The Destroyed Room (Previously Unreleased) - Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism (Vinyl)

Sonic Youth has featured album art by several well-known avant-garde visual artists, such as Mike Kelley , Tony Oursler and Gerhard Richter , whose paintings from his "Candles" series was used as artwork on Daydream Nation.

Sonic Youth's sound was generated by their vast collection of unique and exclusive instruments; from guitars altered to meet the needs of the unique tunings employed to effects and amps designed to around their whims, Sonic Youth used a wide array of custom instruments in creating their sound.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Bassist Kim Gordon and guitarist Thurston Moore in Noise rock alternative rock experimental rock indie rock post-punk no wave.

Neutral Sub Pop Ecstatic Peace! Moore and Gordon performing in the early s. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. October Main article: Sonic Youth discography. Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved February 28, Archived from the original on February 2, Archived from the original on 8 May Retrieved 8 May Village Voice. April Archived from the original on July 3, Archived from the original on Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved August 13, Archived from the original on January 6, Rovi Corporation.

Retrieved January 22, June 7, Archived from the original on December 24, Twentieth-Century American Art. Thursday 9 July Friday 10 July Saturday 11 July Sunday 12 July Monday 13 July Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 15 July Thursday 16 July Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Tuesday 21 July Wednesday 22 July Thursday 23 July Friday 24 July Saturday 25 July Sunday 26 July Monday 27 July Tuesday 28 July Wednesday 29 July Thursday 30 July Friday 31 July Saturday 1 August Sunday 2 August Monday 3 August Tuesday 4 August Wednesday 5 August Thursday 6 August Friday 7 August Saturday 8 August Sunday 9 August Monday 10 August Tuesday 11 August Wednesday 12 August Thursday 13 August Friday 14 August Saturday 15 August Sunday 16 August Monday 17 August Tuesday 18 August Wednesday 19 August The album, which incorporated acoustic guitar and drew inspiration from the life and writing of sci-fi author Philip K.

Dick , was heavily praised by mainstream publications like Rolling Stone. Sonic Youth's true breakthrough came in with the double album Daydream Nation. Instead of editing down their song ideas, the group expanded them into free-flowing suites that better reflected their live performances. Released on Enigma Records , it was a tour de force that was hailed as a masterpiece when it arrived in October , and generated a college radio hit in "Teenage Riot. Despite Daydream Nation's wide acclaim, Enigma 's distribution and financial woes meant the album wasn't always available in stores.

These factors contributed heavily to the band's decision to move to the major label DGC in late Signing a contract that gave them complete creative control, as well as letting them function as talent seekers for the label, Sonic Youth established a precedent for alternative bands moving to majors during the '90s while preserving their artistic credibility. To make their major-label debut, the group recorded demos with Mascis and Gumball 's Don Fleming , then worked with Sansano at Sorcerer Sound and Greene Street studios on lengthy, often experimental sessions.

To complete the album, Sonic Youth recruited jazz musician-turned-producer Ron Saint Germain, who helped shape the sessions' numerous overdubs into a finished product with a focused sound that didn't abandon the group's noisy aesthetic.

The results were June 's Goo, which was a college radio hit and reached 96 on the Billboard Albums chart. The band explored their relationship to pop culture further on songs such as the Chuck D collaboration "Kool Thing," which hit number seven on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. After Goo's release, Neil Young invited Sonic Youth to open for him on his arena tour for Ragged Glory, a move that represented their first major incursion into the mainstream and also helped make Young a cult figure within the alternative circles during the '90s.

For their second major-label album, Dirty, Sonic Youth nodded to Seattle grunge rockers such as Mudhoney and Nirvana, both of whom Sonic Youth had supported for several years they released a split single with Mudhoney and brought Nirvana to DGC Records.

Top Songs See All. Essential Albums. Goo Deluxe Edition [Deluxe Edition] Sonic Youth had been progressively flirting with conventional song structures with each successive album, so when the group signed their first major label record contract their fan base worriedly waited to hear the results.

It had become customary for underground bands making the big leap into the major league system to lose what it was that made them special in blatant attempts to capture a wider audience. However, this was Sonic Youth. Mascis and Don Fleming, alongside b-sides, outtakes and rehearsals that show the grittiest side of the group, surely to satisfy their most hardcore fans.

Dirty Deluxe Edition [Remastered] Daydream Nation appeared at the end of the '80s, as CDs were quickly becoming the popular medium. Daydream Nation which was also released as a double vinyl album took advantage of the CD's longer length, indulging in extended instrumental hijinks and an abundance of song ideas. Every aspect of the group's approach is represented, from the compact rock thrust of "Silver Rocket" to the epic styling of the album's closing "Trilogy," where the guitars pile up with progressive rock ambition.

Still, this isn't easily accessible music. The hooks are still often buried in the murk, and the wall of sound might take several plays to penetrate.

While "Hey Joni," "Total Trash," and "Teenage Riot" have catchphrases that help listeners orient themselves, the instrumental onslaughts are meant to send them into suspended time and space, where gravity and traditional musical expectations are transcended..

Daydream Nation Deluxe Edition With each successive studio album in the '80s, NYC's Sonic Youth came closer to flirting with mainstream rock 'n' roll. The band's abundant feedback, discordant drones, alternate guitar tunings, and cryptic lyrics were used with more conventional song structures as the band's popularity rose.

While "Hey Joni," "Total Trash," and "Teenage Riot" have catchphrases that help listeners orient themselves, the instrumental onslaughts are meant to send them into suspended time and space, where gravity and traditional musical expectations are transcended.

EVOL , Sonic Youth established itself as one of the most distinctive and musically challenging bands of the emerging '80s indie rock scene. With new drummer Steve Shelley in tow, the group molded its epic drones to fit more conventional rock-song structures while still including the high-wire tension between its two dueling guitarists, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, who built walls of sound with innumerous alternately tuned guitars. Sister With 's EVOL , Sonic Youth established itself as one of the most distinctive and musically challenging bands of the emerging '80s indie rock scene.

Albums See All. Spinhead Sessions The Eternal Aja Romano: What we know about a deadly shooting in Rochester, New York : "Two people are dead and 16 injured after a shooting at a party.

Trump's ABC town hall revealed a president disconnected from reality : "He faced tough questions from voters -- and had few answers. Along similar lines, Trump told a voter who asked him about immigration that he'll unveil new legislation "in a very short time" -- a talking point he often uses to buy time when he doesn't really have a plan.

On the topic of law and order -- one that Trump is trying to make a centerpiece of his campaign -- Stephanopoulos grilled him on a disconnect between what he said back in and what he's saying now.

Trump's response was that he has -- if you disregard all the large cities that are run by Democrats so, most of them. Trump went on to compare the unrest that took place in American cities over the summer with the fall of Berlin in , seemingly unaware of how that analogy reflects on his stewardship of the country.

Trump's dark National Archives speech was white resentment run amok : "It's just nonsense to believe that America isn't racist. Nancy LeTourneau: Is America strong enough to confront its racist past? Clever of her to flip the tables and present Trump as weak, but the real issue with him is that he rejects Americans' common understanding of ideals: especially the central importance of equality.

That is precisely what threatens both Trump and his supporters. To confront the role that racism plays in our society is a two-step process. First of all, we must recognize that, since our founding, U. Secondly, in order to ensure that our principles of equality and justice apply to everyone, those institutions have to change.

That first step presents an obstacle for people like Trump, who view any admission of error as a sign of weakness. During his speech on Thursday, the president said that the narratives being pushed by the left resemble the anti-American propaganda of our adversaries, concluding that "both groups want to see America weakened, derided and totally diminished. But Trump's approach is the one that broadcasts weakness.

It takes strength to examine ourselves, identify shortcomings, and correct them to the best of our ability. In many ways, what is on the ballot in November are these two views of what it means to be an American. Are we a country that is too afraid to even admit our shortcomings, or are we strong enough to be self-critical and seize our power to continue the process of aligning the country with our highest ideals? Tom Scocca: Crowd cheers as the President gloats about this one time the cops shot a reporter with a rubber ballot for no reason.

Liliana Segura: Trump prepares to execute Christopher Vialva for a crime he committed as a teenager : "Vialva is the first Black man to face execution during Trump's killing spree. He is set to die on September Barack Obama's memoir is set to be the biggest book of this year.

That's pretty depressing considering that his main claim to fame was providing us a brief and unhappy respite between two much more disastrous Republican presidents. Singles out a recent op-ed by AEI flunky Danielle Pletka, where her "principles" go into full wobble: "I never considered voting for Trump in I may be forced to vote for him this year.

I was in Brooklyn at the time, visiting friends, and we watched a lot of TV that day. One thing I saw was stock video of Palestinians cheering and burning US flags, released by Israel shortly after the attacks.

Later during the day, I saw the grinning mugs of Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres bragging about how good the attacks were for Israel, predicting that now Americans will see the world the way Israelis do.

Ariel Sharon was PM of Israel at the time, but his limited English didn't merit prime time, nor did his perpetual scowl. The neocons may have started as fanatic Cold Warriors, but in the s they formed an alliance with Israel's right-wing to scuttle the Oslo Peace Process and confront both the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors from a stance of absolute, uncompromising power.

With Sharon's accession to power, their relationship to Israel shifted from support to envy: their most fervent hope was for the US to impose its absolute power on the world, as Israel was doing in its own little corner. Whence came mantras like "axis of evil" and "real men go to Tehran. And for now, Israel has nothing to fear from formerly hostile neighbors. The thrust of Kushner's which is to say Israel's diplomacy has been to form a united political front between Israel and Arab despots who fear Iran and their own people and other Arabs and hope they will be more secure with hoards of sophisticated American and Israeli arms.

Speaking of which, more on the Kushner deal:. A couple of delusions here. Increasing US arms sales in the Middle East is the opposite of disengagement. Even if those arms sales come with strings attached, the US cannot be assured that the weapons will be used as the US might wish. Israel has always followed its own security dictates, as when they supported Iran while the US was arming Saddam Hussein. There is no reason to think that any "client" state in today's Middle East will prove any more subservient.

On the other hand, Trump is doing us no favors by aligning with the most cruel and autocratic regimes in the region. Jefrey Goldberg: Iran and the Palestinians lose out in the Abraham Accords : Tries to tally "the winners and losers," imagining that there are winners without peace.

Fred Kaplan: Trump's new Middle East accord is a big deal. It is not a peace deal. James North: The latest recognition deal is a win for Israel -- but it could provoke resistance inside Bahrain. Jonah Shepp: Trump's 'peace' deal doesn't make Mideast conflict any less likely. Philip Weiss: Israel triumphant, Israel powerful, Israel soulless.

Jeffrey St Clair: Roaming charges: Smoke on the water, lies burning in the sky. Starts with a bunch of photos of what Oregon looks like these days. Matt Stieb: Federal officials considered using a 'heat ray' against DC protesters. But they are not sufficient. Liberals may be embarrassed about using the word to describe themselves, but conservatives are shameless in recognizing that liberal policies are more popular than their own -- hence the need to hide and lie about them.

Once you strip away the misleading claims from this list of accomplishments, you are left with what Mr. Trump has delivered: tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations -- No. Deregulation for banks and businessmen -- No.

Judges for the evangelicals -- No. Tariffs on Chinese steel for the steelworkers -- No. And after those tariffs sparked a trade war, bailouts for farmers -- No. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, for conservative Jews and evangelicals -- No. To Mr. Trump's supporters, those are real accomplishments. But are they worth more than Mr. Trump's failures, during a deadly pandemic? More than his broken promises? More than what he has destroyed? That's the question facing voters in November.

Maybe this list of his true accomplishments needs to be weighed against a list of what he has dismantled over these last four years. Anybody got one? I'd be happy to fact-check it. Derek Thompson: The reason Trump isn't trying to save the economy : "He is stuck in a Pollyannaish fantasy of his own making. America needs a democratic revolution : "Fixing systemic inequities in voting power should be a high priority for Democrats. By all means, feel free to shame the Republicans for attempting to undermine democracy and turn government into a self-perpetuating grift and patronage machine, but don't for a moment think Democrats can afford to wait until the structural problems are fixed before delivering better policy and service when and wherever they manage to win some power.

Also, note that the biggest inequity in American politics isn't geographical. It is money, which cut across party lines deeply enough that Democrats in made no effort to limit campaign spending or lobbying, even though they had the presidency and large majorities in Congress. There's no reason Democrats can't formulate a winning campaign, especially given that Republicans seem to have deliberately chosen policies so extreme and unpopular they can only win by exploiting structural inequities.

The Democrats' biggest problem has loss of credibility, caused by failing to deliver on the modest promises of their centrist leaders. Whining about how the system is stacked against them isn't a viable excuse. After all, stacked systems are something workers face every day. They don't need to be told the system is unfair. They need leaders who can challenge and beat it anyway. A group of centrist lawmakers has a new compromise proposal for more stimulus : "The Problem Solvers Caucus is attempting to break the impasse on additional aid.

That's especially true for the 25 Republicans who signed on -- most of them hold seats that are very likely to flip to the Democrats in November. Former model Amy Dorris says President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her : brings the "known" total to She just doesn't care.

Got a late start writing today. I had the idea yesterday that I'd finally try to make lasagna -- something I've never tried before, although I have been known to make a pretty awesome pastitsio.

Back when I first had the idea -- well over a year ago -- most of the recipes I consulted called for oven-ready noodles, so that's what I bought and still had on hand. I started with Mark Bittman's classic lasagna recipe, and made the bolognese sauce yesterday, but ran out of time and saved it overnight. Bittman called for boiled noodles, but all I had was oven-ready, so I wound up mostly following the box recipe -- adding an extra cup of water to my reduced meat sauce to make sure the noodles had plenty of liquid.

Made pretty much every mistake possible in assembling the loaf, and it looked pretty ugly when it came out of the oven. Not bad, but the noodles were the weak link. A bit surprised the rated count is so high, but my method for getting there was pretty conducive to quantity over writing.

Currently I have records at priority 2, mostly jazz. I started the week adding Saving Country Music picks to my metacritic file , so there's a fair number of alt-country albums in this week's crop. I also stumbled my way onto the Aerophonic Records Bandcamp , where Dave Rempis has been releasing a lot of his old tapes a fairly common strategy for musicians sidelined by the pandemic.

I also rummaged through my Downloads directory, sorted out what I had accumulated, and created a log to manage it better. Surprised I didn't like Billy Nomates more, especially given that I like Sleaford Mods a lot more than Bob does, but maybe that was the point? Christgau, by the way, published his guide to volunteering to work on the side of sanity and civilization in the election today: Vote!

It Ain't Illegal Yet! He's practiced what he preaches for many years now. I know a couple others who volunteer regularly to help with campaigns, but no one who's put more into it.

All I can manage to do is to write up some obvious truths as I've been doing weekly in my Weekend Roundups ; for the Trump era, you can download this [odt format] , which isn't totally up to date. I usually spend a fair amount of time updating the metacritic file on Mondays before posting this, but decided I'd rather get this out at a decent hour, and catch up later. I picked this up on Facebook, forwarded by a couple of friends.

I thought it might do more good here:. If you're active in the BLM movement or even if you're just Black , you're getting posts on your feed about Biden and Harris's pro-police records. If you're LGBT, you're reading articles about Harris defending California's policy of not providing gender reassignment surgery to trans inmates. If you want universal health care, there's a post on your page about how Bernie was robbed and Biden is in Big Pharma's pocket. If you're for immigrant rights, there is an article in your top 20 right now about Obama being the "deporter in chief.

None of these articles are wrong. Most of them lack context, and may err by omission, but they're not fake news. The organizations paying Facebook to show them to you, on the other hand, or paying "influencers" to share them.

They don't care about Black lives, or the environment, or trans people, or health care, or immigrants. They only want one thing. Whether it's a troll cubicle farm in Novgorod or a right wing think tank in Richmond, microtargeting allows them to aim directly at your feels and feed your outrage, disgust and sense of powerlessness. Don't fall for it. Elect Biden. Flip the Senate. Then get back to work in Keep moving the Overton window. Scare the lukewarm Democrats you've just elected into doing the right thing.

Hold Biden to the platform commitments he made to Sanders delegates, and push him to go beyond. Because unlike Republicans, Democrats CAN be steered, persuaded, shamed, flattered, or convinced to take action. Obama didn't start out favoring gay marriage, or cannabis legalization. Hell, LBJ wasn't for desegregation, until he was.

Let Ruth Bader Ginsberg retire. And wear your mask. We're less than two months away from the election. An insane amount of money is being raised and spent to sway that election, and it will be used to try to manipulate you in all kinds of ways. Beware that most of the money comes from rich people with their own private agendas -- indeed, a lot of it is coming through "dark money" fronts intended to avoid transparency and accountability.

Misinformation and dirty tricks are likely to come so fast and furious you'll never be able to sort them out. On the other hand, you really only have to know a few things to decide this election: we live in a very complex world which requires expertise and trustworthiness to function; trust depends on respect and empathy for other people; a democratic government "of, by, and for the people" is essential because it is the only basis for fair and just management of this complexity.

Republicans have repeatedly failed to run competent government, partly because they are hold many people in contempt, and partly because they see political power only in terms of their ability to reward their donors and lock in their own power.

While conservatives have failed for many years, they have rarely exposed their own incompetence as blatantly and hopelessly as they have under the leadership and direction of Donald Trump. He is a disaster and an embarrassment. He and his party deserve to be driven from the halls of power, and the only way to do that is to elect Democrats: Joe Biden for president, and the other Democrats running for Congress and state and local office.

The more complete the rout, the better. It's easy to say this is the most important election of our lifetimes, but it may be more accurate to say that if we fail to take our country back this time, this may be one of the last chances we get.

Danielle Allen: The flawed genius of the Constitution : "The document counted my great-great-grandfather as three-fifths of a free person. But the Framers don't own the version we live by today. We do. The document is our responsibility now.

The linchpin here is eliminating the payroll taxes that fund Social Security. Trump has already suspended collection of those taxes until the end of the year, producing a short-term stimulus and a slightly longer-term liability.

The idea is that when the bill comes due, people will feel the pinch, and demand relief from the tax. As half of the tax is deducted from workers' checks, they would see a slight increase in take-home pay, but few would manage to save enough to make up for the eventual loss of retirement income. The other half is paid by companies, who could use the savings to pay workers more, but more likely will pocket the profit.

Franklin Roosevelt thought that the regressive payroll tax would protect the program against predatory business efforts, but he didn't anticipate the short-sighted nihilism of Trump's generation. By the way, Glenn Kessler tries to argue that Trump has no such plan: see Biden campaign attacks a Trump Social Security 'plan' that does not exist.

The gist of Kessler's argument seems to be that Trump says so many incoherent things, and does so little to clarify them, that you can't attribute anything as deliberate as a plan to him.

Kate Aronoff: Trump's fire sale of public lands for oil and gas drillers : "The Bureau of Land Management is rushing to auction off sites ahead of a potential Biden presidency. Katrin Bennhold: Trump emerges as inspiration for Germany's far right. Megan Cassella: 'A tale of 2 recessions': As rich Americans get richer, the bottom half struggles. This goes far in explaining why the Republicans have no interest in another stimulus bill, while the Democrats see the need for something much more dramatic:.

Recent economic data and surveys have laid bare the growing divide. Census Bureau they sometimes or often didn't have enough food. More than a quarter of adults surveyed have reported paying down debt faster than usual, according to a new AP-NORC poll, while the same proportion said they have been unable to make rent or mortgage payments or pay a bill.

And while the employment rate for high-wage workers has almost entirely recovered -- by mid-July it was down just 1 percent from January -- it remains down Zak Cheney-Rice: Police riots and the limits of electoral solutions.

Matthew Choi: Trump says Pentagon chiefs are accommodating weapons makers. Once in a while he goes off on an antiwar lark, without recognizing any discrepancy from his actual record. Jonathan Chait: No, Trump is not threatening the military-industrial complex's profits. You may remember Yoo as the lawyer in GW Bush's White House who came up with the most incredible legal rationalizations for Cheney's torture policy.

Jelani Cobb: Our long, forgotten history of election-related violence : "President Trump has sparked dangerous lawlessness, but killing and destruction linked to political antagonisms are nothing new for this country. Sooner or later, Donald Trump will no longer darken our doors, and from that point on I'll have no desire to ever read about him again.

Indeed, the only one of a dozen books I've read to date that reveals much worth knowing about Trump is TV critic James Poniewozik's Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television, and the Fracturing of America , and that's because he bothered to sort out the meaning of so-called "reality TV" -- something I've never had the slightest interest in actually watching.

The only other book that seems like it might be enlightening is his nieces's psychobiography, and that's largely because she takes a broader and deeper view of his family. Jason Ditz: Biden says stay in Mideast, increase military spending : Well, that's not exactly what he said -- the only exact quote here is "forever wars have to end," but he isn't acknowledging that what makes them "forever" is America's military footprint in the Middle East.

Ditz's subhed is also an exaggeration: "Biden wants to refocus on fighting Russia.

Jan 01,  · The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities is a compilation album by Sonic Youth. This album contains tracks previously only available on vinyl, /5(6).

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  1. The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities is a compilation album by Sonic Youth. This album contains tracks previously only available on vinyl, limited-release compilations, imports and B-sides to international singles. The tracks, which also include unreleased material, were hand-picked by the band. The album was released on December 12, A double vinyl LP edition with two extra tracks was released in Genre: Alternative rock, noise rock, experimental rock.
  2. ("The Destroyed Room" by Sonic Youth) While it pains me to give anything less than 5 stars to a recording by what is after all the Greatest American Rock Band of the Last 25 Years--nay, the Greatest Rock Band Period of the Last 25 Years--I'll respectfully knock off one star for this collection of B-sides, demos and other sonic effluvia/5(14).
  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism at Discogs. Complete your Sonic Youth collection/5().
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Youth Against Fascism on Discogs.4/5(1).
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Youth Against Fascism on Discogs/5.
  6. Choice new collection of B-sides, rarities, alternate takes and previously unreleased tracks dating back to Geffen Records CD release December 12, New York’s most influential avant-garde rock band, Sonic Youth, follow up their critically acclaimed release, Rather Ripped, with a special set sure to please fans and completists. The Destroyed Room: B-Sides And Rarities, a.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Youth Against Fascism on Discogs. Label: Geffen Records - GFSTD 26,Sonic Youth Records - SY • Format: CD Single • Country: UK & US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Noise The Destroyed Room Mixed By – Andy Wallace: 4: Youth Against Fascism (LP /5(11).
  8. A Youth Against Fascism (Clean-ex Mix) B1 The Destroyed Room (Previously Unreleased) B2 Youth Against Fascism (LP Version)

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