Sweet Danger - Angel Witch - Angel Witch (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Angel Witch 2. Atlantis 3. White Witch 4. Confused 5. Sorceress 6. Gorgon 7. Sweet Danger 8. Free Man 9. Angel Of Death Devils Tower Devils Tower [Demo Version] White Witch [Demo Version] Baphomet [Demo Version] Sorceress [Demo Version] White Witch.

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Return Policy All sales are final. Angel Witch received generally very positive reviews. The only exception was the very first review of the album by journalist Paul Suter for the influential British music paper Sounds in Suter defined the album "appalling" and "weedy", marred by a "destructively dreadful" production and by weak vocals.

In , the album was re-issued by Roadrunner Records and contained three bonus tracks. The three tracks were originally featured on the EP Loser.

In , the album was re-issued by Castle Records and contained six bonus tracks, in addition to the 3 previous bonus tracks, the album also included the following three tracks. On 2 August , the album was re-issued by Castle Records again labeled the 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition , with slightly different album cover. It also featured a remastered sound and an expanded booklet, as well as even more bonus tracks.

This Uriah Heep-inspired number is significantly reinforced by the doomish feeling that Black Sabbath brought out quite a while ago. Another interesting number built on the blueprint of Uriah Heep is "Angel of Death. On the other hand, the band also left room for some proggy stuff like "Sorcerers" and "Gorgon," and also for the Queen meets Judas Priest number more accurately, "Stone Cold Crazy" meets "Call for the Priest" "Sweet Danger.

Think what would happen if Uriah Heep tried a speed metal number, for sure, it would result in a number of this sort. Angel Witch is shown at its creative peak in this album, as its formula in the next releases was not even similar to that used to make up their magnum opus. However, the impact that this album had, and the fact that it is widely quoted as a landmark album in the NWOBHM, were important factors that kept the band alive, mainly, since the following releases tend to be far from the potential herein shown.

Thus far, several versions of this album have been released, among others, the CD with a different cover and anniversary editions with a lot of bonus tracks including a live version of "Angel Witch" that has different lyrics.

No matter which one you pick, you can only win. You can only call yourself a metalhead if you have listened to this release. I'm gonna start this review by talking about heavy metal, in general, as I feel that it's quite appropriate for what I'm about to say.

The genre is known to be dark, heavy and to have lyrics dealing with the occult and the world's demise. Some people might just stumble upon this album and say to themselves, "Oh, just another cliche earlys heavy metal album that has the typical stereotypes".

I can't really find an album before this that does it in this way. Sure, bands like Black Widow and Sabbath sang about the occult, at times, but they never put it together with the musical qualities that are considered typical heavy metal, today. Might I also mention that this album is heavier and darker than anything I've heard that came out before this.

Songs like "White Witch" and "Atlantis" have a dark and heavy sound that was unmatched, at the time, with their occult, world's end- themed lyrics and down-tuned, heavy guitar riffs. However, tracks like this also contain quite a bit of melody. For this reason, I must mention the track, "Angel of Death". The song pays no mind to how well structured the melody is, or the catchiness of itself, but rather on the heaviness and darkness of itself.

The main riff of the song sounds like something that a band such as Pantera would use, even on The Great Southern Trendkill. Lyric-wise, the song is about Hell's angel of death taking the souls of those who were not good enough to make it into Heaven. I am not implying that the melodic songs are not as good, but rather that this song has a significant importance in the genre of heavy metal.

There are a few exceptions of songs that do not have a dark feeling however, all of them are quite heavy, for their time. One is the title track, which is my favorite song on the album, as it is unbelievably catchy and has some pretty badass guitar work.

Another is the fast-paced "Sweet Danger", which is actually a quite bluesy track when compared to the rest of the album. The last example of this is the ballad, "Free Man", which is quite possibly one of my favorite metal ballads ever written. It is probably the least heavy song on the album, but what can you expect from a ballad. There are two things that stand out to me the most about this album.

One is the raw production. The production on this album is not glossy, but neither is the music on the album, so I consider this to be appropriate. The production is cleaner on the cleaner tracks and dirtier on the tracks that are more abrasive, which is actually quite impressive, considering that on most albums, the production never varies.

The other thing that I will mention that stands out to me is the guitar work. The guitar has a quite gritty tone and is played with both fury and technicality. The fury mainly comes in with the down-tuned, heavy riffs, while the technicality mainly comes in with the solos.

It all has the perfect blend of anger and melody, which comes out as some gloomy and sometimes quite haunting guitar work, for the times. This album was exceptionally ahead of its time. It was only , so heavy metal had yet to evolve into what it is best known as. This album is a very large milestone in the evolution of the genre. It's quite a shame that this album is overlooked as much as it is. It is pretty recognised by the heavy metal community today, but I feel that by some, it's somewhat unappreciated.

This is an absolute must-listen for anyone who likes classic heavy metal with melody and abrasiveness. With their debut album, Angel Witch accomplished something that many bands with an endless back catalog struggle to do, and that's make heavy metal history.

This piece of spinning black vinyl contains some of the most amazing compositions, riffs, solos, moods, and vocal performances you will ever hear from a traditional heavy metal band. Angel Witch's music is so very special that is really hard to find another band to compare them to.

Kevin Heybourne, the guitar player, singer, and main songwriter is strongly influenced by Black Sabbath, and you can tell that by the monstrous riffs in songs like "Atlantis", "Confused", "Angel Of Death", and "The Devil's Tower". On the other hand, like many contemporaries of the N. M, they also draw many passages from the '70s progressive rock movement, giving Angel Witch's music an eerie, deep atmosphere which is quite unique.

Just listen to "Free Man" and "Sorcerers" and be transported to far away corners of the world. But it's really in their epic and glorious heavy metal anthems that you will find yourself praising this band in no time. The title track, "Angelwitch", remains as one of heavy metal's most immediate classics. It's almost impossible to listen this masterpiece without raising your fist with pride. The chorus is something that any self-respecting headbanger will want to scream aloud with a beer in hand: "Buuuuuurn the white witch The performance in this classic is displayed with a lot of talent and passion.

The voice of Kevin Heybourne is great with a very personal touch. Many find it hard to digest but you should definitely give it a chance and it will grow on you. On the other hand, his guitar playing is absolutely fantastic with riffs and solos of the highest caliber, delivered with pure feeling and class. Kevin Riddles plays some of the most inventive and tasty bass lines of that era and without hesitation I would put him in the league of gods like Geezer Butler and Steve Harris.

Nov 21,  · Track 1 from the Angel Witch 7" single.

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  1. "Sweet Danger" is also very good but it was probably not the best choice for the album's single. Kevin Heybourne would remain the sole original member throughtout the band's extremely disjointed history and it is his guitar playing and haunting lead vocals that will be Angel Witch's legacy along with this stellar Dec. release/5(70).
  2. "Sweet Danger" is also very good but it was probably not the best choice for the album's single. Kevin Heybourne would remain the sole original member throughtout the band's extremely disjointed history and it is his guitar playing and haunting lead vocals that will be Angel Witch's legacy along with this stellar Dec. release/5().
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  8. Jul 02,  · The first album by the NWOBHM band, Angel Witch, up for your pleasure and listening! Lineup: Kevin Heybourne - Vocals, Guitars Kevin "Skids" Riddles - Bass Dave Hogg - Drums Tracklist: 1. Angel.

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