Los Cucos Curtidos (Ingemar Stalholm Remix) - Myniciush - Los Cucos Curtidos (File)

Music Jul 26, Read Full Article. You may also like. What to Read Next. Purportedly the final single from the forthcoming project. Complete with pronounced Air unit bubbles. Flowing like molten lava through your soul, these smooth grooves chug along with subtle eruptions of volcanic fervor.

Mazel Source, Ingemar Stalholm, and Revy arise from the techno ashes with their own unique takes on each track. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, tomzn, magma ep, mazel source, ingemar stalholm, revy, techno, minimal, deep, Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, hemiptera, piltdown sound, bleupulp, revy, techno, minimal, experimental, Ingemar makes a grand return to our label with this 46 minute continuous journey into microscopic and dynamic soundscapes. Riding the fine line between meticulous and incidental, this unpredictable album unfolds like liquid origami bristling with organic static.

Even the track titles resonate with futurist poetics in this inspiring session, rich with techno grit and glitched out daydreams. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, ingemar stalholm, techno, glitch, deep, minimal, experimental, idm, ambient, As the moon turns blood red and the witching season nears, the prolific netaudio warlock DJ L'embrouille brings you a haunting trilogy of dark matter, designed for only the freakiest of festivities.

Dim the lights and let the chaos commence! Topics: netlabel, dj mix, techno, experimental, dub, minimal, bleepsequence. It's not easy to encapsulate the glory of open skies and mountainous landscapes, but Spotovsky brings forth his best effort to do so with this beautiful album Chapora, his first foray into the Bleepsequence universe. Get yourself into an epic mood, and enjoy your travels through swirls of deep dub techno and atmospheric jungle.

Topics: techno, minimal, dub techno, tech house, jungle, dubstep, drum and bass, deep techno, deep dub. Revy's first encounter with this unruly jamband of extra terrestrials was in Upon returning to Earth, the collected data was throughly researched for several years, and with the help of his fellow crew mates to reanalyze, it was eventually collectively agreed upon that the field results were incomprehensible and utterly nonsensical.

Naturally, it was a perfect piece for releasing on bleepsequence. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, revy, techno, minimal, experimental, techouse, weird, abstract, deep, time Looking for meaning between the nanoseconds? If time keeps everything from happening all at once, what happens within the innerworkings and structures of time itself? In a sea of numbers you soon may find yourself in the sounds of Time Fortress. We invite you to enjoy these ponderous pieces while the minutes and hours melt away into twilight Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, time fortress, time for trees, techno, minimal, house, techouse, glitch, Initial findings were surprisingly accurate at reproducing the documented effects of established products; however, a significant number of tests resulted in variations that provided evidence of naturally-occuring mutations.

These findings were Topics: bleepsequence, netlabel, applied research, will azada, techno, minimal, experimental, hypnotic, The Colombian downtempo duo returns to our catalog along with a new partner in sound, Erimus. The three of them have crafted an exquisite exercise in sonic storytelling, rich with texture and crackly ambience. Life moves in time stretched slow motion while these surreal extended pieces melt away your perceptions of reality.

Topics: bleepsequence, netlabel, myniciush, erimus, downtempo, ambient, binaural, techno, minimal, dub, Our 22nd release comes to you dripping with atmosphere and soaked in tweaked out grit, carefully extracted from the murky depths of a live pa session by Leonel Jacquier.

These four aquatic gems will inspire scuba diving excursions through the plasmatic fluid of those cranial caverns you have yet to explore. Label wrangler Revy's contribution throws it all into a blurry box of saturated canyon footage and a dense 9 minute audiovisual session. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, leonel jacquier, enter seas, techno, minimal, dub, glitch, experimental.

On a balmy August night in Atlanta, Revy was welcomed warmly by the Heat crew into their monthly party Thermal. Needless to say, the Lava Lounge began to melt away in a haze of surreal pulsations and tequila fueled percussion edits. Luckily, this recording survived the high temperatures. Topics: revy, techno, live, experimental, Atlanta, ableton, minimal, glitch, techouse. Aquatic pads, skittering percussions, and deep bass pulsations collide in this release from the gentleman behind pertin-nce netlabel, Bleupulp.

This assortment of richly textured dub techno will envelop you in its deep atmospheric embrace and warm your soul on a cold winter's night.

Remixes include an edgier interpretation from Revy, and a spaced out bass heavy mechanical groove from newcomer Nitz. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, bleupulp, nitz, revy, techno, minimal, experimental, glitch, dub, dub techno, Some reflections take time to process.

Windmill Watcher was first spawned as part of the first interpretations of an experience in Kosuge, Japan, ultimately released on the hibernating Stereo-Type netlabel. Over the course of the two years to follow, Revy recruited a handful of the bleepsequence crew to submit their own twisted takes on the source material: percussive field recordings, oddly pulsating synths, blaxploitation samples, and vocal work from Aera, who has also contributed the Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, revy, aera, le jockey, lil piggy, paulice, jay phonic, remix, idm, As you barrel down the subway tunnels of your subconscious, you can't help but ponder the dualistic natures of reality.

Shunsuke's contribution to the growing data supplies of bleepsequence provide a visceral accompaniment to such deep thoughts. This two sided release ranges in feelings from peacefully meditative and sublime, to downright frightening and disorienting. Topics: blpsq, bleepsequence, shunsuke akimoto, jay phonic, revy, techno, experimental, minimal, deep, The mysterious Sven Fez creeps into your subconscious with this emotional and gripping mix. Tastefully nestled into the gray areas between minimal techno and progressive, he's crafted a canvas dripping with lush haunting melodies and framed by driven basslines, into what he calls the Sound of the Final Season.

Topics: minimal, techno, techouse, netlabel, house, progressive, mix. SanthiAgo takes a break from running the helm at Soluxion Netlabel to bring a kind of literary work to us at the bleep side of moon. If only all audio books had such a introspective soundtrack Durcheinander and Sloxxx provide their own low slung and devious versions, and Adriano concludes the final chapter with a flourish of optimism..

Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, santhiago, soluxion, durcheinander, sloxxx, adriano, mirabile, techno, Jay Phonic returns to the virtual blpsq decks with a vengeance! This time around he brings an edgy selection of acidic and aggressive rhythms while retaining smooth and steady control. Topics: bleepsequence, blpsq, mix, Jay Phonic, dj set, techno, acid, minimal, glitch, techouse, netlabel, One of our contributing artists and great friends, Paul Zyla Relative Q , suffered from a serious brain aneurysm in July He is still undergoing rehabilitation, but we are truly happy to still have him residing on this planet with us.

In an effort to help sustain the costs of medical expenses and other incidentals, all donations for this album will benefit Paul and his partner Tobin. You can select an amount by naming your price while downloading from our bandcamp page Topics: bleepsequence, techno, minimal, compilation, benefit, house, deep techno, glitch, experimental, Invitado el Lun Ago 22, am. Invitado el Mar Ago 23, am. Invitado el Vie Ago 26, am. Invitado el Lun Sep 05, am. Invitado el Jue Sep 08, pm.

Invitado el Vie Sep 09, am. Contenido patrocinado. Aki os dejo un video del cuco Lorquino y dar a conocer un poco mas sobre esta raza muy antigua! Invitado Invitado. Estos sique son palomos con buenas hechuras para el vuelo y lodemas son cuentos. Hay gente que le gusta y otros ke no,eso es normal Si te gusta los clases igual ke yo es normal que los vea distinto ya que son palomos mas bien de cola plana y carence de cuello,sin embargo las alas te diria que yo vi pocos palomos con esa flexibilidad y repunteos de alas

Los soneros de ayer. El Magnifico, Cuco Valoy con Los Virtuosos, Discolor, Cuco Valoy y Los Virtuosos 1. Sisi y Ricardo 2. Dona vereda 3. Entonces nuestro amor 4. Joven 5. La vida de mi modo 6.

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  1. Omar Banos (born June 26, ), better known by his stage name CUCO, is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter from Hawthorne, California. He was born in Inglewood, CA and raised.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Salsa Con Coco on Discogs.
  3. Descubre ediciones, críticas, créditos, canciones y mucho más acerca de Cuco Sanchez - Y Las Canciones De Agustin Lara en Discogs. Completa tu colección de Cuco Sanchez.
  4. Use CUCO - LO QUE SIENTO and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality.
  5. Sep 17,  · Myniciush - Los Cucos Curtidos (Andrés Marcos Crossing the Woods Remix) () Myniciush - Retrato de un Estafermo (m_Patcher Edit) () Myniciush - Las Botas de las Siete Lenguas (Bobo Lo At Nature's Will Remix) () Myniciush - Los Cucos Curtidos (Ingemar Stalholm Remix) () Myniciush - Bonus Ambient Collage (by .
  6. La Curiosidad Remix Letra: This is the remix, (This is the remix), Ehhhh, Pretty boy, Pretty boy baby. Baby, es que me mata la curiosidad y ya quiero probar tu cuerpo, Hacertelo lento, Baby. Por que no te atreves?, Si yo se que quieres, Y mas.
  7. Aki os dejo un video del cuco Lorquino y dar a conocer un poco mas sobre esta raza muy antigua! un saludo El Cuco lorquino from yonis ''El Gabina'' on Vimeo.
  8. "Yo llegué, vi el bollo y yo cogí, me apoyé en el escritorio. Estaba todo mareado, empecé a sudar vamos, una paranoia. Cogieron a la niña la llevaron para fuera yo me quede ahí en el .

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