Take Off - Various - Keep It Tidy 4 : 2002-2004 (CDr)

Alarm goes off usually far too early the next day. Check Blackberry for any changes. Check out and meet n greet the captain. Jump in the taxi or crew bus and go to aircraft. Depending on the airport, get scanned and passport perused or just wander through the gate.

Find handling agent and pick up the mountain of paper work. Note the changes Check in with the Blackberry and get an updated briefing. Sort through the flight plans, wx and notams. Make sure we have the Flygprestanda details for the airports required. Off to the aircraft. Take out all the pins and stow the covers. Fire up the APU as soon as we can. Maybe not USA.

Captain sorts out the tech log and so on while I do the external. Do the daily checks and load up the FMS. At 30 min to go, one of us will go to handling agent meeting point to fetch the passengers. We use the Blackberry for release or phone Dispatch for remote release and lead passenger info. Load bags. Hop in the front and then do the pilot thing.

We give a detailed brief about the start, take off and any emergency procedures plus the normal departure. Get the start and taxi away. While taxiing, play the standard safety brief over the IFE. Keep a beady eye on the taxi charts or with luck, follow the car Take off. Admire view once the flight is under way.

Take a piccie of anything that looks interesting. Collect up the departure aerodrome charts and file them away. Whilst in the cruise, do the paperwork, load up the FMS with the next plan and make sure the passengers are happy. If time and so inclined, wander down the back and check on them.

At around nm to go, start fishing out the arrival charts. Look at the metars and see what the trend is. Do a fair bit of anticipating. Try and get the ATIS and work out what was said. Work out the sums, load up the FMS. Brief the non flying pilot. While on descent, play the Landing briefing over the IFE. The guard clocks the flag and her staish-ship in the back, and swings the barrier up. The car pulls forward, then stops suddenly and the irate lady shrieks at the guard, 'Compliment!

He ponders this for a moment then replies brightly, 'I like your hair!. Some hilarious stories here. The one about the SWO and the one striper with the office chair reduced me to tears.

I can barely type from laughing. Here's a couple I've heard. F4 escorting a B52, Said F4 is annoying the B52 by manoeuvering around it, showing off. Eventually the B52 pilot says 'Bet I can do something you can't'. The F4 crew sees nothing. This next one happened to a crew from a little country west of Wales. It's a nice day and they take off for a navex ending with a low level transit along the coast. Skimming along ' above the waves following the coastline they spy a solitary couple strolling on the beach.

After hard turn and a screaming dive they buzz the hapless pair and fly back to base laughing at their little joke. On arrival they found there had been a phone call.

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He found out that the meat consisted of a certain toxin, which resulted in their deaths. What happened next was simply history. Thus, Botox was discovered from cases related to food poisoning in the first place. Although it may sound crazy, early testing has demonstrated that depression can be treated through a single Botox injection. How can it do so?

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Gullible consumers may fall a prey to such tactics. So, instead of going by the testimonials on the websites, you can ask for references from the suppliers themselves. It was entirely mechanical and worked on the principle that to change station a finite number of revolutions had to be added to or subtracted from those needed to stay in station. For example, props of, say, 10ft pitch would in theory have to revolve 30 times to cover yards.

Therefore, if one was yards out of station, 30 extra revs would be needed. Having set the rate at which one wished to make the change, the machine would count off the extra revs and advise when this had been done with an unusual - or even unique - one stroke gong.

By following a pointer the Engineroom would have done the job. The gadget was rarely used, most OOWs preferring their own judgement. Indeed his Lordship is supposed to have said, on being asked whether he had used it much himself, "only as a step", when leaving the bridge of HMS Kelly as she capsized.

On one such visit he went onboard Tartar and was not best pleased to hear the distinctive one stroke ring in the Wardroom pantry, to call the Duty Steward. There was only one place that bell could have come from - the rest had been surrendered as topweight reduction! Later, as your correspondent said, he was on the Board.

He had the device redesigned, made smaller and operated electrically. Much pressure was brought to bear on us in DND to procure it for the escort force. However, we knew how little it would be used, espcially as close formations were largely things of the past. Nevertheless, mindful of our careers, it was duly put in the Estimates year after year. It could then, reluctantly, be sacrificed.

It was the ideal casualty! As far as I can remember, only the Darings ever got it. When Lord Mountbatten left the scene the station-keeping device went off to join all the other fizzing widgets and gadgets of no great use regularly invented by ingenious Naval officers!

Harris, Slindon, West Sussex. We were at Malta in , on our way back from the Yangtse Incident. Morton, Yeovil. Little has changed, apparently, apart from the fashions of the shipspotters. Great Dane 'Nuisance' was no angel It is taken from my forthcoming book 'Neptune's Legacy'.

This residence enabled him to meet and become attached to numerous young sailors, including many from HMS Neptune who retain fond memories of their canine hero. He became so attached however, that he followed them everywhere, even on the train to Cape Town.

As he insisted on lying across three seats in a carriage with them, he incurred the wrath of the railway authorities who threatened to put him down. His anxious sailor companions hastily consulted their C. The new recruit officially commenced his duties in August and was issued with his own sailor's. He even had a special collar made for him to which his official pass was attached. His official papers stated that he was a 'Bone Crusher" by trade, his religious denomination was 'Scrounger' and he was given the rank of Able Seaman.

He was even given his own quarters at HMS Afrikander, complete with a bunk and an attendant sailor to ensure that he was fed, washed and brushed.

From the moment he joined the Royal Navy, AB 'Just Nuisance' and his varied activities made such news that he became almost an immediate celebrity. When he "married" Great Dane Adinda' and fathered a litter of five pups, his fame grew. What is more, he was also an economic asset to the Navy as sales of Leslie Steyn's biography, together with picture postcards of him and his family, raised large sums of money that all contributed to War Funds. As his Conduct Sheet revealed, 'Just Nuisance' was no angel.

He was guilty of several misdeeds, such as travelling on the train without his free pass, sleeping on a bed in the petty Officers' dormitory. He even resisted eviction from pubs at closing time, but his most serious offence was fighting with the mascots of other ships and causing some fatalities.

Despite these 'black marks', he did a great deal to boost the morale of all those involved in fighting the war from the South Africa Station and was renowned for the love and care he showed for his fellow sailors. Sadly, on his seventh birthday 'Just Nuisance' was so badly paralysed by a motor accident he had to be put to sleep. He was buried with full military honours at Claver Camp on Red Hill where a granite stone marks his grave.

In addition to the splendid bronze statue in Simon's Town, 'Just Nuisance' is further immortalised by a permanent display of all his memorabilia in the Simon's Town Museum. Taverner, New Maiden, Surrey. Call her on We were based in the Territorial Army drill hall.

On one "shout" a Green Goddess was dispatched but recalled shortly after on a false alarm. About 20 minutes after its return a chap turned up in an estate car asking if we had just been out with one of our fire engines. He was told, yes. There were two Goddesses there and because of the freezing conditions only the duty one was filled with water, the standby one being filled as soon as the duty one went on a shout.

On one occasion the standby was taken by mistake and the 'firemen' had to stamp out a burning mattress with their feet! The driver said he thought it had gone round the corners a lot easier than usual. Hallam, Blackpool. To tell anyone that they will only be helped for so long in visiting their loved ones' graves is an absolute disgrace and it is yet another example of the powersthat-be "being seen to be doing just enough" as has been demonstrated time and time again.

The irony of this matter being that we are proud to know that our son is a serving member of the Royal Navy and know how we would feel if we found ourselves in the same circumstances as that of today's widows. Ames, Rockingham, W. Hcrlihy was correct when he said he saw Tactician alongside at the time of his arrival.

She had refitted at Chatham and commissioned again in June for the 5th Flotilla at Portsmouth. This was almost nine months before the regarding the three unmodified Tclass submarines that operated on Tclemachus finally came home to the Far East and Australian sta- Portsmouth on December 9 tions during the s. Soar was also right in saying that Tactician was the last unmodified Tactician was obviously last to boat to come home in December arrive on station but was first home to Portsmouth, arriving on after a further two-year comMarch 27, after serving nearmission on that station.

Hudson, Birstall, Leicester. So visit esure. The Museum plans to use the collection to explain more thoroughly the motivations behind the Royal Navy's anti-slavery campaigns of the 19th century and Britain's role in suppressing the slave trade around the world. An exhibition is planned for to mark the th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. But elements from the collection are already on public display in the Trade and Empire gallery at the Museum to mark Black History Month.

A slavery project is currently under development at the Museum, and this collection will influence its research, education, community outreach, on-line access and publications work. The Museum is seeking to broaden engagement with the public and to develop wider audiences generally. The ceremony will start at 2pm, and if the weather is bad it will take place inside St Editha's Church.

The memorial, in the shape of three anchors suspended in midair by means of a genuine ship's anchor chain, was created by Walney Patel. It represents the three men involved in the recovery of vital Enigma codes from a damaged German U-boat.

With them was teenager Tommy Brown, who was able to escape the submarine as it sank, but died while attempting to save lives in a house-fire later in the war.

While the Tamworth memorial celebrates the local man, a plaque on the monument is dedicated to all three men. Their heroism and sacrifice was shrouded in secrecy for decades after the war, and only in recent years has the true significance of their actions been studied, with experts generally acknowledging that the recovery of the codes shortened the war by as much as a year and saved countless lives.

Close relatives of all three men will be at the ceremony, as will a party of more than 30 from the Petard Association - including more than a dozen who were on board the ship on October 30, , the very night 60 years ago that the codes were saved. The memorial and much of the publicity surrounding Colin Grazier is a direct result of an award-winning campaign by the Tamworth Herald, led by deputy editor Phil Shanahan.

Roads in a new estate on the town have been named after elements of the story, and a million-pound hotel was named after Colin last year.

Phil Shanahan said he and the memorial committee were grateful for the valuable support given to the campaign by Navy News readers, and said any reader would be welcome to attend the unveiling. Anyone wishing to take part in the parade contact Jim Wetland on HMS Cardiff headed off first at the start of the month, and her route has already taken her to the Greek island of Rhodes then on to Alexandria for the 60th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein.

Members of the ship's company took part in the ceremony to commemorate the British and Anzac Forces involved in the conflict, along with their Commanding Officer Capt Timothy Fraser.

She won't make it home to Portsmouth again until June after an eight-month stint away. Her passage down south will involve a stop-off at Salvador, Brazil, before heading on to her first intensive work period in South Georgia from November until the New Year. But the ship's company are looking on the positive side - a guaranteed white Christmas!

January to mid-March will see two further work periods in latitudes up to 74 degrees south in the ice off the Antarctic Peninsula. Teams of surveyors will set out for up to a month at a time surveying the frozen waters.

Once her work is complete in mid-March, the ice patrol ship, nicknamed 'Red Plum' for her distinctive bright colour, will head homeward visiting warmer climates. Based on four people sharing. Naval personnel and families especially welcome Ring or visit www. Her return journey will take her along the west coast of South America before heading back to the UK.

The ship promises to keep the web page up to date with news and stunning photos of the polar scenery approximately every three weeks throughout her deployment. Degree scheme now on offer A NEW programme has just received approval to offer a foundation degree for Naval officers. For some time, the Navy has been looking at ways to reduce the age of entry into service, as most officers have already attended university before starting at Britannia Royal Naval College.

The Approval Panel from Plymouth University met with the Programme team at BRNC to consider the proposal for a foundation degree and the scheme has been given the go-ahead. The first people to register will start in January The scheme takes aspects of training and education from entry to BRNC until the officer cadets complete their training elsewhere and are fully-fledged officers.

The team has looked at the nature of the training and identified sufficient content and at the right level to form a foundation degree. Once the foundation degree is achieved, people will proceed to the equivalent of third year at university to gain an Honours degree.

The option to complete the Honours degree will be available through Plymouth University, or recognising the special nature of the Navy, the most likely way will be through the Open University.

Sampson is a multi-function radar which is destined for the Type 45 destroyer. It brings together the roles of surveillance and tracking into one single system, with a sophisticated anti-jamming arrangement. The two array faces of the radar sit back to back in an Aframe structure that rotates at up to 30rpm. The Sampson Facility has been built to support the construction, integration and test of the range of Sampson systems and the radars of the future.

Alenia Marconi have now been contracted to build four of the new radar, and are in the process of bidding for the next five. This will allow for three prototypes, one of which will be found on Portsdown Hill, and six for the six D-class Type 45 destroyers which have already been announced.

The Sampson is described as the world's most advanced radar, but Alenia Marconi say that Sampson should not be viewed as the end of a journey, merely the beginning of the next stage - with potential for development and growth over future decades. Connection is subject to status, terms and conditions and a minimum 12 month term, minimum monthty subscription is C15 on your plan 30 when paying by direct debit.

All discounts apply to recommended retail prices and are correct at time of print, subject to change. Subject to availability, offer valid until 31 December Free pocket DV camcorder will be dispatched 28 days after registration provided your phone has not been returned under the Orange 14 day money back guarantee. The fitting recipient for this big screen launch, the Film Charity was set up in following an initiative from Earl Mountbattcn to supply film entertainment for ships, submarines and RFAs.

All the screens at the Gunwharf. Guests arriving will be played into the preview screening by the Band of the Royal Marines, and the Royal Navy will be putting on a show for the crowds.

Cdr Bond may only appear occasionally in his Naval uniform, but he is very much part of the RN. Replies to your box number will be forwarded on daily.

The letter should then be enclosed in a second envelope and addressed as above. We cannot guarantee that unstamped letters will be redirected. Please note Seeks female for fun friendship, hopefully longterm. Photo appreciated. Seeks loyal sincere and honest man for friendship, possible relationship. Seeks Royal Marine for friendship.

Caring, loyal, nurse. Seeks penfriend, possible relationship. Loves socialising, laughter, wants penpal. All letters answered. Seeks genuine male friendship. Box Nov Seeks genuine unattached gentleman with GSOH. Get to know a companion or partner, like yourself, before you meet. Just exchange letters until you feel comfortable with your new friend.

NOW it's a well-known fact that you shouldn't get between Naval folk and their cuppas, but it's good to see this caffeine addiction being used to make a bit of charity cash. Two charities hit upon similar ideas for cash collection. Unsurprisingly the Navy with their much-loved tannin-stained mugs took the opportunity to sit and drink a charity cup across the country and the world.

On patrol in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cdr Guy Robinson, Commanding Officer, said: "Although on patrol, we aim to keep people occupied by mixing fun with work. Over the other side of Portsdown Hill, HMS Sultan had also thrown themselves wholeheartedly into the world of tea and coffee-making. Elaine explained her participation: "I have had personal experience of Macmillan Nurses because of cancer in my own family.

They give support to patients and vital respite time for the families. Or ring - I55 24 hours Email:karen adultfun. Navy News reserves the right to make any amendments which it considers necessary or to edit copy which is in excess of the number of words paid for.

Knowing his crew well, Commanding Officer Cdr Simon Hardern offered to jump in uniform and all, but only if the swimmers would make enough for charity to make it worthwhile. The organisation provides help to people with mental health problems in the Portsmouth area. The money was raised when 12 members of the school took part in the Plymouth Half Marathon. The Churchtown Farm centre provides residential experiences for mentally and physically handicapped students.

It aims to provide the opportunity to learn and develop skills to enable disabled people to both work independently and participate effectively in groups. Work at the St Francis School included painting and decorating, clearing a building area, and painting out a football pitch on the tarmac playground.

The money came from a social function earlier in the year, and the Rowans Hospice was chosen in appreciation and recognition of the staff who gave tremendous support and help to one of the ship's company last year. The money was garnered over a year of hard work at various functions and events.

Gosport Mayor, former Cdr Geoff Bartlett, died earlier this year, but his wife Rosemary said: "It was his wish, during his year as Mayor, to do something positive for younger people, so the money will be split between the War Memorial Hospital, the Gosport Disability Bus and various youth projects thoughout the borough. The pair raised several hundred dollars in sponsorship and donations for the appeal.

They want to know if you fancy getting in a spin in Switzerland. Cycle to Switzerland will take place from May , More information from Lt Trevor Holland. Careers Service. Lt Malcolm Moss-Ward. Served HMS Copra. April 3. If you are sending your notice via email, please include your full address and telephone number. Items pertaining to commercial work, books and publications for profit can only appear as paid-for advertising.

Any subsequent notice will have to be paid for at advertising rates. March 6. June 4. The Algerines Association. Served in HMS Recruit. Gratton Kaunhoven RO G. June 3. Dec Sydney A Marson AB. Peter Smith AB. Wansbeck Northumberland branch. May 8. May 7. Vice President, Founding member and life member of the Falmouth branch. Cdr Ken Cook. Cdr Timothy I Hildesley. May 9. Cdr Frank D Wilson. Solent Div RNR.

May 2. Entered the RN as a special entry cadet in Early sea-time was spent in. He completed submarine training and joined submarine P36 of the Fighting Tenth, based in Malta. After leaving her, he joined P45 which was renamed Unrivalled and used to guide Allied landing forces to the beaches of North Africa and to intercept attempts by the enemy to interfere with landing operations; he was awarded the DSC for seven successful submarine patrols in the Med.

He briefly commanded Tantalus before spending two years in Naval Intelligence. He was subsequently responsible for Submarine Escape Tank Training making the first ascent in a newly built tank on July 23 A keen supporter of the Submarine Museum at Gosport. Lt Andy C Goodill. May 3. Lt Peter R Hitchins. HMS Rame Head,. It was taken by a Plymouth-based photo company. Lt Cdr R S Casement appears to be the course officer. We would love to be able to contact any of these gentlemen or their surviving relatives.

If you are able to help please contact Robert Watson at bob. It was awarded to. Sub Lt C H Peckett. Dolphin branch. Welsh branch. Barrowin-Furness branch. Leslie Brown ME1. Sunderland branch. Midlands branch. Identity Cert No: He lived in the Woolston area of Southampton. If you can help please contact Andrew Parker at andrew. Anna developed dementia about a year ago and has since died, but her daughter Sara would like to get in touch with Mavis and Danny.

Please contact Sara at saramichellewatkins hotmail. Ideal, original gift. Tel or www. Ground floor room in shared house with ex-Navy personnel. Small yard. Further information from Teri on or at teri gmail. Cairncross Dep.

NN , 31, Belle Vue St. Yorks YO14 9HU. Tel: george. The publishers of Navy News cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any advertisement or for any losses suffered by any readers as a result. Readers are strongly recommended to make their own enquiries and seek appropriate commercial, legal and financial advice before sending any money or entering into any legally binding agreement. Fifteen years down the line and there was the opportunity to celebrate that honour once again… in the rain.

Fresh from her visit to the Isle of Man. In a remarkable feat of pilotage, in darkness and without modern navigational aids, Brian reached Goose Green and loaded the vehicles. And the Royal Marines band laid on a concert for townsfolk in the Forum theatre. Despite the severity of the fire-fight and the threat of an unexploded bomb the senior NCO remained alongside the warship until he had successfully completed the evacuation, rescuing more than sailors.

A cracking bargain — this hardback book contains full-page ship pictures with extended captions putting the ship, the photograph and the background into context. Pure naval nostalgia. The SeaMore initiative will give the public access to more than two million artefacts, currently kept in 30 separate stores in 14 buildings across nine sites, revolutionising the way the story of the Royal Navy is told.

Among those items — documents, photographs, medals, paintings — will be many of the million objects held by the RM Museum. Its move from Eastney is due to be complete by with the fate of the existing building and its iconic yomper statue still to be determined. The first title in a major new series from NavyBooks chronicalling all warships built in the Royal Dockyards since Devonport Dockyard has a history going back over years.

In August the Admiralty raised the possibility of building a dry dock somewhere within the harbour limits. From its inception, ships were being refitted in the new Dockyard and within twelve months, the first two Devonport Warships built had been launched.

Lt Cdr Ken Burns published the first edition of this book in - this revised, updated and reformatted edition includes new images, more details and extended captions for each of the ships pictured. A reference book for the enthusiast and generalist to enjoy. The annual hole stableford event featured 81 players, who faced wet and blustery conditions. A quick turn around and improving weather conditions meant for a quicker afternoon round. Luke runs regular training sessions on the base, which includes fitness boxing, technical training and ring work with sparring.

Boxing is one of the hardest sports there is, the people that come into the Seahawk boxing gym all have something to be proud of. Bangor finished their innings with runs and it was the turn of UKMCC to bat, in the match which was played early in the day. The invitation from the Culdrose physical training department was part of an outreach programme that the Cornish Sharks jumped at the opportunity to come along too. Bringing these grass-roots sports to the air station shows everybody what they are capable of doing.

Strong crosswinds and turbulence made conditions in the AS-K21 gliders challenging, particularly for those making their gliding debut.

But after being aero-towed behind a tug aircraft up to 2,ft, the students were soon concentrating on the flying. Everyone managed to get at least two flights in on the first day. Unfortunately the weather gods. Conditions appeared not much better the following day, but steadily improved, allowing the gliders to initially be launched by winch cables up to 1,ft in the morning, before moving back on to aerotows in the afternoon as the cloud base lifted.

The fourth day of the course was by far the best day, presenting ideal conditions for soaring and reasonable thermal activity developing in the afternoon. This allowed the gliders to actually gain height while in the air, and stay aloft for as.

The final day of the course presented a chance for students to consolidate their skills, or for those feeling more adventurous, to try out some aerobatic flights with the instructors — no sick bags required though fortunately. Driving the tractor was great fun as well though.

Cheery Chid up for rowing challenge Schools, colleges and places like Culdrose always have keen and enthusiastic people who are fit and willing to muck in and play.

Chiddingfold received a new rowing machine, weights bench and bike, as well as a challenge to compete in the bi-annual Cutter Rose Bowl. Starting early in the morning due to the increasing heat in the Gulf, Crew 5 crowded around their new Concept II rower to begin their challenge, which states ships or units. The entrants are divided into January to June and July to December contests to ensure two winning teams each year.

Executive Officer Scott Hamer set an. The competition results were submitted and time will tell whether Crew 5 managed the fastest 20km total out of the fleet so far this year. Shooting in teams of four and individually, competitors are tested at firing from various distances, in different firing positions, with time also to allow them to develop their skills.

Many of the shoots start with a run down the range prior to engaging the targets. The annual skill-at-arms meeting is a pre-cursor to the Inter-Service competition at Bisley and allows the Royal Navy to select a team of 15 to compete at what is the pinnacle of the Armed Forces competition shooting calendar.

The duo were among nine members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cycling Association given the opportunity to practise their balance, speed and skills on the London track. The majority had never ridden a fixed-wheel cycle but soon delivered some credible times during the session, which was courtesy of Airbus Defence and Space.

Cpl Sheppard won the flying lap contest with a sub second lap over metres. Awarded his Navy Colours for refereeing the Army v RAF InterService fixture at the end of last season, he became only the third Navy Referee in history to be put in charge of the fixture; a match he also took charge of in After performing well throughout the early stages he was given the honour of refereeing the final between the Fijian Defence Force and the British Army at the Twickenham Stoop.

If you are a retired or injured player, or just feel that you would like to take up the whistle, then contact WO1 Gaz Fairbarin on rugbytime hotmail. For further details contact rugby development officer at adycherrington rfu. Paragliding is not only one of the plus recognised sports in the Royal Navy but also one of the nine Adventurous Training activities sponsored by defence.

As such the Military will provide all the training required to get you in the air, from complete novice on the Elementary Pilot Scheme through to being a qualified pilot on the Club Pilot scheme. After that, you join the Royal Navy Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and your local club and, as they say, the sky is your limit. If you are interested then please either contact Lt Ali Andrews on or approach your local PT staff.

The red lights come on and then go out, releasing the clutch so the bike blasts off the start line and down the long straight, overtaking a rider or two before leaning into the first corner.

What a dream start to a racing career for any bike rider. To add to the experience, halfway into the race I ran on into a corner, hit a divot in the grass and parted ways with my machine. Throttle on the stops all the way down the back straight before braking hard, dropping three gears and plunging the bike into the corner, knee slider scraping the tarmac, before flicking it over for the next.

Such a unique sensation that riders either know and love or aspire to achieve. The sound advice I received was to first visit the team at one of the events to get an insight into what goes on at a race meeting and what preparation. On the fourth lap Dave White parted company with his machine exiting the hair pin.

Not to be outdone, Sut Goodson thought having his first outing in the team was too easy so went for a flatwheel option at the end of the back straight which was a little more uncomfortable than planned but he held it upright to ride another day. In the end it was an RAF rider on the top step of the podium. The next round takes place at Rockingham Speedway on July All you need to do otherwise is ensure you have the kit required and obtain your race licence. The Fleet team took the honours For details visit www.

The team was plagued by mechanical issues, from a blowing exhaust and broken roll pin in the gearbox to brake problems. Richie damaged the rear of his Peugeot while Sean had an engine issue in the Locost, which meant they had to qualify out of turn with Adam. After a torrential downpour the track dried and all qualified for the race.

Mike was in eighth place with Lewis, Adam and Sean all starting at the rear. On track Mike was fifth and second in under Bhp class and Richie and Adam were 11th on track and second in the under Bhp.

The Royal Marine from 45 Cdo beat Nathan Lee of Strood in Kent, having only begun training again a few months ago after two years out of the sport. A trio of world champions were on. Boxing greats Terry Marsh — the former Royal Marine and ex-world light-welterweight champion — former world super-middleweight champion Richie Woodhall and former world light-heavyweight champion John Conteh all attended the dinner.

They were joined by hundreds of fans of the noble art at the Pyramids in Portsmouth who were treated to some top-drawer amateur contests across seven bouts. Crotty has also won the Combined Services crown and reached the semi-finals of the England Senior Elite Championships. He also made the last four of the prestigious Eindhoven Box Cup. Funky Groove Kronos Remix. So Long. Scream Flash Harry Remix.

The Bells. I'm Your DJ. Man On The Moon. Stalker Hoodlums Remix. What Ya Got 4 Me? Flash Harry Remix.

ADP Programs Officers direct efforts of programmers and analysts in preparing computer programs for use in various computer systems. Coordinates with other departments within activity. Maintains liaison with users of various software programs and/or reports developed and produced by command. ADP SYSTEMS SECURITY OFFICER ADP SYS SEC.

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  4. 9. Enter a write off class if class tracking is used. Click Preview and Write Off Selected Invoices. A confirmation of the write off appears which shows all the invoices to write off, the write-off account, and the total amount to write off. Click Write Off to complete the write off process, or click Cancel to return to the main window.
  5. Release Notes First-generation experimental support for ROS2-like setups with FastRTPS Support for many new sensors (LIDAR, airspeed, IMU, etc) Significant robustness improvements and new features.
  6. Flooring can make a room appear lovely based on what you are going for, for instance, if rustic is the option, slate works rather well as a stone lookalike. The hip and trendy modern look definitely needs marble to keep the flow going, wooden flooring also looks chic. Maintenance. To keep a home neat and tidy, you need to be on the ball.
  7. In October Wg Cdr Hugh R Black AFC, CO of 10//46 wrote this foreword to her unpublished account* of life on Squadron in the latter years of WWII: "In writing a short foreword to this book, I would like to lay emphasis on the fact that despite their many pranks and escapades, the discipline of the " Crazy Gang " was very good.
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