Maybe I Will - The Colorblind James Experience - I Could Be Your Guide (CD)

Nicole Loker. I hope you and Elvis are sharing a fried peanut butter sandwich and cranking out some good stuff while we wait to see you all again. Thank you. The Dude. He has been an inspiration to me as an artist and as a person. Chuck was one of the great American songwriters and yet was humble and supportive of everyone he came in contact with.

To know him was to love him. Patrick Lowery. I was into the music scene and he was the music scene. I promoted my first concert in and Chuck was the first person I called to play. He did and it was great. I moved to Rochester in to promote shows here. Again, Chuck was the first person I called. Many times over the years Chuck was the first person I called.

God bless you and your family. Gerard Fishe r. Even though I had a really nice time, there came a moment when I sat down on some steps, still in the middle of the party, feeling a little quiet and lonely…just a little…when I became aware of a presence next to me. Chuck had sat down next to me without speaking…we smiled at each other and continued to sit closely, watching the party unfold and hardly saying a word for the next 15 minutes. We all miss you Chuck.

As fellow avid Dylan fans, we were delighted in the spring of to discover the annual Dylan birthday bash at Milestones. We waited while Chuck and the Band worked with countless other artists, making sure that the key was just right, that the backup was what it needed to be.

Chuck was the obvious guiding spirit, so patient, so gentle, so accommodating, so determined to let this eclectic bunch shine in their own right and with their own gifts. What a precious priviledge that would have been for us! What a gentle spirit and creative quiet force; in such a short time he left such an impression on us that we feel an incredible loss.

Hopefully the Dylan bash will continue, but essentially honoring Chuck at the same time. What a pair. Of course our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family and the Band. Thanks for sharing this brilliant humble human being with all of us. We were humbled. Nate Coogan. Chuck Cuminale was truly a gift to his friends and his fans. It is really rare to find someone who was so in love with music.

Chuck was and still is a guiding force in the music scene in the Rochester area. It is so rare to meet some one as supportive and encouraging as Chuck. I will always remember Chuck as a kind soft-spoken person who always had a good word for you. I will remember Chuck at my close friends wedding singing about Jesus turning water to wine. I will remember Chuck. Mark Martin. Most of you know Chuck the musician but I remember Chuck as the most kindhearted assistant teacher I have ever worked with.

We worked together at Hillside Childrens Center about 15 years ago. Chuck would show up with a loaf of French bread and a big chunk of cheese. I would bring bagels. Our 15 students would sit with us as we read the newspaper together. Chuck always had positive guiding words for these kids who had nothing.

He would probably remember Tina the best. She sang for us and she always brought a smile to Chucks face. He had such a positive impact on everyone of our students and on me. I will miss him. Roberta Campbell. No one was more unassuming than he.

He was quiet and had a lovable disposition. He endeared himself to to all those with whom he came in daily contact, and helped countless students to navigate through the rough and angry waters of life. Chuck will be missed greatly in our School of the Arts community, and by me personally.

His passing leaves a void for us all. Sue Thielking. It was the shock of finding out that someone you always thought would be around like air or sunshine was suddenly gone. As a person I knew him only slightly better than I would know a Lennon or a George, as an acquaintance met at the occaisional gig or social gathering. But as an artist I knew him as a true original that showed me a new way of looking at things every time I saw him perform.

That was all I needed to know about him, and as a fellow songwriter I admired his ability to mix humor, pathos, social commentary and anything else you care to name seemingly without the slightest effort. His songs imprinted themselves in my memory immediately.

The next day I could quote entire lines of his lyics verbatim — the highest complement one can pay to a songwriter. The few performances of Colorblind that I saw were revelations that enriched my spirit. Kevin Vicalvi. He cared about everything. He helped me through alot of things.. He was always worried about me and how I was doing… He always talked about how much he loved his kids and his band. Which I personally new nothing about.. But i heard their music and I liked it… Chuck was a wonderful guy and I would do whatever it takes to get him back even tho i no its not possible.

Lynzey Bernstein. It was the first class where the teacher let us sit anywhere. I often sat on the floor next to Chuck, leaning on the wall under the window. I was so touched by his philosophies on life. His incredible gentle spirit was something you could feel. I love his smile, how he looks you in the eye, and even his eyes are smiling and so attentive. As Chuck was getting ready to leave, we were discussing family. I could see the love and joy in his face as he gazed at Jan across the yard, telling me how wonderful she is and sounding awestruck at his fortune of finding her and being together.

It made my heart happy to know Chuck had such a wonderful lifemate. The news of Chuck felt like someone had hit me in the stomach. It does not seem possible. My heart aches for Jan and the boys. If there is anything I can do…… Elaine Lambert.

He knew what moved and he knew what grooved. For me it was once heard, never forgotten and judging by the tributes here it was once met, never forget.

He has made a difference in all our lives. Goodbye Chuck. Bernard Madden. My brother had wanted to see a nice jazz band in a smoke filled room, Jazz style, we went, having NO idea of what to expect, had not heard of this band before, or their musical style…we were hooked.

And the Jazz? The show, the band, we were amazed, smoky Jazz, circus rock, and tons of fun. My rbother gained family and re-located, thus I lost my colorblind travel companion…. I saw Chuck mingling in the crowd, but never approached him to chat, but our eyes caught and he checked the shirt out. I could tell by the look and the nod, that even after the years and poeple, he recognised me from those days of fun.

Russ Daykin. I was at the very first Dylan party in 85? Having that night was one of those ways that Chuck could have that twinkle in his eyes, smile of joy, totally focusing on someone else on his own birthday.

Chuck was at my house once. Steve Greene was there. Never dreamed I would not have the chance. When will I ever learn that life is short. Losing Chuck so suddenly has kept me thinking of nothing but Jan, Jon, Mark, Paul, and everybody I know that loved himHow can we carry on the great love and generous spirit of Chuck? How can we live as if each day could be our last?

Elaine Heveron. I probably saw the band 60 or 70 times in a 10 year period, and every show offered up someting new, something original, something fun. When I asked him to come and be on Rochester Sessions, a show I was hosting at the time, he agreed immediately and soon became our favorite guest.

Interviewing Chuck was like talking to an old friend: Comfortable, fun, relaxing. He was that special that everyone wanted to be up with the band to have some of that Colorblind James magic. In my opinion, Bob had nothing over Chuck: His words were honest, his themes curious, his insight keen. And above all that, he was always accesible.

If I wanted to talk about one of his songs, or anything else, he was approachable and always had a warm greeting. He sent me some CDs recently.

And there is no doubt in my mind that somebody loves you in heaven. Mike Baldwin. What an honor to be recognized and included by a man of talent and creative energy. Chuck, I will miss you here on this earth. Thank you for your gifts and your music. Save me a spot on the bandstand. I will think of you every time I get up to shake that thing! Leigh and I are playing again. Do you mind if we cover Dance Critters? Peter Nabut. From Mare in Boston, love and thanks to Chuck and the many wonderful people whose lives he brightened.

Mary Freed. Lanay DePalma. Untried; it is but the first salutation to the possibilities of the immence Remote, the Wild, the Watery, the Unshored. Too bad we never got to form the Moby Dick reading group. Thanks for your kindness. Steve Michener. I first met him through music, but not his own. We were both in a tape club, and exchanged several homemade compilations of whatever we were listening to. When I heard some Colorblind tunes on other peoples tapes, I began to understand that, for Chuck, there were no musical barriers.

As is clear here, there were no human barriers either. Reb Butler. I found out today a great man was behind the music. The man rocks the xylophone. Thanks for the good times. Gary Secor.

David Millians. To all the friends of Chuck Cuminale — In loving memory of Chuck, friends of the family want to create a T-shirt to highlight the best of the wonderful lyrics, with the idea that we want to continue his legacy — todo what he always taught us to do in his unassuming way- be kind to each other.

The design will include a picture of Chuck — we really liked the one from the website that was used at the memorial service. On the back, we want to list snippets of his lyrics — the ones that promote his message.

Rachel Miller. Like the Dalai Lama, Chuck was one of those rare people whose presence on the planet makes us all feel better, happier, inspired. I only heard the sad news today, read it in the Ithaca Journal. Words cannot express my tears today. I am so sorry. The true measure of a life well lived is how long and how deeply it reverberates. I was a long distance devotee of the CBJE.

Fledgling Circus. What a blast! Some deaths, like some lives, bring people together. For the loss of someone like Chuck, we need to come together with others who know how significant that loss is. I know my grief is a tiny pond compared to your ocean.

May the waves treat you gently. Kate Roper. People the world over have had a Colorblind James Experience. Some people have known it and experienced it. Others have just experienced it, by living their lives. Whether they have known it or not. Maybe they were the other Bob the whole time. The people who peopled his songs, The people who were persons in his life, he reminded us that we were all Just people, even Jesus, was a Just person.

Chuck spoke and sang with the compassion and vision of a saint Like a prophet he spoke to each of us, some heard, some heard not. But he was no saint, he was no prophet.

Chuck was Chuck. Chuck was Colorblind. Was Chuck colorblind? Maybe, Maybe not. We knew, however, his view of the world was different. He helped us see the world differently, He would stop the music. Like a Buddhist moment of awareness, he offered it to us, to look at the world for what it was for what it is. We look at the world differently because of Chuck. Many of Chucks songs struck chords in me. I realized his lyrics were poetry, what ever that meant. I suppose he helped me see that every word spoken or written could have deeper power, could have deeper meaning.

It was part of a learning process for me that every word, every action, every reaction, could have deeper meaning. We just have to stop and let life start again. Marching in Selma. He died of bee sting he died.

Yet not blind pride. Colorblind pride. Humble pride. Chuck, I remember the times we played softball. Chuck, I remember your playing at my wedding. You and the band cooked up one of the most kick ass versions of Ha-va-na-geela the world has ever known, thank you. Chuck, I remember our talks, sometimes in passing, sometimes stopping, sharing more than a moment. Chuck we have been blessed to have known you. We have been blessed to have shared in your experience.

Chuck we will miss you. The music has stopped, But I know it will start again. Jan, If you read this, I want you to know you are in my prayers, in my thoughts. As a father myself, I can imagine the many times your father shared his love with you; I can imagine how many times he has been proud of you.

Your dad was quite a guy Bruce Handelman. He was a great counselor and a great friend. I know that all his clients deeply miss him as much as I do. Everyday I went to YAC and looked out the doors of the conference room I would just happen to see his face. He would always have a smile on his face.

I know that this is a very tragic and devastating loss for his family. But this is also a shock for everyone that was close to him. I knew Chuck as a counceler and most of all as a friend. I could tell him anything that I needed to tell him and he would listen and help me overcome things.

Everytime that I would talk to him he would never be sad or even mad. He had a kind, gentle, and warming heart. I always looked forward to talking to Chuck after YAC because he would always listen to me and give me advice on how to fix my problems.

Sometimes I would just talk to him about computers. Sometimes I try not to think it happened to Chuck but then reality kicks in and reality hurts.

I have lost a lot of people in my life and it hurts a lot. Some people even think about it for months and years. Michael Sablosky. This feels like some kind of benchmark; some kind of an end of an era. He left a powerful epitaph. Jason L. Continue to send your peaceful ways to us. Later on, to my delight found out you still played in Rochester, and what was better it was at the club I bartended at in Trumansburg, the Rongovian Embassy.

Later years when i became the talent booker at the Rongo, I would realize that it had been too long since you had graced our club with your presence. I would call you and ask, and you were always sweetly compliant. Your shows there were always highly prized by those in the know. High class, fine musicianship, unmatched grace and humility, and a constant stream of unique amusement emanated from your stages.

Clearly also from your heart. I am devastated to lose you, and my thoughts are with your family, your band, and all of those who you touched. Four Horsemen 7. Euphoria Jones 8. Behind the Times 9. The Wives of hte Saints Johnah and the Whale Funky West Side Daniel in the Lion's Den Kojack Chair Death Fears No Man.

Guiding Light 2. Stranger 3. You Need Somebody on Your Side 4. I Saved Your Life 5. Back to Life 6. Maybe I will 7. I Could Be your Guide 8. I'll Never Get Tired 9. Evil Mask See if I Care The Pin Boy's Life But those obstacles seemed to pale in comparison to the extremely color-oriented world that Andrew was going to face in kindergarten.

Andrew can usually recognize a vibrant red or green but not lighter or duller hues. For instance, he can tell you the fire truck is red, but if you ask him to draw a picture of it, he could easily choose a brown crayon. Andrew made me a Valentine with a beautiful heart colored with forest green. He drew a pickle with a brown crayon. Sometimes those rosy faces he loves to draw are actually lime green. The most important goal for me, and for any parent I think, is to have a happy, confident child.

I was never concerned that colorblindness itself would be extremely limiting for Andrew. However, I did recognize that it had the potential to do some serious damage to his self-confidence. How many times already was he told he was wrong when he chose a color, or completed a pattern, or moved to a space on a game board?

It might not seem catastrophic to an adult, but to a child these repeated situations can be disturbing. The solution was awareness. I told Andrew matter-of-factly that he had a special way of seeing colors. I told him that if he was ever confused about colors, he could just say so, and ask for help. I let Andrew know that there were many people who were colorblind, including his grandfather. When the family was together, we talked about it casually. Andrew was put at ease because we treated as an interesting circumstance, and not as an earth-shattering condition.

When Andrew started kindergarten, I wrote a letter to his teacher to let her know that he was colorblind, and explained some of the ways that he could confuse colors. I did at least want her to understand right away if Andrew told her he was confused. I followed up with a conference without Andrew and pointed out some of the areas in the classroom that might be a problem.

She reacted very positively, and promised to keep an open mind when it came to Andrew and colors. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Track Listing. Colorblind James Experience. The German Girls. A Different Bob. First Day of Spring. Walking My Camel Home.

An utterly perfect crackerjack of an album -- the Colorblind James Experience throw a cocked eye at country music of all stripes, resulted in a manic, cartoony collection of songs that sound like Raymond Scott throwing a hootenanny in an downtown Manhattan bar. The centerpiece track, "Considering a Move to Memphis," received the alternative airplay in , but, in some ways, it's dissimilar.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of I Could Be Your Guide on Discogs. Label: Death Valley Records (4) - DV • Format: CD • Country: US • Genre: Rock • The Colorblind James Experience - I Could Be Your Guide (, CD) | Discogs5/5(1).
  2. Aug 29,  · Explore releases from The Colorblind James Experience at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Colorblind James Experience at the Discogs Marketplace.
  3. Colorblind James Experience: I Could Be Your Guide: CD Label: Death Valley Records Record No: Dv Release Date: Personnel: Colorblind James – Rita Coulter – Gary Holt – Ethan Lyons – Charles Jaffe – Jim McAvaney – Tommy Tramontana.
  4. The Colorblind James experience was a real of the first songs that I learned on the accordion was the Colorblind’s version of The St. James infirmary with that great solo part. Although I didn’t know Chuck-his presence was beautiful and clear and amazing, a pillar of creative stuff, -very God for him during.
  5. Colorblind James Experience were an American alternative roots/pop/rock band founded in in Rochester, New York, United States. Bandleader and singer/songwriter/guitarist "Colorblind" James Charles Cuminale was originally from Rochester, New York, but assembled early versions of what would become the Experience in Oswego, New York, before relocating to San Francisco, California.
  6. Nov 10,  · Over at Jez' place the topic of the most wonderful Colorblind James Experience came up a few days ago and the tune Jez posted seem to have struck chord with a few people. Now, early stuff from The Colorblind James Experience is not terribly easy to get hold of these days, but luckily I remembered that somewhere I still have a cassette of their.
  7. I first heard Colorblind James in the early 90s on John Peel's radio show and recorded their live session. Their songs have always stuck with me, particularly Ride Board and Considering a Move to Memphis. Whenever I want to listen to good musicianship with whimsical lyrics then it's either They Might Be Giants or the Colourblind James Experience.

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