Preparedness - Jack Shaindlin - Heavy Industrials (Vinyl, LP)

I'll take John Seely and Jack Cookerly's word for it. I have no idea who composed the Moore and Hormel stuff, but some of it sounds like the same guy. A wild stab is it might have been Hormel's arranger at Zephyr.

Doug, thanks very much for your help this year. The portion of the post I wrote is really a culmination of more than ten years of conversations with Steve Carras and many others. There are people far more well versed on this music than I; someone here once commented about Moore's publishing companies; only someone intimately familiar with the library would have known that kind of thing. Ryan, thanks for your wishes. I'd figured you would have had those ones, TR2. The challenge is finding the Shaindlin cues.

I've got a list of maybe nine, most of which I can't identify. It seems Shaindlin re-arranged and re-recorded some of his cues for the Cinemusic release, I'm guessing. I have two different versions of 'Asinine'.

I've been listening to these cues for over 40 years in Hanna-Barbera cartoons and sitcoms from the 50s and 60s. The insights you have given on this subject the past year has been both informative and very entertaining.

You mentioned above Petrillo. I believe Petrillo had far more enemies than friends. Thanks for this wonderful Christmas present. Looking forward to some more great insights next year.

I, too in the first post gave Ryan's wishes.. Happy new ear from all of us,too. I'm a big YOWP blog fan. Truly YOWP is a labor of love! Have been following and downloading all the shared library tracks. I'm wondering if you could make some notation for future links, if the track is a "first time" sharing? It's hard to keep track of which track have been shared before, leading to many duplicates. I think this would be appreciated by your many followers. My best to you! Mark, to be honest, I have no idea if these have been shared.

I didn't get them from share webpages or download sites. I hope that clears up what I meant. Mark, my apologies. I understand now. Here's the deal. The cues are posted for the first time in the roundups describing the composer or the library. I figure that's the best way to showcase them. So the first time the Hormel cues were posted were in the Hormel biography, the Moore cues in the post about Moore, the Loose-Seely cues in this post, etc.

If you can click to a cue in a post breaking down a cartoon, that cue has already appeared on the blog. I have only one other set of cues to go and that is in a post about Jack Shaindlin and his Langlois Filmusic Library that will come some time in the new year.

I've been holding out hope that someone can point me in the direction of maybe ten of his cues but I've had no luck so far. Sorry to misunderstand what you had to say. I know there are all kinds of blogs out there with links to wonderful obscurities.. Capitol Records. Music from EMI. TRF Library? I noticed Paul mentioned this as one of the libraries, and that Les Baxter work was there. Looking forward to the Shaindlin article. For me, though Quick Draw had enough genre-type stuff to lend itself to early Curtin [the western cues heard when Wilma and Fred mention the west as used on Quick Draw, the Top Cat metropolitan Curtin cue as could have been used on Snooper and Blabber, and early "happy home domestic" cues under Fred or Loopy De Loop for Augie[ season of QD].

Frankly, the Curtin stuff still sounds out of place on Quick Draw. I keep waiting for the Goofy Guards to walk in. Even Curtin's short bassoon cues for The Flintstones are utilitarian at best. Each set of cues enhances the action; the Quest music especially. I don't know where the Magilla music was recorded, but the producer compressed the crap out of it; that was noticeable as an eight year old.

Yowp, I still agree with you, in spit of my previous post [that Goofy Guards comment was funny! Alias, on the fight scene between Yogi and Ranger Smith at the moment in which Mr. It made me thrills! And Rod, when John K. It's on here-select from pull menu but oddly not on YouTupe, except for an ad, and not [to my knowledge! Filmmusic discs. Yowp, you are ONE swell dog. That Henry Russell story from was a great update and addition.

Thank you so much for intrepeding sniffing out info [let's see a certain overmerchandised group of meddlin' kids and their dawg try THATG! His song? I Yoo-Hoo"! Any thoughts?

Hi, Anon. I'd have to hear what cue you're talking about. Ozzie used a bunch of cues co-written with Jack Cookerly. Strangely enough, these have since disappeared from the site. There's still a TON of tracks used on the show that so far no one has been able to identify, but it's crossed my mind that there may well be an old LP or two crammed with this "film noir" music, and if we could locate the tracks we already know, the "missing" ones may also be there together with them.

Good examples being-- "L. Hi, Henry. It's mentioned in another post on the blog. Dave Sheild's excellent theme music site has articles on Mahlon Merrick and Lou Kosloff listing them as composers themes that wound up with the other composers above listed on various shows and indeed, Dvae's research buddy AND the quoted source in this blog Paul Mandell cites Merrick as one of those with numerous music packages though I found that the Nick Carras isn't even a relatrion of mine..

I agree that the new cartoons added to the established package from lack the aural dimension of the more full orchestral cues. While the Curtain cues are amusing, his cues used in the later cartoons of the established series made them seem that more cheap. Had they been established with the Curtain cues, this comparison would not be so obvious.

Valentino music. It appears that Hanna-Barbera started making the break from the library music in , and Screen Gems for their television series about a year later. Some of that music later showed up onto "The Ren and Stimpy Show" like "Sublime Ghost" , but typically those kind of cues were used as a joke, like "You've heard this in a number of old cartoons, so let's play it in a modern one!

During the s, H-B did have quite a habit of recycling music between shows as one of their famous cost-cutting techniques, and this even continued into the early s I remember hearing a "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Any ideas how I can get them to people who would want them?

People have been selling them on e-Bay. I no longer have a reel-to-reel recorder but I can get access to one. I've got most of the reels I'm looking for but you can drop me an e-mail. The Capitol Production cues to me are surreally a lot like classic orange colored banana flavored Circus Peanuts candies - not just so-called "guilty pleasures" but hard to track down as far as creators are concerned what with all this ghostwriting and repackaging Hello, I've just acquired a Capitol Q 12" 78 transcription record.

Is this of any great value? Thank you. In its later years under Capitol ownership about , the Hi-Q library changed its name to Media Music. I have two samples thereof, one from and the other from A bit more of that instrumental served as the opening and closing theme to the syndicated health advice series Viewpoint on Nutrition with Dr. Would anyone know from what time period would that VM have been, and which other places if not Hanna-Barbera would have used this or other music from it?

Interestingly, the cues originally titled "Old Lavender","Daffodil Yellow" favorite or mine and Yowp , and the Ozzie and Harriet theme "Blush Rose" all called light melodics are on the copy I saw on the pic, their original names that I gave and others. Please help! In what "Ruff and Reddy" installment would that number have been featured, to compare? Life is full of surprises. The library music industry exploded with television. So they turned to less expensive stock music libraries. Anyone could use them who paid the fee.

New music was added. Some was subtracted, so cues that were in one year were replaced with different ones in future releases. And there are a variety of composers who wrote for Sam Fox Cacciola included whose cues can be heard. Such a thing happened with the Hi-Q library.

Side A label is torn. See grading codes below. Combined shipping available on multiple purchases. If you have any problems with your order, please contact me before opening a case with eBay. Highway The store is open every day 10am-8 pm Tuesday through Saturday, noon-5pm Sunday, 10am-6pm Monday.

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Historic library music label of the 's and 70's, owned by Charles Brull Ltd. in London, UK.

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  1. Jack Shaindlin ( - ) began composing, conducting and arranging background tracks for the "March Of Time" newsreels in and went on to produce some of the most memorable music in show business. Along with partners Robert McBride and later, Cy Langlois, he put together the first stock music libraries for radio, film and television.
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