Spanish Flea - Unknown Artist - Solid Gold (Vinyl, LP)

I dont think Alpert had a "Target Audience". He was trying to please anyone who wanted to listen. But he found his "sound" with The Lonely Bull and smartly stuck with it.

From what I read, Alpert came from a pop-rock background instead. It's funny a Jew passed himself off as a Mexican and fooled a lot of people! Location: Cleveland, Ohio. Though the TJB had a wide appeal, there was a pretty big generation gap in those days - very different than today. Their music would have most likely been found in record stores under the "Adult Contemporary" or "Easy Listening" categories.

Mickey2 , Feb 6, Location: Wilmington, Delaware. Hamhead , Feb 6, It's listed in his obit and web page. Hamhead , Feb 7, Location: Atlanta, GA. GroovinGarrett , Feb 7, Location: Golden Isles of Georgia. Location: US. HGN , Feb 7, RARE, hard to find great vintage beer stein - bears the inscription original king 2 below. Backed by generations of experience in finest craftsmanship,.

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Storytime Ahoy, Readers! Aug 24, by Awadagin Pratt. Allegro 2. Allegretto 3. Rondo: Allegro Comodo 4. Presto 5. Largo E Mesto 6. Menuetto: Allegro 7. Rondo: Allegro 8. Aug 24, by London Philharmonic Orchestra. Tracklist: Disc 1: 1. Orchestral Suite No. Cavalleria Rusticana: Symphonic Intermezzo 3. Suite bergamasque, L Clair de lune 4. Concerto No. Adagio 6. The Carnival of the Animals: The Swan 7.

Two Elegiac Melodies, Op. Last Spring 8. Pavane, Op. Vocalise, Op. Panis Angelicus, Op. Source: CD. Sinfonia 2. Aria "Gute Nacht, ihr meine Esto te pone la cabeza mala 2. Ni bombones ni caramelos 7. El tren se va Glow 2. New World Arisin' 3. Damaged One 4. Trip 5. Mind 6. Detonator 7. Wipeout Turn 8. Long Coal Train 9. Under Your Wings I Wanna Rock - Constantine Maroulis 5. Aug 22, by Dan Gibson. Wind Beneath My Wings 2. Bridge over Troubled Water 3. You Are so Beautiful 4.

Sunshine on My Shoulders 5. From a Distance 6. I Believe I Can Fly 7. Lean on Me 8. We've Only Just Begun 9. You're the Inspiration Lovely Hula Hands 2. The Moon Of Manakoora 3. Sleepy Lagoon 5. Lovely Hula Girl 6. White Ginger Blossom 7. I Will Remember You 9. Beyond The Reef Haunani Red Lights 2.

Topic: Trance Source: CD. Fanfare 2. Nepal Army Band 4. Hjaltibonhoga - The Shetland Fiddlers 6. The Tattoo Highland Dancers 7. Lochiel Marching Drill Team 9. The Jordan Armed Forces New Zealand Army Band The Massed Military Band Aug 22, by Julianna Barwick. Envelop 2. Keep Up The Good Work 3. The Magic Place 4. Cloak 5. White Flag 6. Vow 7. Bob In Your Gait 8. Prizewinning 9. Pido Auxilio - Joe Veras 2. Una Bomba - Zacarias Ferreira 3. Con Que Ojos - Hector Acosta 6.

Por Amarte Asi - Aventura 7. Un Camino Lejos - Raulin Rodriguez 8. Machucando Los Criticones - Rafa Jimenez Te Dejo Libre - German German Por Unas Monedas - Sofoque Home Run - Luis Aug 22, by Coal Palace Kings.

Good Days And Bad 2. It's Too Late 3. Trace 4. Gunshy 5. Haymaker 6. An Awful Thing To Do 7. Being Drunk 9. On The Couch Pine Away Fair Exchange Aug 22, by 3OH! Fire In The Heavens 2. Hear Me Now 3. Mad At You 4. Freak Your Mind 5. Give Me Something To Remember 6. BASMF 8. My Dick 9. Inside Boy Yep Claustrophobia Aug 22, by Do Re Mi. Baby's Friends 2. Baby Having Fun 3. Happy Baby Day 5. My Baby's Dream 9. Relax My Baby Sleep Baby Sleep Lullaby - Brahms Aug 22, by Vancouver Sikh Spirit.

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Personnages 3. Bicycles 5. Masha 6. Tango 8. Trapeze 9. Aug 20, by Canario Luna. Brindis por Pierrot 2. Que el Letrista No Se Olvide 3. El Murguero Oriental 4.

El Grito del Canilla 5. La Penultima Copa 7. No la Quiero Mas 8. Vuelvo 9. A Lo Que Se Fue Por la Vuelta A los Cuadros Chicos Al Mundo Le Falta un Tornillo Gloriosa Celeste Volver Disc 2: 1. La Noche Tiene Su Manto 2. Exitos Enganchados 3.

Al Villa Con Amor 4. Saludo a los Barrios 5. Mi Oficio de Murguista 6. Aluvion 7. Entre el Principe y el Aug 20, by Junoon. Bulleya 2. Pyaar Bina 3. Sanwal 4. Mitti 5. Ghoom 6. Sajna 7. Ronde Naina 8. Ab To Jaag 9. Aleph Aug 20, by Joan Gelfand with Marty Castleberg. Introduction 2. Ode To Toast 3. Daddy-O 4. Fallen Leaf Lake 5.

Music Dream Four 6. Music Dream Seven 7. Your Tongue Is A Tool 8. New York Park 9. Ode To Cecil Bruner Paris Whistling Good Morning America Transported Wake Music Dream 14 Aug 20, by Baby Brand.

Miss Polly Had A Dolly 2. The Riddle Song 4. I'm A Little Dutch Girl 6. Shortin' Bread 7. Skip To My Lou 8. When I Was A Baby 9. Alouette Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be? The Farmer In The Dell Miss Polly Had A Dolly The Riddle Song I'm A Little Dutch Girl Shortin' Bread Skip To Brazilian Impressions I - Tropical Night 6. Brazilian Impressions II - Butantan 7. Roman Festivals I - Circus Maximus 9. Roman Festivals - II. The Jubilee Roman Festivals - IV.

Aug 20, by The Sugarplastic. Another Myself 2. Sheep 3. Don't Sleep 4. Transworld Modal Operator 5. Little Teeth 6. Montebello 7. The Way This Is 8. Polly Brown 9. Oh Charlene Imported copies of the "Third Man Theme" saturated Australian radio airplay. In response, Festival Records rush-released the single. The November 7, appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show started the Billboard chart climb of all five albums.

It stayed there for 17 weeks. Billboard, June 18, , ITCC Supplement. Billboard, Hits of the World, Billboard, January 29, , Hits of the World. Billboard, July 9, , Music Capitals of the World. Billboard, October 29, ,, Tape Cartridge Tips. Larry Finley. Billboard, December 24, , Top Records of Grammy TV'er Backing Urged.

Billboard, May 14, , 4. Billboard, May 14, , Billboard, January 22, , 6. From the Music Capitals of the World. Billboard, October 15, , Billboard, June 11, , Billboard, December 31, , Attendance record photo.

Billboard, December 17, , Billboard Top Albums Ad. Billboard, December 15, Top 10 Albums Mamas and Papas in Raceway Show. Billboard, June 3, , Billboard, March 5, , Billboard, February 5, , In , Herb Alpert sold over 13 million records and had five albums in Billboard's Top 20 on the album chart. On April 2, , four of those albums were in the Top For the first time in the history of the dinner, the musical artists received a standing ovation.

The Tijuana Brass U. Senator Thomas Kuchel of California made a statement on the floor of the Senate praising the Tijuana Brass for its contribution to "international understanding and [promoting] cordial relations with peoples around the globe. First extended European tour in September and October The tour increased album sales. Concert dates and television were also planned for Sweden in November.

For the Brass's European tour, a promotional recording with excerpts of the group's hit songs was released in Belgium. On October 1, , the U. Billboard reported "During the first 10 months of the year, the Brass sold more than twice the number of LP's as the Beatles and more than all the soundtracks combined. Billboard ranked its Top LP's for with S. Sounds Like Bacharach called and said he wasn't happy with the way things were going while he was in London working on Casino Royale. And so he asked me if I'd put a horn on it.

He sent me the tape, and it was a rush deal. I had to finish everything within three days, which I did, and rushed it back to him. By early , the Brass had sold over 18 million albums in the U.

He was also awarded eight gold record album certifications for sales of over , copies. The president of Festival records thought this was the first time that eight gold records were presented simultaneously.

The Tijuana Brass toured Australia to sold out audiences at every venue in the spring of the year. The tour also included New Zealand. Billboard reported that the Brass' box office receipts eclipsed those of the Beatles. The Tijuana Brass was the ranked as No.

The Brass was invited to perform at the Moscow Film Festival, however the Soviet Minister of Culture refused to allow them because it thought the performance "would tend to tip the scales in favor of the Americans. Herb Alpert received the Chici Viola Award because "El Presidente" was the best selling disk of the year on a Brazilian television station. Ampex Stereo Tapes presented its Artistry in Sound Award to Herb Alpert for bringing a new dimension in sound to the music world, for his originality in concept and orchestration and for consistent quality in performance.

The first Tijuana Brass television special was originally aired in the U. The show ultimately aired in sixteen countries outside the U. The sales qualified the album for a gold record, Alpert's tenth gold record in Australia. The preceding eight records had all gone gold and Alpert received a special cold record for being the first artist to sell over , albums in Australia. Released in April on vinyl album, casssette, 8-track and open reel tape. There were also two Herb Alpert posters from Ampex, assorted Tijuana Brass photos, easel back album covers, slick books and special order forms.

The show was number one in the Nielsen all-time multi-network area rating between April 22 and May 5, The director [of my television special] Jack Haley, Jr. So I called Burt Bacharach and I asked him-this is a question I typically ask to a lot of great composers-is there a song you've written in the past that either has been recorded that didn't have the right record or a tune that's tucked away in your drawer someplace that you have a special feeling for. He thought about it, called me back the next day and handed me This Guy's in Love with You.

It didn't quite fit the mood of the show. The lyric content didn't so I called Hal David and we made some changes and it was on the show and it got enormous response. It has a magical lyric. It says, 'Who looks at you the way I do? An opinion of my own voice? Well, I guess I sing like I play-kinda natural.

I've never analysed even when I play trumpet. It's just natural. It's just what comes out. By the usual standards, I don't have a great instrument as a vocalist. But maybe there is a basic truth that comes across. If you choose good material and are honest about the arrangement and recording, you can get closer to what people are understanding today than if you just sing in a beautiful voice.

Record World, April 16, Brass' Real Special. Record World, June 1, Alan Smith. New Musical Express, August 3, Alpert Awaiting Vocal Followup.

Mary Campbell. Associated Press, Record Gala was produced by the German record industry and television companies. In a rare cancellation of a concert, Alpert decided not to perform at Brigham Young University after university officials refused to have the Checkmates Ltd.

We've got a piece chorus, the first time we've used professional voices. There are pop tunes, with only one religious, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and an original by Burt Bacharach that should transcend the two weeks that radio stations play Christmas carols.

I mixed it several times. I go through that with every album. I mix it once and let it sit a couple of days and listen again. I make some adjustments. After I finally put it out, I listen and say, "Oh, why did I do that? The Tijuana Brass began its final tour of the U.

Worth, TX on October 4. The single sold over , copies. Released in June on vinyl album, cassette, 8-track and open reel tape. It sold 59, cassettes, , 8-tracks and , vinyl albums. The European tour began in September. In England, the album was supported by ads on four television stations, radio ads, plus two front panels on London transport buses and buses in 16 towns and cities.

There were retail displays in record shops. It was a lonely album, put together piece by piece in my imagination, done over a long period of time during which I was playing the trumpet with one arm tied behind my back. I forced myself to play; I forced myself to do that album.

It was kind of a painful experience, but there was no other way to get to where I am now. We were playing this nameless tune in concert last Summer. We were playing at Springfield, Illinois at the fair outside. While we were playing the tune there was a carnival going on and somebody in the group said, 'It sounds like Coney Island here. We were recording and the drummer started playing a rhythm.

The bass player chimed in and 'Sweet Georgia Brown' just came to mind. We had never played it before as a group and since, by the way. I went over to the piano player. I said, 'Do you know 'Sweet Georgia Brown'? He wasn't quite sure where he was going. The bass player chimed in and I just picked up the horn and started playing. We recorded this whole album live in the studio. When I was producing good albums with the Brass, each was a potpourri of things.

This album has that same dimension, but with the additional difference of being done several years later. This dimension has different colors to it, colors I've never been in before. It has guts. It's very spontaneous. It's not "assembled"from my producing experience; it was recorded live in three days. It's real, it has real things that actually happened, it's much much much freer. It's not a compromise. It's purely how I'm feeling today. Good or bad, that's the way it is. I feel like I'm finally getting in there, doing what I can do.

When I listen to it, it sounds like a step to me, but I know I have a lot more to say musically before I finish. Isaid, 'Do you know 'Sweet Georgia Brown'? It's not "assembled" from my producing experience; it was recorded live in three days. We didn't want it to be a contest, but two people wanting to express themselves and spinning off each other.

I felt there was a meeting ground somewhere. We're both very spontaneous players, which always leads to the unknown. I guess I've always been a frustrated jazz musician and I just reached a point where I really wanted to explore that side of my talent, and meeting Hugh opened a new door for me.

I like the album a lot and I see it as a huge stepping stone. I think if it is valid for people musically, it's just the start of something. We were really just experimenting and exploring, so there are a number of directions we can pursue in the future. I really feel that I'm onto something, or better yet, let's say I got a lot of satisfaction out of working with Hugh.

I really feel good about it and I can have egg all over my face and fall on my ass but I'll get up and do something else and keep at it! I know a lot of people are asking, 'What the hell are these two guys doing together? We started rehearsing. It was fun. No formal plan, just fun. We found the musicians we felt were right to work with us and finally went into the studio to do the album. We recorded it in three successive nights.

For the most part we did it live right in the studio. It's not one of those battle of the horns things. Hugh and I found that we were really sympathetic to each other's feelings. Jack Lloyd. Inquirer Entertainment News, Hugh and I wanted to continue the spontaneity we experienced on our first album.

And because of the concerts and audience response, we didn't feel we could create that same atmosphere in the studio. It seemed natural that we should record a live album. Martell Foundation for Leukemia Research. I asked [my nephew] Randy if he had any of his songwriting material around and he showed me 'Rise,' a dance tune he'd worked up with his friend Andy Amer.

Most of those dance records were to beats per minute, but I decided this should be much slower than that. I had this vision of people getting tired of dancing that same groove all night, and moving to something slower like 'Rise' at the end of the evening.

The moment I heard it, I had a special feeling for it. It was a very romantic melody. I was looking for a tune that could compete with disco records. I was looking to make a dance record. If I got a hit record first, I could go into the studio with a lot more confidence. If 'Rise' didn't happen, there wouldn't have been an album. If things don't go right, you get a little gun-shy.

I thought it was a very unique song. In fact, I was surprised that Rotation wasn't a big record. It might have been a little bit too outside. It didn't have a bass on it. The competition is tough in the music business. Last year, albums were released in America. What's happened with 'Rise' gives me the freedom to explore again. I didn't have anything ready except this.

It was cut as an A-Side but I knew that 'Rise' was the track so to prevent dj's from flipping it over I cheated a little on the single mix of 'Aranjuez.

Ed Harrison. Portrait of a Legend television show, Released in August on vinyl album, cassette and 8-track tape. The first CD was rleased in I've been able to put two art forms together: the making of a record from the producer's standpoint, and the making of a record from the standpoint of the artist.

I'm always trying to hit the ball over the center field wall. That and trying to stretch myself as a musician. That's why I'm enthusiastic about what I'm doing right now. It feels real good again, real comfortable. The album was remastered and released as digital download on December 4, on the Herb Alpert Presents label.

It was the first Latin division of any major record label. I put myself in the hands of marketing consultants It [was] 20 years since the Lonely Bull. And I wanted to go down to Mexico City and just say thank you for turning me on 20 years ago to this feeling that I have.

I innocently went down to Mexico just to record four sides for Latin America as a thank you. I was listening to playback of one of these songs and it struck me while listening, I said, 'I think this is the type of music that some of these people [ year-olds who are not buying records and who think I have retired] have been asking me to do.

You know, why haven't you made that Tijuana Brass sound? I was just very much revved up by this whole idea that maybe I'm on to something. I realized that I had to get out there and try to sell this album like people hustle their books. I had a great time doing Fandango with [Jose Quintana]. He doesn't have all the 'American techniques'; he's coming from a Latin point of view.

He's very musical, and I can work with anyone who's musical. I can't work with people who think too much, or try and analyzed every last detail. Released: August 23, as vinyl album and cassett. The first compact disc was released in The album was remastered and released as a CD and digital on February 24, It was on the Herb Alpert Presents label.

Blow Your Own Horn has a broader meaning to me than for this album alone. It has a connection to that 'Rise' concept, which is simply that if you want something, go get it.

Nobody knows what you can do unless you hang it out there-so blow your own horn. The album was remastered and released on CD and as digital download on February 24, on the Herb Alpert Presents label. The Los Angeles date was expanded into a tour. Lani Hall also sang a short set during the show. Jon Pareles. New Yrk Times, Herb Alpert--trumpet Nick Ceroli--drums Bob Edmondson--trombone, percussion, timpani, temple block Bob Findley--trumpet, flugelhorn, flugelbone Jimmy Imperial--guitar Ken Kaplan--trumpet, flugelhorn, snthesizer Sal Macaluso--piano John Patitucci--guitar John Pisano--guitar Julius Wechter--marimba, synthesizer, percussion Lani Hall sang a medley of Brasil '66 hits and selections from her solo albums Aria Alpert choreopgrahed and danced to "Bullish".

On May 30, , the State of California honored Herb Alpert for his musical talents, business acumen and community contributions. On June 13, I usually produce or co-produce my own records, so it was a different experience for me. Jimmy and Terry [Jam and Lewis] also get turned on by experiencing new things.

I asked them if they'd ever produced an instrumental record. They said no, but they thought it would be an exciting challenge. That sparked it. They generally start with a rhythm or a bass line. They'll groove on that then gradually develop the chords and melodic structure. It all comes out of the gut. As it turned out the trumpet and Janet's [Jackson] beautiful voice textures are wonderful together.

In the past, I've usually looked at the voice mainly as another instrumental color; I've salted and peppered my music with vocals.

But 'Pillow,' 'Diamonds' and 'Making Love in the Rain' are full-fledged vocal tunes with trumpet as part of the environment.

That's what Jimmy and Terry felt that the album needed in order to connect with more people. I try and let the effect be me. I know I have an identifiable sound with the horn, and my challenge has been to surround it with the elements of today while keeping the trumpet acoustic and honest. About two weeks later he came back with this song 'Fragile.

He said, 'I have this song and I think trumpets would be nice on it with the melody. When I came across the arrangement we were using I called him. I told him I was going to rearrange the chord structure on the bridge just a little bit. Does he have a problem with it? And he says, 'No, man.

You're Herb Alpert. You can do whatever you like,' 'No man, it's your song. I don't want to do it unless it feels right for you. Last Summer I played a series of concerts with major symohony orchestras across the country and the composition Under a Spanish Moon was the centerpiece of those concerts.

I just thought it would appropriate to put it into an album. When I hear that first movement, its called Rumba Flamenca To me, I know it's far out upon the first listen, but it sounds a hit record. The album was remastered and issued as a CD on September 9, The digital download was released on January 6, The Herb Alpert Foundation founded its Excellence In Action program that gave grants to young minority musicians for lessons, tuition or better instruments based on their auditions.

I was interested in seeing if I could blend in with some of those sounds I was hearing--rap artists, hit-hop. I thought that jazz would mix nicely with that kind of music, where you'd get this incessant groove going on and then this free-ish feeling on top.

For the most part, that's what we did; combine those two elements. I'm really excited about it.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Solid Gold on Discogs. Label: Chevron (2) - CHVLS 79 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz, Pop • Style: Instrumental Spanish Flea Written-By – Wechter* A4: Apache Written-By – Lordan* A5: Unknown Artist: Solid Gold 3/5(3).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Unknown Artist - Solid Gold at Discogs. Complete your Unknown Artist collection.3/5(2).
  3. Long Playing vinyl records from the Boston Public Library. Listenable, Downloadable, Boston Public Library (BPL) sound collection includes hundreds of thousands of audio recordings in a variety of historical formats, including wax cylinders, 78 rpms, and LPs. The recordings span many genres, including classical, pop, rock, jazz, and opera – from 78s produced in the.
  4. vinyl LP: £ HERB ALPERT Spanish Flea ( UK solid centre 7" vinyl single, also including Cinco De Mayo, record company die cut paper sleeve 7N) 7" vinyl: £ HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS Early Alpert ( UK track stereo vinyl LP compilation, housed in a front laminated flipback picture sleeve.
  5. Label: Pye International - NSPL ,Pye International - NSPL • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz • Style: Latin Jazz.
  6. HERB ALPERT Vinyl Records and CDs No record collection or garage sale is complete without a vinyl copy of trumpeter Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights. His expert chops and dial-tweaking brought a complex mix of Latin pop and Lounge jazz to the charts.
  7. Topics: Folk, World, & Country, Celtic Source: Vinyl LP. Album Recordings. Quatre valses oubliées, Polonaise no. 1, Polonaise no. 2 [and] Hungarian historical portraits (Magyar történelmi archépek [sic]) by Unknown Artist. audio. eye favorite 2 comment 0 Up, Up And Away Spanish Flea Disc 2: 1. My Reverie 2.

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