Meat Thump - Neck Tattoo (Cassette)

The part of him that was Stephen floated away into the dark. Drink it. Do it. Tackle the city, with our help. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Facebook Twitter Email. Grady Hendrix. Strangers find themselves trapped as the power goes out on the train.

Sign up for our COVID newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City When the power goes out, trapped straphangers fear they may never leave the train alive.

Photo Credit: Jennifer H. Cunningham More people piled onto the 6 at the 51st Street station. Braids gave a thin, hissy laugh in the dark. You may also like. The shipping time depends on your location, but can be estimated as follows: USA: business days International: business days. Available Products: Not only the products are shown in the selection, but we also offer other products with this design. Below is a list of products available, Please contact us if you do not see this product in our product options.

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Raven shrugs. We have to move Sean tomorrow and we can return the rental truck. Charles frowns. Erik's been diligent in giving detailed feedback on each collection; Charles' inner educator exults in introducing Erik to his favorite composers. The house Hank and Raven have located is not unlike the house Hank was living in in Corvallis.

The Corvallis house was owned by the university and located on acres of university test orchards. The Salem house is flanked by conifers and a few larger trees. Hank sees them pull up and comes out to welcome them; he remains as awkward as ever, but he seems to have a few common interests with Erik and that keeps him closer in orbit to him. Thankfully, Erik is aware of the situation and prompts Hank for a tour of the house and yard.

Janos says nothing, but he unpacks the bags with a smile that one corner of his mouth pulls into a lopsided expression of amusement. Hank shakes his head. Hank pauses with a handful of paper plates and napkins and smiles at nobody in particular. Charles tries not to hate him and succeeds, at least, at letting Hank have an unsullied moment of soppy infatuation. Maybe being with somebody with normal parents is good for Raven, maybe Raven loves more than just Hank, but the family that comes with him.

Raven and Azazel show up as the shawarma are laid out on the plates and dressings are already starting to disappear. He finds it adorable. Otherwise Charles would have to excuse himself while his cock calmed down; bad enough he has to conceal it by pushing his pelvis against the island. After lunch is coffee and after coffee what little is left in the truck is moved to the garage or whichever room the boxes are marked with.

By virtue of its unfamiliarity, he wonders who it is and takes a small detour to investigate. The ball hits one of the big trees and careens back toward Janos; he catches it easily and turns back to the garage with a wide smile. He tosses the football up and catches it. Just inside the garage, Azazel slides both hands into his pockets and adjusts his footing out to a more stable stance.

Is Janos trying to make Azazel jealous? Show solidarity with Charles? Is he teasing them both? He tosses the ball up and catches it again. Charles stares at Janos. Azazel is also staring at Janos and if Charles was going to nominate someone for the position of most likely to develop deathray vision, he would give Azazel that honor in a second.

He tosses the ball up again, catches it, and heads toward the house, presumably to invite Erik out. It takes a few seconds of forever to unlock the phone and load the messenger but his thumbs are swift and sure. Charles fills his lungs with fragrant spring air and waits for the little checks beside his messages to turn blue. Charles registers that Azazel is suddenly much closer than he was a moment ago. Charles straightens his posture, bends at the knees slightly, and swallows down the fear he feels as much as he can.

He has to believe that whatever sort of illegal things Azazel does, his bond with Janos and friendship with Raven will keep him back. Did you have a goth phase nobody lets you forget about? Better than being named after missionary. Are you a Russian Jew? Like Kazakhstan? All that Azazel retrieves, though, is a cigarette case and lighter. He calmly takes a cigarette from the case and taps it against the case a few times before lifting it up and placing the filtered end between his lips.

With a quick flip of the lighter top a flame appears and, using one hand to guard against the breeze, Azazel lights the cigarette. The entire process takes less than fifteen seconds but to Charles it feels like an eternity to meditate on bad choices and his occasionally faulty brain-to-mouth filter.

He has too much pride to take back the fatal? You think Kazakhstan is some far off place of strange, exotic, stupid people with customs like fucking their sisters? Conversely, anger and pride argue for an escalation in hostilities even if it means waking up in a hospital bed.

Charles is saved the decision by an incoming football. Azazel releases his hand and they both bring up their arms to deflect the football. Janos diverts from his path toward them to collect the ball. He sweeps the ball up with a quick hook of an ankle and dribbles the ball back toward them.

As Janos closes in he kicks the ball up into the air and catches it and then walks the remaining distance. And, maddeningly, says absolutely nothing nor makes any indication whatsoever that he even saw the altercation he just interrupted. Despite himself, Charles starts to warm up to the idea of playing football with Erik.

But then, Charles muses, when it comes to stamina all he has to judge is how long Erik can go in the bedroom. Erik stands abreast between Azazel and Charles, but faces Janos. He looks intrigued and watches closely as Janos plays with the ball. Erik catches the ball and begins to move it experimentally between his hands. Azazel blows a long stream of smoke over his shoulder.

No goalkeeper and we play forty minutes with a ten minute break in the middle. You will have no time to even breathe. He looks confused for just a moment, but then he lowers his head and his stare becomes even more intense.

Erik looks especially handsome in moments like this, Charles thinks, when he is allowing himself to relax and enjoy himself among his former Portland friends. He likes it even better when Erik drapes an arm around his shoulder and draws him around to put their backs to the posturing of the other couple. Janos will have a lot to make up for. As uncomfortable as it is after their altercation, Charles forces himself to turn from Erik to join Azazel.

Azazel has a determined look on his already severe face and has nearly finished the cigarette he lit up between trading insults with Charles. His eyes refocus on Charles. He blows a long stream of smoke from his nose, lifts a foot to dash the cigarette out on his heel, and places the butt back in his case. Azazel nods. I have some speed, but maybe nothing special.

Encouraged by the easing, if not disappearing of tensions, Charles ventures a little more. He is better than us both. Charles feels his eyebrows hike up. For a moment longer, Azazel looks at the ground, but then he lifts his head and stares across at Charles.

At first his expression seems irritated, only once he starts speaking does it become obvious Azazel is far more determined than irritated. He is fast, excellent stamina, and he has good footwork and balance.

Our bet is worth bruised shins to win. Az responds with a thoughtful nod and looks over his shoulder at Erik and Janos.

Better we hurt his body than his pride, but if we hit or he slips I will be ready to catch him. Maybe Azazel has a decent streak after all. It might be the only one he ever gets, so he seizes it. Azazel turns back to Charles with narrowed eyes. The hypocrisy of the statement strikes Charles hard, but he can understand it; Azazel is both much older and far less attractive and there was, at one time, a physical attraction between Charles and Janos.

In the end, Charles thinks, it might be best to keep things civil with Azazel and not try for better relations for fear of attaining something worse.

This game is one and only time you ride his ass. By now you are smart enough to fear me, Xavier; I can trust your fear. Hank comes out soon after from the garage, two small shooting goals over one shoulder.

He looks the front yard over and, without consulting anyone, places the goal half way between the street and the house, not far from the concrete driveway. The other he takes to the edge of the property not far from where a sagging and rusted chain link fence acts as demarcation. Charles schools himself not to take his frustrations with Azazel out on Hank and speaks as gently as he can. Would you like to trade in for Erik or me?

The goals and the ball are for when my cousins visit. They start the practice soon after and Charles quickly comes to doubt his stamina, though it was Azazel that was smoking not fifteen minutes earlier. A lawn is uneven, full of dips and bumps, and thanks to the weather, the grass is slippery. Mostly, though, he divides his attention between Erik and Janos: Janos for business and Erik for pleasure and a little caution.

Janos was right about Erik picking up the sport quickly, but he lacks the coordination that only comes with long practice. Charles harries him a bit here and there, crowds against him, and finally forces him into a standoff where he can get in close and kick the ball out from him.

He succeeds in kicking the ball to the side; Janos intercepts it and pops it back at them at chest height. Charles backs off to see what Erik will do with it. Privately, Charles is starting to think Erik and Janos might not have a chance; football is built in its passing game and even if Janos is tricky or accurate, he and Azazel both know the ball has to pass to Erik.

Sean and Raven are waiting with Hank when they finish. Second, Janos has to shoot from fifteen feet. Fifteen is unfair. Azazel lets Charles call for the coin toss and nods respectfully when Charles wins it.

Janos makes a rude hand gesture but mostly ignores him in favor of giving Erik a few directions for their kick-off. Sean tosses Janos the ball, it is caught and dropped to the grass and Janos waits for Sean to signal he can start. Azazel takes off to intercept him and Charles chooses to head for Erik, but to keep an eye on Janos so he can stay between them more or less. Erik being Erik, shows no fear and comes on strong, dribbles a bit and then kicks. Adding an element of unpredictability, the ball hits a dip in the lawn and comes off the ground.

Incredibly, he manages to cross in front of Janos so close to take the ball that it looks like a tangle of legs for an instant. Then Janos lowers a shoulder and puts on a burst of speed and shoves at Azazel. At first Charles thinks Janos has fouled Az, but, no, Janos has forced Az out of bounds with the ball. Janos comes in for the throw in and it all starts again when Erik lets Charles and Az block him but then Janos throws far over their heads.

Erik stops the ball with his chest as he did earlier and shoots on the goal. The net captures the ball and Janos runs away from the goal toward Erik, clapping as goes. It all happened so fast; forty more minutes of the same will do nothing for his hopes of seeing Janos get his comeuppance for putting him and Az on the same team.

Then Charles remembers the fifteen foot rule and is suddenly relieved; Janos was surely too close on that shot. Azazel shoots Charles another approving look and jogs over to where Janos made his kick. Hank trots over to take a look with him.

Janos stands next to Erik, arms crossed and a look of disdain on his face. The civilized world uses the metric system. In the end, Sean awards Az and Charles the ball and fifteen feet. Raven laughs freely on the sidelines and cheers Charles and Azazel on. The fifteen feet moves them closer to the opposite goal, but play is hard. Janos has more tricks than an Atlantic City bookkeeper and Erik is remarkably aggressive in play even if he is unskilled. They have no trouble making the mandatory two touches before shooting on the goal for all getting it in has been far harder than Charles had expected.

Erik and Janos make three goals in the first half and Charles and Azazel make two; the second only comes when Janos slips on the grass and goes down hard.

Even though the first half is only twenty minutes, Charles finds himself breathless and dizzy with all the running and, unfortunately, a few more slips on the grass. The casual way Azazel had replied turns several degrees colder. Stress then, Charles muses, but says nothing about it; he opts for a little honest flattery to distract from the question. How do you do that? Azazel chuckles darkly and wipes the bottle across his forehead and pushes his hair back off his face.

Teamwork can save your life. Maybe Azazel went from one to the other? Both is even worse than just one. Charles gestures to his own face. I had empathy for Raven. Be thankful Janos stopped me from breaking your nose. This again. His first instinct is to draw himself up and deliver a belligerent defense of his actions that night.

He draws himself up all the same and lowers the water bottle to waist level. Thank you for caring about her well-being, however. This is good for Raven. But, I wonder, how do I put this…?

Charles feels the strain of his brow trying to climb his skull and his eyes growing absurdly wide. You hypocritical asshole! He takes out his cigarette case and lighter but obviously thinks better of it because he shoves both back in his pockets. My life would be easy if I had caught Raven instead of Janos, but I would not give him up. And how could I keep her after your disappearance, eh? Because you, Xavier? You would have to become fertilizer. Charles shakes his head in disbelief and looks away across the grassy lawn to where Raven is standing between Erik and Janos flipping through her phone.

Then he glances at Hank talking with Sean, and finally back at Azazel who has turned to stare, with singular focus, where Raven, Erik, and Janos are gathered. Usually Charles thinks about how much better Raven could do, but now he feels a little fortunate; there are people so much worse than Hank. His blue eyes burn beneath his heavy brow, his mouth sets momentarily in a firm if uneven line. How about this: if we win, I will back off some.

See the end of the chapter for notes. He and Azazel have reached an agreement which has led to a cooperative truce. So it is with a renewed sense of purpose Charles starts the second half. Despite the brevity of their break and little remaining time for game planning, the two manage to map out a few plays they hope can even and surpass the current score. The game continues to evolve; Erik keeps learning and improving, but the continued cooperation between Charles and Azazel is on a similar curve.

The first ten minutes of the second half sees both sides score twice and bring the score up to After the last score the ball goes back to Azazel and Charles. Much like Janos did in the first half, he taps the ball a few inches toward Azazel and then springs past it down the field toward the goal down by the fence. Erik heads straight at Charles, his blue-green eyes dark and jaw tight as he comes at him. However, this is not unplanned for, which is why Charles is running toward the tree.

Charles hears the ball take a hard impact and speeds up his last few steps toward the tree, throws his left hand out to grab at the trunk, and uses his grip to make a sharp turn without losing too much momentum.

He hears Erik swear behind him as he slides over the grass in his attempt to follow, but Charles is more concerned about Janos pelting toward the ball with sharp intent. Even though the ball is passing closer to Charles, Janos is faster. Charles nails the ball. It rebounds off his foot even as Janos overtakes him. It flies at the goal with speed and force.

The shot looks good; the ball skims over the ground, too fast for Janos or Erik, who comes at it from the opposite angle. It hits the inside of the net hard enough the small structure jerks back a few inches. As Erik goes to retrieve the ball from the net, Charles turns to Azazel with a broad grin.

Azazel acknowledges the expression but he looks no more pleased than he did before the goal. He smiles back and feels all the lighter for it. They wait for Hank to re-position the goal and for Sean to place the ball for the kick off. Little wonder then he was a regular model for Nike. Everyone else, however, is feeling the brunt of the cardio; Erik is drenched with sweat and has driven Charles to distraction by pulling off his shirt and throwing it in the grass.

His colorful skin shines with perspiration; the more the sun comes out from behind the clouds the better he looks. The heart on his bicep looks alive when he runs across the grass, his bicep bunching and releasing as he moves his arms for momentum or out for balance.

At one point they crash together and slide off each other, skin slick against skin in an echo of what Charles wants to get up to later in the evening. Azazel promptly pulls up a pant leg to display a bruised and bleeding shin. Sean huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. You should have said something or, like, take a dive. Janos, just returning with the ball, catches the conversation and grins brightly at Azazel.

He lobs the ball high over Charles and across the field at an angle and arc for Janos to presumably knock it down the field with a head shot. Azazel makes the touch: both Janos and the ball. Janos lands, stumbles, slips, and falls out of bounds. Charles stands on the field, catching his breath in the lull between Sean and Hank coming out to discuss if they need to give Azazel a penalty.

Charles assumed Janos would play up an injury, taking a dive where Azazel has refused, but though his jeans are grass-stained and the heels of his hands are the worse for wear, he makes no indication of faking or emphasizing any injury he has. No penalty is given, but Sean announces time is up and the game is now a matter of sudden death. Janos takes the ball, nods to Erik and Erik jogs backwards down the field, flexing his jaw as he goes.

Apparently Janos plans for a long range throw or something of that nature. Azazel moves back, but Charles is the one to shadow Erik. Janos launches the ball with his entire body. It flies fast and presumably true, but in no way does it head for Erik at all. He makes it about three steps when the ball hits the tree, rebounds in a spray of bark, and heads down the field toward Erik. Charles slides across the grass in his effort to reverse direction and only just saves himself from a fall; it costs him precious moments.

He swears multiple times as he catches his balance and heads down the field where Azazel is cutting Erik off and Janos is out in the free without Charles to catch him.

Sep 1, - A collection of some incredible neck and throat tattoos. See more ideas about Throat tattoo, Tattoos, Neck tattoo pins.

8 thoughts on “Meat Thump - Neck Tattoo (Cassette)

  1. On the A-side of 'Neck Tattoo' you will hear 33 crawling minutes of practice room sessions and instrumental versions of current live tunes that represent the first two months of the band's recordings, with singalong folk track "At the End of the Night (Song to Drink)" included at the end/5(2).
  2. Meat Thump was a band from Brisbane, Australia. The band was solely the work of Brendon Annesley (who died in ) but with the constantly changing line up, he had the support of many friends around him who helped to flesh MT out into a full band.
  3. Meat Thump was a Brisbane band active from , with Brendon Annesley on vocals and guitars and an ever changing lineup including members from White Cop, Kitchen's Floor, Wonderfuls, xNoBBQx, Per Purpose, Clever, Slug Guts and Low Life. Meat Thump discography: Neck Tattoo cassette Negative Guest List Records; Forget History.
  4. Meat Thump. Brisbane, Australia. more from Coward Punch Records. + add. album; track; merch; new artist; existing artist; stats.
  5. 1. Cut out tattoo of choice and remove the transparent film. 2. Place tattoo face down on skin. 3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or towel. 4. After seconds, gently remove the back paper. 5. Allow tattoo to dry. To Remove: tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. for 10 seconds,then rub gently and repeatedly again until removed/5(71).
  6. May 25,  · Romeo's Video: This is the Pain Challenge kinda like Oli White and Joe Sugg, but with a real tattoo gun!!! AHH!!!.
  7. Jan 17, - Explore Deanna's board "Neck Tattoos", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tattoos, Neck tattoo, Tattoo magazines pins.
  8. May 23,  · I finally did it! My tattoo artist (Emīls Salmiņš): MUSIC: Nymano - Romance (Full BeatTape) .

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