Stellar Surf - Re:Actor* - ...Soulscript... (CD, Album)

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The Stock Trader's Almanac refers to October as "the jinx month" because of its fraught history The Dow lost 40 points on Oct 28, , a day that became known as Black Monday and heralded the start of the Depression. Al- most 60 years later, on Oct. There was no such drama on Wall Street on Thursday Stocks were mostly flat as investors took in disappointing cor- porate earnings. The Dow dropped The Nasdaq composite fell The com- pany also said the Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing a much larger penalty than it expected to settle bribery allegations.

Its quar- terly profits fell 28 percent as it set aside money for taxes. Visa also expects a slow recovery for the economy Overall, company earn- ings are beating the expec- tations of Wall Street analysts and lifting stock prices. Companies are benefiting from low bor- rowing costs and stable labor expenses, which are enabling them to boost earnings even as sales re- main slack.

That compares with 4. The stock market is likely to keep climbing as long as the central bank keeps up its stimulus, said Up Capital's Bayer But stocks could fall as much as 20 percent when the Fed starts to cut back on its bond-buying program, he said. Janice A. W illiamson Brad Bautista Baby st The plan aims right d to encourage the development of medical facilities in the stretch of C.

While it's been trumpeted as a potential shot in the arm for the county's economy, it also has the bene- fit of marrying a few develop- ment goals: It pushes construction toward the county's geographical center and promotes local growth in a booming and desirable eco- nomic sector, responding to business growth that has sprouted in the area and at- tempting to provide a cen- tralized location for services in high demand among the Why is tire store closed?

I went to Hudson Tire in Ho- mosassa to get my car fixed and they're closed. Does anybody know why? I'd sure like to know. I need it. No taters today Sound Off, Friday, Oct. I grew up on a small farm in Alabama. One day my brother, Bill, asked, "Mama, are we going to have beans and taters again today?

And ' I just want to say I have noticed the same thing at the health depart- CAt ments. You're a captive audience to the Fox Channel and it's annoying. There's a difference There is a difference between people who do not have food in our community and people who do not have food in our commu- nity but who smoke like chim- neys, whether it be tobacco or other substances. Don't steal fruit I would like to make a com- ment about people taking the fruit from the saw palmetto trees.

The project makes sense, especially given the number of medical facilities already located in the corridor and the proximity of the county's public-transit hub, and it would be encouraging to see cooperation from the prop- erty owners and businesses that will have to negotiate with the ISUE: county as it at- s County tempts to see its 1 growth plan through.

At in. While the mine may not be going anywhere, it seems reasonable that Mos- quito Control could relocate and lose little. Ahead of this procedural detail lie many more: If and when the plan gets past the Board of County Commis- sioners, there are still the matters of road widening and construction, land acquisi- tion, infrastructure place- ment and rezoning.

The vision is still just that, but it's now slightly less ethereal. If it's not yours and you take it, you're stealing. The let- ter, "Leave the berry pickers alone," if they can come in and take anything from your yard, then they can take anything from your yard -your lawn- mower, anything they want that's not theirs.

God love them that they need to get out and get this darn money. Ask the property owners and they will probably give them to you.

Don't take what don't belong to you. That is stealing, plain and simple. Print Sowell articles Could you please put some ar- ticles in the paper from Thomas Sowell? He's very good. Left lane logic J ND I'm calling about People that are com- plaining about people driving in the left-hand lane.

Sometimes they have to make a left- hand turn and they have to get over be- cause there's a lot of traffic and they might 0 not be able to get over.

Also, if you're traveling in the left-hand lane and you're doing the speed limit, you are not slower traffic. You are just somebody who is not speeding trying to go faster than the speed limit. Rabid response I'm calling in response to the coyotes howling in Sugarmill Woods, on Oct. It tells you all the information on what to do if coyotes contact you, but what would you do if a coyote came after you that had rabies?

Explain that one. Turn off the blowhards At a recent news confer- ence, President Obama reflected on what caused the day government shut- down, and how another crisis can be avoided in the future. The rest of us have every right - even an obligation to turn them off There are many reasons be- hind the hard-eyed hostility that led to the shutdown, but how voters get information about politics plays a major role.

One of the great ironies of the digital age is that the same devices we can use to broaden our world can also be used to narrow it.

All it takes is a few keystrokes to create echo cham- bers of information, to flood our screens and ear buds with opin- ions that reinforce our preju- dices and exclude dissent. Nine years ago, law professor Cass Sunstein presciently warned on NPR that "the great- est danger of the echo cham- bers is unjustified extremism.

Goaded by hardline "bloggers" and "talking heads," Mitt Romney moved sharply to the right on immigration and ad- vocated "self-deportation," per- haps the single worst S mistake he made dur- ing a fumble-filled 4 campaign. On election night, Romney still thought he would win, even though his pollsters had told him two weeks before that he was toast. The con- and servative echo cham- Roberts ber was predicting IER victory, and he chose DES to believe them in- S stead of the profes- sionals he was paying to provide the facts.

The same capacity for denial and self-delusion is playing out again in the aftermath of the government shutdown. Even though polls show the popular- ity of the Republican Party plunging to new depths, the in- fluential conservative blogger Erick Erickson hails the emer- gence of "a fundamentally al- tered party of new faces fueled by a grass-roots movement now able to connect with each other" He's forgetting one thing.

A "fundamentally altered party" that demands orthodoxy and purges heretics cannot possibly win national elections. The new media landscape was thoughtfully explored by David Carr, the media colum- nist of The New York Times, who wrote: "The polarized po- litical map is now accompanied by a media ecosystem that is equally gerrymandered into districts of self-reinforcing discourse.

As Carr notes, "Cable blowhardism would not be such a good business if there hadn't been a kind of personal redistricting of news coverage by the citizenry" He cites a Pew poll showing that 75 percent of Sean Han- nity's viewers on Fox identify as conservatives. The liberal echo chamber is not as loud as the conservative version, but it could become a thorny problem for Obama if and when he tries to trim entitlement costs.

Fox News analyst Brit Hume recently pointed out that blog- gers like Erickson and talk show hosts like Hannity "have real influence The answer to this "blowhardism" has to come from the voters.

And they can start by realizing a key point made by Obama. The Hannitys and Ericksons of the world are indeed "professional activists who profit from conflict" They are not interested in informing citizens and improving govern- ment. They are interested in fo- menting fear and stoking anger Angry people boost ratings, ap- peal to advertisers, and raise the profiles and incomes of the blowhards.

My wife and I, for years, have wanted to go to Cuba we are not Cuban , but the hoops we would have to jump through going to other coun- tries to get there, not accepting credit cards, cash only and passport problems have re- ally put the kibosh on our trip. There was one paragraph in his article that really set us off!

That is what he wrote about the human rights violations and torture and how we vio- lated people's human rights at Guantanamo and in all cases of rendition. Viewpoints depicted in political cartoons, columns or letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editorial board. All letters must be signed and include a phone number and hometown, including letters sent via email. Names and hometowns will be printed; phone numbers will not be published or given out. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, libel, fairness and good taste.

Or, fax to , or email to letters chronicleonline. We could be wrong about this, but then, we've been wrong before. Richard Budish Jr. Nancy Budish Inverness Be considerate My husband and I were rushing our dog, Lucy, to the veterinarian; she was chok- ing and her throat was swollen five times its size. We turned on Roosevelt near Beverly Hills, at about p. The driver, being annoyed with my endeavors, slowed down to 10 mph and pointed to a speed limit sign.

After many attempts, I tried to go around them all the while honking; they ran me off the road. Finally, we turned on a side street. You do not need to leave your name, and have less than a minute to record. Editors will cut libelous material. Thanks to the Chroni- cle's sponsorship and print media support, the week's many activities were extremely success- ful in garnering signifi- cant local support and public interest, which contributed greatly to the committee's goal of pro- moting public awareness and education to save our waters and the habitats they sustain.

Again, please accept the committee's heartfelt thanks for the Chronicle's immeasurable contribu- tion to the unqualified success of the 18th annual Save Our Waters Week. Richard Nu- gent, asking him to vote no on giving the president trade promotion authority or fast track, a procedure that would allow President Obama to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP Fast-track is a pro- cedure originally created by Nixon in to give more trade-negotiating power to the president The reply I received from Nugent left me some- what surprised.

Article 1, section 8 of the U. Con- stitution unambiguously states, "Congress shall have the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations," but fast track in- terferes with this power by ceding the Constitutional mandate to regulate trade to the president Fast track is always used to ram through so-called free trade agreements that would never pass were they openly debated on their merits.

When a bill is so bad for the people the president has to ask for fast track to ram it through, that bill must have transparent floor de- bate.

Nugent said Con- gress still has power over the bill in question, but once fast track is given, floor debate is limited to only 20 hours, with no pos- sibility of amendments, and a strict stipulation for only an up or down vote. With such an enormous, multifaceted, heretofore secretive, trans-national deal like TPP, with poten- tial for wide-ranging detri- mental constituent impact, transparent floor debate is essential.

Nugent said "the posi- tive effects of free trade agreements are numer- ous, ranging from more goods and services for American consumers at lower prices to the expan- sion of markets for U. We are all painfully aware of the "benefits of free trade": mass shutdowns of U.

Sure, we have cheaper products, Rep. Nugent, but what price have we al- ready paid for cheap im- ports flooding our markets? There are only a few select elites that ben- efit from our so-called free-trade agreements, definitely not the citizens of Florida's llth Congres- sional district or any- where else.

Nugent further states "the United States al- ready has free trade agreements with some of the countries involved in negotiations with TPP" This is absolutely true, which begs the question, why do we need another agreement with these countries? The answer is of the 29 chapters of TPP, only six actually address trade issues. The other 23 chapters address what are called trade "irri- tants," details like labor laws, U.

S sovereignty, In- ternet freedoms, patent drug and generic laws, ba- sically, anything that stands in the way of cor- porate profit, details that were left out of NAFTA and other "free trade agreements. S sover- eignty and laws protecting citizens are casualties of so-called free trade agreements and globaliza- tion, our representative should stand against them, since he has been elected to be our voice in Washington.

But passengers shouldn't ex- pect changes to happen right away, FAA Ad- ministrator Michael Huerta said at a news conference. Airlines will have to show the FAA how their airplanes meet the new guidelines and that they've updated their flight-crew training manuals, safety an- nouncements and rules for stow- ing devices to reflect the new guidelines. Delta and JetBlue said they would immediately submit plans to implement the new policy Currently, passengers are re- quired to turn off their smart- phones, tablets and other devices once a plane's door closes.

They're not supposed to restart them until the planes reach 10, feet and the captain gives the go-ahead. Passengers are supposed to turn their de- vices off again as the plane de- scends to land and not restart them until the plane is on the ground. Under the new guidelines, airlines whose planes are prop- erly protected from electronic interference may allow passen- gers to use the devices during takeoffs, landings and taxiing, the FAA said.

Most new airlin- ers and other planes that have been modified so that passen- gers can use Wifi at higher alti- tudes are expected to meet the criteria.

But connecting to the Internet to surf, exchange emails, text or download data will still be pro- hibited below 10, feet. Pas- sengers will be told to switch their devices to airplane mode. That means no Words With Friends, the online Scrabble- type game that actor Alec Bald- win was playing on his smartphone in when he was famously booted off an American Airlines jet for refus- ing to turn off the device while the plane was parked at the gate.

Heavier devices such as laptops will continue to have to be stowed because of concern they might injure someone if they go flying around the cabin. Migrants face grisly death w Associated Press Volunteers and officials dig graves to bury the migrants who died of thirst after their two trucks broke down while attempting to cross the Sahara Desert north of Arlit, Niger.

Nearly die of thirst in Sahara trying to escapepoverty in Niger Associated Press DAKAR, Senegal - Nearly African migrants hoping to escape crushing poverty met a grisly end in the desert, officials said Thursday, dying of thirst under the baking sun after their two trucks broke down in the middle of the Sahara before reaching Algeria.

It took weeks for authori- ties to learn of the tragedy and for recovery teams to reach the distant site, where they found a gruesome scene including the remains of 52 children and 33 women. We found badly decomposing bodies and others that had been eaten by jackals," said Al- moustaphaAlhacen, the head of a nonprofit organization in northern Niger that helped bury the bodies and who was at the site Wednesday "We found the bodies of small chil- dren who were huddled be- side their dead mothers.

The tragedy is the latest to shed light on the perils of il- legal migration. In early Oc- tober, at least migrants drowned when a boat cap- sized near the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is closer to North Africa than to the European mainland.

The migrants in Niger had begun their journey late last month in two trucks and were being smuggled along a well-established trafficking route to neighboringAlgeria, said Col. Garba Makido the governor of Niger's Agadez province, south of where the bodies were found. From Al- geria, many continue on in hopes of crossing from North Africa to southern Europe.

While nearly all who take this desert route are eco- nomic migrants, it was not immediately clear why so many women and children were among the victims. Officials were alerted to the migrant deaths only when a lone woman man- aged to stumble out of the desert into the Nigerian town of Arlit earlier this month.

Institute of Peace that he needs additional weapons, help with intelligence and other assis- tance, and claimed the world has a responsibility to help because ter- rorism is an international concern.

They carry bad ideas instead of flowers. Al-Qaida is a dirty wind that wants to spread worldwide. President Barack Obama had campaigned on ending the nearly nine-year war in Iraq and took the opportunity offered by the legal dispute to pull all troops out Nearly 4, U.

Authorities seized more than 8 tons of mar- ijuana and pounds of cocaine in connec- tion with the discovery, U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said. Three suspects were in U. The area is filled with nondescript warehouses, making it easier to conceal trucks being loaded with drugs. The tunnel was found Wednesday and completed only recently, ICE said. Authorities did not say exactly when it was built or whether drugs are believed to have gotten through undetected. He knows a thing or two about organized crime.

Known as Fat Ange, Lutz served nearly seven years in federal prison on a racketeering conviction. After he got out in , he turned to an old love in cooking. He opened a restaurant in Collingswood in Last week, he moved into a bigger space in the foodie-friendly town.

Financing renovations was tricky. Banks turned him down, saying they couldn't make loans to a felon, so he turned to a crowd-funding program. The 2nd U. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York took the actions in an order issued Thursday The court said the decisions of Judge Shira Scheindlin will be stayed pending the out- come of an appeal by the city.

The judge had ruled in August the dcity violated the Constitution in the way it carried out its pro- gram of stopping and questioning p The city appealed her findings medial orders, including a decisi a monitor to help the police depa change its policy. I Kucherena declined to name the company that has hired Snowden but says it's a major Russian website.

Snowden was granted Edward asylum in Russia in August Snowden after being stuck at a faces Moscow airport for more espionage charges than a month after flying there from Hong Kong. His whereabouts in Russia remain secret. The year-old faces espionage charges in the U.

S for uncovering a mass surveillance scheme at the National Security Agency. Syria destroyed chemical arms equipment BEIRUT Syria has destroyed critical equipment for producing chemical weapons and poison gas munitions, the global chemi- cal weapons watchdog said Thursday as fierce clashes raged in the country's north, close to one of the sites where toxic agents are believed to be stored.

The announcement by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons came one day ahead of the Nov. Destruction of the equipment means that Syria can no longer produce new chemical weapons. Disneyland Paris pirate ride shut after serious accident PARIS -A popular boat ride at Disneyland Paris is closed and under police examination after a 5-year-old boy suffered serious injuries in an accident.

The theme park said in a statement Thurs- day that the boy's condition is improving but he remains hospitalized. The boy fell out of a boat Wednesday on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the circumstances of the accident are under investigation. For decades there were alleged sightings of Mueller in Cuba, Argentina and elsewhere.

He said several documents, including a death certificate and a grave digger's testimony to police in , make it "clear- cut" to him that Mueller died and was buried near the Luftwaffe headquarters in the final days of the war.

The morning after he cheered the victory inside Fen- way Park, Ed Carlson returned Thursday to the marathon fin- ish line he had crossed months earlier, 20 minutes before the bombs went off, and then had scrambled to find his children in the ensuing chaos.

Jarrod Clowery, a carpenter from Stoneham, Mass. Louis Cardinals in Game 6, thousands of fans clogged the streets around the finish line. It was a quieter scene Thursday morning as traffic sped over the blue and yellow line painted permanently See Page B4 The Boston Red Sox's Shane Vic- torino, right, reacts Wednesday after driving in three runs with a double in the third inning during Game 6 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park in Boston.

The Red Sox won to win the series. Associated Press Home stretch Weber finish ing season strong -. She qualified for the state meet twice individually, plac- ' ing in the top 40 both times. Though her times have slowed slightly, Weber has been very consistently placing in the top 5 in just about every race she has entered in , and is always a threat down the chute with her speedy homestretch kick.

Weber took fifth place indi- vidually at the District 3A-7 tournament in Brooksville at McKethan Lake Park on Oct 24 in a season-best time of to qualify for the regional meet at.. Musically redolent of autumnal pine woods, Faith pretty much speaks for itself with the stand-out achingly weary, soul battered Foggy Straits using the metaphor of a boat adrift, rudder broken and anchor lost, as Qwarfordt sings "tug me home Lord, 'fore I get tossed'.

Introed by two minutes of simple harmonica and lap guitar that conjures images of cowboys and campfires and surely borrows its spiritual melody from All My Trials, the album concludes with the final non-original, bringing together Scandinavia and America for Day By Day, an affirmation of trust in the Lord translated by a Swedish immigrant in Minnesota in the late s.

With a simple sleeve design to match the soothing ambience of the music, it's a wonderful album that fully deserves the plaudits it must surely attract. Well right at the start it sounds like the band are still up there on yonder mountain ponderin' the sky, for the album opens with a gentle drone before the banjo, guitar and bass truck on in to back the voices on the reflective group composition Sidewalk Stars.

From then on in, it's 60s-style vocal harmonies in tandem with some high-powered but not necessarily frantic bluegrass pickin', nicely turned and with an easygoing gait at whatever speed the licks are managed.

It sounds like a progressive yet well developed style, and it turns out this is the band's fourth album so far. I learn that it's the first time they've worked with a rock producer Tom Rothrock , but this hasn't compromised the band's acoustic integrity or string-band cred, just added a little drums to the mix on a handful of numbers, and to really good effect too.

You may feel that Adam Aijala, Jeff Austin, Dave Johnston and Ben Kaufmann didn't really need to sharpen up or toughen their sound, but the slightly rocky edge to some of the numbers on this new album is really attractively managed rather than just being added as a production gloss overlaying the bluegrassy roots.

Tracks like the driving Angel have been dubbed "hard folk", an interesting but revealing term which works just fine and listen out for Darol Anger rockin' out there on fiddle! Dave's banjo is used in a pretty radical way on its duel with Adam's electric guitar on How 'Bout You? The whole CD, in fact, is a brave attempt to freshen up the old-time sounds and close the gap between bluegrass and rock - which it does with real style.

My only small criticisms concern the two instrumentals: Midwest Gospel Radio meanders nowhere in particular, while the breakdown Fastball is way too short!

This unpretentiously plainly-titled latest venture from Fife-based nu-folkster James has its gestation around the turn of the decade, in a projected album of traditional folksongs which Fence Records were to put out as a companion issue to an album of James's own songs. When James was offered a recording contract elsewhere, this project got shelved and the extant recordings gradually trickled out over the years.

But James continued learning folksongs from recordings, and eleven of his reworkings of such songs now appear on this new CD.

James differentiates it from his "usual" output by employing instead of his usual band The Athletes James Green's Big Eyes Family Players, whose music James had discovered while on tour earlier in the decade. Their individual instrumental complement harmonium, violin, pedal steel, autoharp, drums is definitely central in creating the very special and intimate atmosphere in which James's reworkings breathe: one of antique-sounding chamber-folk, though freshly-visited and not in the least musty-sounding.

James's liner notes reveal that his intention is to put his own stamp on what he considers the essence of traditional song, an essence which he found in abundance when he discovered classic recordings by among others Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins, Jean Ritchie and Nic Jones but which he reinterprets in his own terms, whether by recreating the songs' simple truths in his own paraphrases or by composing his own original melodies for the supporting musicians to embellish, at times almost quasi-improvisatorily.

All of this adds up to a mesmerising, seriously enchanting experience for the listener, the new settings being ingenious enough to stimulate the palette while not too overly "radical" to chance disturbing the sensibilities of those already familiar with the original sources or the recordings from which James took his cue.

Sometimes, though, the tone of James's reworkings may come as a shock, for he often seems to take a giant step back beyond the revival recordings to the timeless, almost primeval modes that form the basis of the stories the songs are telling.

On the other hand, keep an open mind as you consider the jangling, yearning demeanour of the slightly sinister admonition of Rufford Park Poachers as perceptively reinterpreted here by James.

Or the rippling gallop, the casual, almost bossanova-style rhythm James imparts to The Hills Of Greenmoor, which kindof reflects the moral ambiguity and shifting viewpoints of the text. The odd-track-out in this collection is not a song at all, but a Galician tune which reprises in its full form the snippet James used to round off his debut single. Final verdict? This CD may be subtitled "popular music from the period of the Gunpowder Plot", but it be no treason to review it on this website I assure you!

York's official "band" of the time of Guy Fawkes was its Waits, and its present-day equivalent specialises in the music of Tudor and Jacobean England, opportunely commemorating the th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot by releasing this CD and performing a series of concerts. And so to the music herein, then: the rich and slightly overpowering sound of massed shawms, sackbut, bagpipes and percussion opens proceedings in spicy, almost ceremonial style, and sets the tone for what follows, a fulsome sequence of mostly short pieces - dance tunes both courtly and rustic, mixed-consort arrangements of popular melodies yes, including Greensleeves, since you ask!

At its most piquant, the sound of the Waits is lusty and very invigorating, at its most refined it's surprisingly cool and relaxing; yet whichever type of basic "band" lineup is utilised, the impact is considerable. Each individual piece or mini-set is perfectly satisfying in its own right, but the more ambitious six-minute sequence of "two mournful tunes followed by a rumbustuous sic jig" near the end of the CD, which "perhaps echoes the doleful and delirious atmosphere which accompanied public executions", is definitely a highlight.

Recorded in the summer of while working on the final touches to Back And Fourth, it's hard to figure why this was put on the back burner in favour of his album with Scarlett Johansson which he admits he had to be persuaded to make by his brother, her agent which was dull almost beyond belief.

Recorded over just five days in a makeshift studio with Frank Black handling production duties, it's a back to basics collection of introspective, personal songs about relationships, insecurity and doubts that shows off Yorn's rockier Pettyish edge.

Indeed, with its ringing guitar and plangent chords, opening number Precious Stone wouldn't have sounded out of place on Damn The Torpedoes while the nostalgic Velcro Shoes, mid tempo chugger The Chase and a punched up dirty guitar Badman all see Black urging him into a rock n roll streak. There's softer moments too, of course. Sung in a weary voice that's down but not out, Rock Crowd is an ebb and flow tribute to the fans who keep him going and provide the fuel to keep optimism alive, Stronger Than a simple acoustic strum about learning to love himself in order to love others with Wheels a fine nuts and bolts cover of the Gram classic and Sans Fear a mind tempo sway with chiming guitar and almost a 50s doo wop feel that channels vintage REM balladry.

Again reminiscent of Michael Stipe, the jangling Future Life lays out his worries about why his friends 'diving into matrimony; with the house, dog and kids "scares the shit out of me" and reminds himself that instead of wanting what he hasn't got and it's easy to get stuck, he should accept that "life's been great to me" and appreciate what he has "I see a future that was made for me," he sings.

This album is a big step towards embracing it.. Now comes the follow-up adding a touch of Neil Diamond vocals to the melting pot with the surging pop throb of fuzzy guitars that is Come Back Home and nods his love of Britrock in the direction of George Harrison with When You See The Light. It's a much more no frills tougher rock n roll approach, Long Way Down, bonus track Drive Away, the heavy riffing Carlos and a punky emo Burrito all big on loosely slung rough and ragged noise over the top of the melody lines.

But as lovelorn waltz Turn of the Century inspired by Baz Luhrmann telling him his plans for Moulin Rouge , Man In Uniform and So Much Work show, he still wears the mantle of wistful romantic troubadour with stylish ease. Overall perhaps not quite as impressive as his debut and lacking that necessary killer song to make him a major player, but there's enough here to indicate he's around for the long haul while his rousing cover of Suspicious Minds suggests his live shows are jubilantly energetic affairs.

Three years on after An Other Cup marked his return to music after an almost 30 year hiatus and his conversion to Islam, Yusuf is back with an album that, in his own words, picks up where the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens left off. It's a quintessential Cat Stevens album with all that entails. So, a gentle tweeness, soft sentimentality, often gauche lyrics "things are looking bad, everybody in the world's looking so sad" and mellow spirituality. There's even what sounds like a kiddie choir on the new age philosophy of the tinkling piano pop To Be What You Must "you must give up what you are" , though I suspect it may well be a multi-tracked Martha Wainwright.

La Dee Da. In my dream With Shiver. True Blue. End Of Sorrow. In Silence. I For You. Sweetest Coma Again feat. With Love. Be Awake. Crazy About You. Up To You. Time Has Come. I for You. Love Me. LUV U. Call for Love. Deja Vu. Mirrorball Satellite The Way We Were. Yours only,. One Sugar Dream. Come Back To Me. Love Or Truth.

World Of Move. Around The World. Rage Your Dream. Wanna Fly To Be Wild. Rock It Down. Blowin' Wind. See You, My Best Love. Over Drive. Take Me Higher. Gothica Symphony No. White Fox. This is my heartache. Misha Skit. Groovy Planet London Stomp Mix. MP3 9.

Pure Tonic Album Version 6. OMG 7. Riot 8. Electro Vision Vs Digital Tribe come with me 9. Anyones's Dream Digital Mind Sound Field - Spring City Rush 2. Zyce Flegma - Drive Active 3. Lone Ranger - Undergroove 4.

Ritmo - Rapture I-Drop Remix 5. Kalimax - Demons N. A Remix 6. E-Clip - Ocean Light Indigo - IndigoPsyCZ. Dark Place 2. Saw VA - Darkness and Despair Charlie Bit Me 2. My Machine 3. Performance Somnesia - Fluorescence Somnesia - Visions Of Buddha Somnesia - Somewhere On The Gange Somnesia - Rainbow Source EP Everything is Sound Pop Musique NY Make it Happen vs. Earworm Domino's Theory Piece of My Action Tuvan Loom Prankster feat. No Rockers Absorbed vs. Mesmerizer Last Exit to Brooklyn Earworm Remix Alien Mental meets Dylalien - Jibber Jabber meets Polyphonia - Alien Mental meets Polyphonia - Baba Life Jibber Jabbermeets The Fractal Cowboys - Ma chaine trance sur youtube.

Heinz Roth manager de Sven Vath voulais fonder un label. En , les producteurs et les musiciens allemands ne se souciaient pas du reste du monde. Ils produisaient leur propre musique.

En , encore peu de label proposent de la trance, voici quelques-uns des premiers morceaux trance hors Eye Q :. Que du bonheur! Sortie en Novembre Tracklist: Extended: Ferry Tayle feat.

Driftmoon — Geometrix Extended Mix Ferry Tayle — Metamorphosis Extended Mix Suncatcher — Origami Extended Mix Remixes: Driftmoon — Geometrix Tempo Giusto Remix Ferry Tayle — Metamorphosis Madwave Remix Suncatcher — Origami Dan Stone Remix Bonus Tracks: Cette track est un grand moment de dark ambient! Majestueux et plein de romance. Pour vous donner un chiffre, par exemple, 1 million de personnes en Angleterre en Une oeuvre remarquable dans le style hard psychedelic trance.

Simon Postford de son vrai nom, est un Anglais de 21 ans quand il composa ce morceau fin P techno sur X-Rave. La trance est devenu un mode de vie. Sortie sur le grand label anglais : Transient Records.

Nada Surf Hamburg Michelle Records Nada Surf Vienna Arena 2cd Aud Nancy Wilson Boston Ma Paradise Theater National Health Canterbury College Of Technology Aud National Health London Covent Garden Aud National Health London School Of Economics National Health London Victoria Palace Theatre 2cd.

8 thoughts on “Stellar Surf - Re:Actor* - ...Soulscript... (CD, Album)

  1. and this time it's the highly anticipated debut album from Re:Actor. A new exciting producer from Sweden. Fluid morning style psytrance with a blend of progressive and fullon. Strong basslines, sexy percussions and epic leads will turn the worldwide dancfloors crazy.
  2. Jan 23,  · The the young and fresh label Digital Reality is back with it's 3rd release and this time it's the highly anticipated debut album from Re:actor. A new exciting producer from sweden. Fluid morning style psytrance with a blend of progressive and fullon. Strong basslines, sexy percussions and epic.
  3. Ihr Amazon Music-Konto ist derzeit nicht mit diesem Land verknüpft. Um Prime Music zu nutzen, gehen Sie bitte in Ihre Musikbibliothek und übertragen Sie Ihr Konto auf (DE).
  4. Découvrez Soulscript de Re-Actor sur Amazon Music. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.cog: Stellar Surf.
  5. ゴア/サイケデリックトランス専門ショップ 商品ページ Re:Actor / Soulscript. ゴア/サイケデリックトランスのCDを専門に扱うオンライン・レコードショップ BRAVO RECORDSMissing: Stellar Surf.
  6. Feb 10,  · Re:actor - Robolove Album: Soulscript. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue QueueMissing: Stellar Surf.
  7. Sep 12,  · Bruce Willis released two "eclectic" albums in '87 and '89—the first of which, The Return of Bruno, served as an accompaniment to the HBO mockumentary of the same despite having backup vocals from such prominent acts as The Temptations, Willis' first album never quite achieved widespread success, with AllMusic describing the album as "more a testament to the excesses of Missing: Stellar Surf.
  8. The tradeable collection of ThreeSon with games. helps to organize game collections and manage trades. This profile page belongs to a user, but it does not prove anyone's identity or misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.cog: Stellar Surf.

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