One Mind - Robert Musso - Innermedium (CD, Album)

The first line-up included Rob Hulsbosch, Cor de Koning and Martin Nijdam who started looking for a vocalist and a guitarist. It took until spring before the first was found in singer Emmy van Tamelen. Progrock no doubt about that, but hard to pinpoint. Prog-wave comes probably close. After the summer, they found a new place to rehearse and after several auditions in October, new wave vocalist Marion Giesberts joined.

A whole morning was spent on recording 3 bands among which also For Absent Friends. Like FAF, Chime had one problem: they had no 3-minute songs in their repertoire! When the band entered the stage songs had been chosen in advance they were told to play only three and a half minutes resulting in a spontaneous shortened intro of the song, one verse was dropped as well as were several solos. In July guitarist Cor Beemster joined the band.

With him, the third demo was recorded in October. Only two weeks after he joined, the band performed on a festival in Haarlem before a large audience. Chime proved to have little luck with guitarists, since Otto after only two months in the band, declared to explore the flamenco-style and quit. With them a fourth demo was recorded in April, but the end was near: short after the recordings, Marion Giesberts left the band and a long line of auditions started.

After Chime had dissolved, the members went partly separate ways. Martin Nijdam had already done solo-work before and he had entered the MIDI-awards, where he became second behind Michel Ristenpatt.

This time even more successful: he won! Despite the fact that participating artists started a law-suit, nothing of the recordings of the festival was released on CD.

The music for the documentary was produced by Nijdam and De Koning. The single was distributed in an edition of Along with covers of some of these bands, they played from the very first beginnings their own music as well. Also Chinawhite got several opportunities to play acoustic live sessions of their work on local radiostations. When Arno Linssen left, the position of leadvocalist was filled by Don Feltges, an experienced singer who had played in several hardrock coverbands.

The mini-CD makes you long for more. All were good friends of each other and still are after the disbanding of this line-up. After playing it live for the first time it was dropped again. Although Uridium was a lot of fun, Rob and Peter wanted to move on musically, so they started looking for new musicians.

Jhon joined Galleon not the Swedish neoprogband of course. Daan had sung in various Oss-based bands before. They recorded their first 4-track demo in April , which was never sold commercially and was just for the band and their friends. This was also the time when they started gigging seriously - like the Bommelpop-festival with acts like Hallo Venray.

In February Requiem was renamed to Cirrha Niva. The same year a change in line-up and musical direction into a more progressive direction occurred. Daan quit after his final gig at Bommelpop He joined Oss-based A. Lady later. With them an unofficial demo was recorded. But half a year later the lineup had changed once more with Simone and Arno being replaced by bassist Liselotte Hegt who had played with her father in a band called Nevermind and currently writes for magazine Aardschok.

With her yet another demo was recorded. Half a year later a final? Together they worked hard on creating a style of their own. From March on the band performed regularly live as a headliner and participated in many festivals like Boschkilde festival in Den Bosch.

Also their unofficial demotape drew a lot of attention and airplay from local radiostations. Even some recordcompanies showed interest, nevertheless Cirrha Niva chose to release their debut-CD recorded in November with producer Hans Timmermans independently on their own label Parnassus in February in a limited edition of copies.

The CD was received very well. Too complex, too inaccessible and not very clear songstructures. Still, the quality of what the band does is reasonably high. It is audible that the band has done some thorough thinking about sounds and arrangements and the production is good. To pinpoint highlights is difficult, since within one song very strong parts are alternated with weaker parts.

Also the band is writing new songs as well as experimenting with midi and. Plans for included furthermore the release of the second CD at the end of the year. There has already been some serious interest from some recordcompanies. The band intends to do the very same thing with their music - by themselves proudly called "plutoniumprog" - strongly influenced by many progressive rock bands from the seventies, like VDGG, UK, Genesis and Yes.

He received several reactions and the first edition of Cliffhanger started in January in the line-up Heijboer, Merel van Spankeren vocals , Henk Zijlmans guitars , Nico van Opstal bass and Peter van Middelkoop drums. Van Opstal only stayed for. After only two months he was replaced by Missing Link bassist Olaf van Dongen. Several recordings in the rehearsalroom were made, back then, and one liveappearance in November The band split up because of musical differences.

Peter van Middelkoop became a professional drummer. This line-up did two public appearances in March and April Musical differences rose again and the band had in fact split up before the April-gig.

Dick Heijboer decided to continue with Gijs Koopman. Rinie Huigen joined them at the end of the month, followed by Hans Boonk half a month later. Most tracks four out of five were written by Dick Heijboer, on later releases, also Koopman and Huigen contributed more or less equally music. In September of the next year, a second demo followed, this time recorded live.

Short after the band entered the studio to record their debut-CD for SI Music featuring several tracks from the live-demo. The CD was again received very well. Also sales of "Cold steel" were pretty good. While looking for another recordcompany, they released another live-demo, that - again - gave a preview of the upcoming album.

Background Magazine s reviewer called Cliffhanger ". Italian magazine Arlequins added: ". Positive response came from Musea and Cyclops. The CD will probably be the last one to feature Dick Heijboer, since he decided to leave the band in late Dick played his farewellgig with the band at the Progfarm festival in November.

NL CODA Line-up: Erik de Vroomen keyboards, backing-vocals , Jacky van Tongeren bass, backing-vocals , Jack Witjes guitars, vocals , Mark Eshuis drums, percussion Coda was originally intended to be a solo-project by Erik de Vroomen, who had classical education at the conservatory, with some session-musicians. But after some working, rehearsing and recording demos with session-musicians, Erik found Mark Eshuis, Jack Witjes and Jacky van Tongeren.

That was around It was there, that they decided to go on as a band. From the album a single was taken, but never really released. This put an enormous pressure on the final mix during which they tried to fix some parts , that had to be done in only three days time. It took until before this opportunity arose. Meanwhile Erik had been working on his next concept, which was about racism, violence and the systematic destruction of the environment.

There was interest from several companies among which a German and a French , but Erik choose Dutch Transmission Records. For marketing-reasons, the album was shortened down to an 70 minute plus CD instead of a 2 x 45 minute double-CD. The Japanese pressing featured two bonustracks, that were not on the Dutch pressing. During the second half of the recordcompany announced that Coda had disbanded, but Erik de Vroomen would continue to work under that name.

This group was received with great enthusiasm in the Dutch jazz rock scene. In he started to play the bass. Between and he got lessons at the Arnhem music school. Around this time he also started playing in local bands like Fitzkin, U-gene and Treason. WCW lasted until , when Barend quit for musical and personal reasons. The Whistlerbrothers continued under their familyname. Several other albums with Tamas followed in the years to come. Also he did some sologigs in France and started an annual series of bassdemonstration shows for Warwick on the Rotterdam musicfair.

Between August and May Barend toured with Bert Heerink formerly vocalist of Vandenberg , who was very successful in Holland thanks to his vocal appearance in a series of Heineken-commercials. In Barend joined the reunited heavyrock band Vengeance with whom he recorded a new album, which was released in August through Transmission Records, and went on a rather successful tour.

Both played with many other musicians and have made quite a name for themselves. With some guestmusicians, they recorded an album in The original line-up featured drummer Hans Rutten now member of highly successful The Gathering and guitarist Mark Reijnen. They started playing a mixture of guitarrock and funkmetal. With this change in musical direction, Critical Hype also went through the inevitable change in line-up: Reijnen left and Peter Karsch.

In this new line-up the first selftitled demo was recorded and released in Without any doubt heavy, a trace of psychedelica and some new wave and a saxophone to add the finishing touch.

Two years later another demo followed. Backline Magazine judged:. In his place came Jelle Markink. During their existence, the band built on their live reputation gigs with Bettie Serveert, The Gathering, Hallo Venray and others and also appeared several times on regional radio.

This tape got them a recorddeal with British label Candlelight rightaway. But Rein always wanted to make a real CD again. When he met concert-pianist Camino who used to be a great Ekseption-fan in in Italy, it was decided they would work together somewhen in the future, which resulted in Dalsegno in Nothing was ever released officially by Gateway.

Later Joost and Jorg were part of an old-fashioned standard rockband, which turned out to be a failure. With Russian! The singer and keyboarder they had at that moment weren t exactly a great success, so they started looking for replacements. Through an advertisement they found keyboarder Luke d Araceno in November Luke started his musical career at age 9 imitating and improvising on classical themes played by his mother. At that time he could only appreciate classical music.

He started playing in bands, one of his first was progressive band Proxima Centauri, which was strongly influenced by Kansas and Happy The Man. Unfortunately Proxima Centauri never got to record their music officially.

For some time, he studied classical piano at the Utrecht conservatory. In , he decided to combine his old passion progressive rock with a modern sound. When Anatoli wanted to return to his country at the end of the next year, they placed another ad and found - after some auditions - Roland Oldenburg.

Roland had been formerly a "schlager"-singer, vocalist of melodic hardrockband Tightrope, vocalist of Zinatra and for a very short time Arabesque and student on a conservatory. The band s current name started as a joke. In their own musical theory, the term "dam" describes heavy guitar parts. In a funny mood, they talked about writing a manual about this. This combination of "dam" and "manual" became the band s name to avoid legal conflicts with a large wellknown company.

Early DaManual recorded in two days time their first demo-CD semi-live. Stylistic the music was in the progressive metal-vein. The reviewer in IO Pages divided the 4 songs in 2 strongly Dream Theater-influenced and 2 songs, that showed an identity of their own. The review was very positive: "Roland.

Several months the band was together in this instrumental trio-line-up before starting to look for a vocalist around early Two vocalists were tried, but both turned out to be the wrong choice. Performances and recordings will start in the near future.

Coenobite is the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist he plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, flute, mandolin and drumprogramming Coen Vrouwenvelder from Leiden. This album met some more criticism. This album was originally intended to be released in a limited edition of 50 copies only for friends and family, although it was also intended to hopefully draw attention from a label for a serious deal. Remarkable is the absence of keyboards on the album.

The music. They recorded a demotape, which they sent to several independent record labels. Soon after, the first album was recorded, which was almost entirely played and written by the duo Vita lyrics and Helbers music.

Nevertheless, Remco Helbers all of a sudden decided to leave the band in early The reasons for this are pretty much unclear, but the relation with the band is very disturbed to say at least.

Remco later appeared in Born For Bliss. His position was filled by Fried Bruggink, who had already guested on "Pale blue lights" and was with the band right from the beginning. First as a roadie. Thanks to the band s success, they were asked to do a dance maxi-CD, which became "Nuda Veritas". This singleCD contained three tracks. Two of them "The divine" and "Dance godesses dance" , based on tracks of "Pale blue lights" respectively "Divina" and "Godesses" , the other was a preview of the forthcoming album.

Right after the release of "Nuda veritas", The Dreamside entered the studio again for the second full length-CD. Their atmospheric gothic wave music was combined with influences from ancient Mediterranean music.

Also the lyrics were not just English anymore. Also French, German and old-Italian vocals were used. Reviews of "Apaika" were almost raving: Rif Raf said: "The difference between their debut "Pale blue lights" and this second CD is remarkable.

Where in the past music followed a very strict pattern, now you can hear how different styles and influences are perfectly mixed without becoming forced or artificial and you will know, that The Dreamside has grown mature. I don t like to say it, but "Apaika" is too good to be Dutch.

Other magazines agreed: "Splendid atmospheric music. A class album. Don t talk, just listen is the best advice. Cover, booklet and disk are beautiful, the sound is crystal-clear and the music is enchanting. Also abroad reactions were very positive. German Rock Hard-magazine wrote: "The Dutch duo has improved itself significantly and decided on one musical direction on their new album.

Buy it! Both joined in early Cees was found after a long search for a suitable guitarist. Reinier more or less accidentally came into the band. Kemi thought he was good and asked him to join. Recent tours brought The Dreamside to Holland, Belgium and especially Germany, where they played lots of concerts during and The band was most popular in Germany. Also they decided to change the label.

About one year and a half later they were joined by guitarist Aldo Aldema. With him a demo was recorded. In bassist Marcel Copini completed the line-up.

In the next year, another demo was released with songs that were recorded for Radio Friesland. Vocals were shared by the two keyboarders mainly Jaap. The album was received pretty well often the band was compared to Genesis and the album sold completely out.

After that, the band set themselves on writing the second album. During the band started looking for a full-time singer despite the fact that both Jaap and Wolf did leadvocals at that time. His leaving was no surprise to the band - they knew this day had to come. Maurits had seen an advertisement in the newspaper and responded to that, since he liked the Egdon Heath-CD, that his brother owned. It would take three years before Egdon Heath came with a follow-up.

They recorded several demos with their complex, technical progressive metal with classical influences strongly influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen as well. But all of a sudden Polydor cancelled the finals - without any explanation. In Elegy entered a talent contest, organized by German magazine Metal Hammer.

The results of this were - due to lack of organization - disastrous. After this disillusion and several changes in line-up partly because of the technical demands , the band more or less disbanded. This caused the nucleus and founders of Elegy, bassist Helmantel and guitarist Van der Laars, to gather vocalist Eduard Hovinga, guitarist Arno van Bussel and drummer Ed Warby around them. All of these had been in Elegy before in the past years.

This CD found in its own country only a small audience about 1. In Japan more than But the band managed to get more gigs than before. At the end of , he decided to leave Elegy. Also Gilbert Pot decided to leave around that time. The band decided to leave the vacant position of second guitarist open and continue as a quartet. Together an acoustic mini-CD.

This made the new material a bit less technical and complex, but probably even more mature. Worldwide sales were encouraging This video had to be made twice, because the first version was lost when a drunk.

Towards the end of , Elegy embarked for an extensive tour of Europe as the support for Finnish progressive metal band Stratovarius. This tour - with their new keyboarder Chris Allister ex-1st Avenue - received very good reviews as well.

Besides the Elfferich Four, Jeroen also has solo-activities like the electro-fusion project called White Elephant Project and also had an electronic music soloproject under the pseudonym Jeronymus.

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Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Innermedium by Robert Musso. InnerMedium "Please retry". Amazon Price. MP3 Download, 1 Sep "Please retry". Audio CD, Import, 4 Feb. But here's the deal: This is a thoroughly modern, spaced out "groove jazz" record. This is Musso 's attempt at making commercial smooth jazz.

If this were what was on the radio many wouldn't listen to anything else. Long, involved, entrancing melodies criss-crossed with harmonic invention and a truckload of groove-laden rhythms.

It's sweet, spacey, and easy on the senses yet musically sophisticated. There's something just off enough to hold you inside until you're completely hypnotized. When Lancaster pulls out his soprano on "Drifting Shades," and soars above a summery funk with Dieng and Bernie Worrell trading fours on the riff, you could swear the inner city blues of early Grover Washington got tied up with Herbie Hancock 's "Watermelon Man.

The music can be greasier, it can get funkier and grimier, but it never loses its melodic edge. Where guitars sear though the middle of a track's body as they do on "One Mind," it still holds the brighter end of the accessibility spectrum.

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  1. Recorded and mixed at Orange Music Sound Studios. Pre-mastered for Turtle Tone Studios. Mastered at Foothill Digital. This CD is dedicated to Sonny Sharrock, Thomas Chapin, and Ted Dunbar/5(5).
  2. All in all this is an extremelly awesome album, people that are familiar with musso's Active Resonance and absolute music and the 3 transonic albums this release is more like active resonance with the jazzy style and no dub effects, but this album is more in the vain of ginger bakers middle passage and horses and trees lots of rock flare.5/5(3).
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