CD drive and run one instance of your ripper for each. Your comments about all FLAC levels being lossless are correct. My head is spinning but love the data here. I understand file size difference in 2nd song but why is ratio better in 2nd song? Thanks for the info from all of you guys.

Thanks for your question. My guess is that the ratio is better in the second song because of actual song itself. The first song is full of instrumentation and is very seldom quiet. With those points, the compression is able to take those seconds and essentially compress them down to nothing without losing any data since it is lossless after all. I hope my question is clear enough, this is something I really want to find an answer to, because despite having a pretty powerful computer, as I mentioned before I usually have a lot of things going on at the same time when using the computer, and thus I would not let a pass at the chance of relieving some workload or not making it bigger at least.

Yes, using a higher compression rate means more time to encode as shown in the table. Ripping time is not impacted, because ripping is always to uncompressed WAV.

As I see it, though, the difference in time to encode is essentially negligible. Yes, with higher compression settings, more processing power is required for decoding and playback.

I would highly doubt that your computer is under full load with just several applications and browser tabs open at once. As said, even with my older processor, I have no trouble playing back tracks whilst compiling Chromium from source which is extremely processor-intensive. Just wanted to point you in a direction if you still need something to pull artwork automatically.

They will do the trick for you or others looking at this. Thanks for the recommendation! I usually just either scan the covers for my albums, or pull them from a site manually. I figure that it only takes a couple minutes at most, and it only has to be done once.

Great article. Re-encoding for mobile, where space is usually limited, takes a while so I think that I might stick with level 8. That way I can stick with lossless rather than lossy compression. Do you know of any battery life tests comparing different FLAC levels?

That would be my only concern with having that much compression. I agree with many of your points. I do so using a great script that I found called FLAC2all , which copies the metadata and even the album art.

The command that I use is:. What I can tell you is that the processing power to decode the FLAC should be the only influencer on battery life.

I use M4A to play music on my cell phone. The AIMP converter is perfect for doing the conversion since it maintains the metadata and the covers. Some I ripped to mp3 15 or 20 years ago and have some that are only at , most are to k but still pretty low quality by todays standard.

Time wise it makes almost no difference, the default of 5 took maybe 1 second per song, 8 takes maybe 3 seconds. It was more about the time of encoding, and the resources needed to decode. I just found that level 3 was the best trade-off between encoding time, decoding resources, and file size. Ditto on everyone else. Big CD collection to archive and save. Your post was just what I was looking for. Bought a fat new laptop, jumped ship from Apple and need to actually know what I am doing.

Just repeating others compliments, but thanks again for your valuable info. Kodi prompted me for Flac level and Google sent me to your article. But here I will differ a bit. In your case, you may be right with the FLAC level 0. Just wanted to say thanks for making this data available! This is located at the eastern end of the terminal and consists of gates 34—50 excluding gate numbers 37, 38 and 44, which do not exist.

These gates are linked to the terminal by covered walkways, and passengers walk across the apron to the aircraft. Further to the east, gates — are used for Business Jets and long term parking.

It had previously been run by the Auckland Regional Authority , covering the five councils in the Auckland region.

In the Government sold its shareholding, and AIAL became the fifth airport company in the world to be publicly listed.

At that time the major shareholders were Auckland City Council After amalgamation into the Auckland Council , the local authority now owns a International shareholders hold around 40 per cent of the shares, domestic approximately 60 per cent.

AIAL enjoys diverse revenue streams, and operates a 'dual-till' approach, whereby its finances are split into aeronautical and non-aeronautical balance sheets. Aeronautical income is derived from airfield charges, terminal services charge and the airport development charge or departure fee. Non-aeronautical revenue comes from its significant property portfolio, car park, and retail income.

Due to the airport having little-to-no competition, the aeronautical side of the business is subject to information disclosure requirements as set by the Commerce Commission. Research conducted in September by aviation consultants Jacobs, however, indicates that Auckland Airport international charges are slightly below the average of the 20 largest international airports flown by Air New Zealand.

The diversity in revenue was of benefit during the downturn in international aviation following the events of 11 September , and subsequently the Bali bombings , SARS outbreak and the Iraq War. The airport was able to rely on steady income from the non-aeronautical side of the business, which softened the blow of international events. In July Auckland Airport elected to delay a scheduled increase in its landing charges from 1 July to assist its airline customers during the recession.

The scheduled increase was put in place on 1 March The company has in the past reportedly been singled out by airline lobby group IATA for its consistent excessive level of profits. Airlines such as Air New Zealand complain of excessive landing charges. This has been replaced with a passenger services charge levied on the airlines for each arriving and departing international passenger.

The alliance is expected to generate an extra , passengers through Queenstown Airport. AIAL has an option to increase its shareholding in Queenstown Airport to 30—35 per cent at any time up to 30 June , subject to the approval of the Queenstown Lakes District Council. The new share capital from would allow Queenstown Airport to fund growth of the airport's operating capacity and to pay regular dividends back to the community via the Queenstown Lakes District Council shareholding.

Auckland Airport owned radio frequencies over a year period. It purchased the Radio Hauraki frequency AM in , and began operating adult contemporary and flight information radio station Info Music from the domestic terminal. A heavy rail connection from the airport to Auckland CBD was initially conceived as an extension of the Onehunga Branch line via Mangere Bridge and the suburb of Mangere.

Another proposal was the construction of a heavy rail line to the east of the airport to connect with the North Island Main Trunk line near Puhinui Station , or the creation of a loop to connect the airport to both the Onehunga Line and the North Island Main Trunk Line. The preferred option since [71] is an entirely new light rail line running from the airport to central Auckland via a direct alignment through Mangere, Onehunga and Mount Roskill.

At Mount Roskill, it would connect to the planned Dominion Road light rail line [72] which would continue on to Queen Street in Central Auckland before reaching a final terminus in the Wynyard Quarter waterfront development area. There are several cycle routes connecting the airport to the surrounding suburbs, consisting of both off-road tracks and on-road cycle lanes. The statistical area of Auckland Airport, which covers an area of 23 square kilometres northwest of the actual airport, had a population of at the New Zealand census , an increase of 63 people There were households.

There were males and females, giving a sex ratio of 1. The median age was Ethnicities were Although some people objected to giving their religion, Of those at least 15 years old, 66 The employment status of those at least 15 was that From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Auckland International Airport. International airport serving Auckland, New Zealand.

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Statistical Methods. Biomedical Science. Diagnostic Imaging. Gross Anatomy. Infectious Disease. Medical Exams. Medical Terminology. Occupational Therapy. Passive Care. Physical Therapy. Spinal Anatomy. Air Traffic Control. Interior Design. Massage Therapy. Pilot License. Business Law. Civil Procedure.

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  2. Review: With a slew of inter-threaded releases to her name since Brazlian DJ and producer Anna has slowly ascended through the ranks of techno by the way of releases for Novamute and Kompakt Extra. This has come by the way of labels like Twin Turbo and Terminal M with her arrival at Drumcode coming with three deep and driving techno tracks designed for warehouse play.
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