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It does little good to ask the reason for it. Earth is what one might call a weeping planet. Laughter can be heard here and there, but by and large, weeping predominates. With maturity the sound and reason for crying changes, but never does it stop. All infants do it everywhere—even in public. By adulthood most crying is done alone and in the dark. Weeping, for babies, is a sign of health and evidence that they are alive. In all instances, it means to feel something deeply and strongly.

Jesus was moved with profound sorrow at the death of his friend and at the grief that his other friends had suffered. In addition, this sorrow was intermixed with anger at the evil of death. Not only was Jesus deeply moved, but John says that He was deeply moved in His spirit when He witnessed the palpable grief around Him. This grief is a human reality felt by His Human spirit , but life and resurrection are divine realities the Holy Spirit.

Death is a devastating reality of humanity. It happens to us all — our own mortality — and to those around us, yet with its unwavering commonality, it does not make it any easier to experience. When a death is tragic, like a child dying from cancer, the goodness of God can be put into question. Even with perfectly good intentions, these sentiments may trigger the grieving. It could also cause them to move further away from God to think, in the midst of losing a loved one, that God caused the most devastating and negative thing to happen to them.

It creates animosity and strife. Dusky on John Christ needs us to believe. Kumah g. Jesus wept because the community did not believe in him, yet Martha and Mary said had He were to be there their brother would not have died. FrancaGold on John My Jesus wept from my own point of view is because Jesus while on earth took human being nature even though he was the Son of God and never sined.

Kaior O James on John Skate on John He wept because he knew the suffering of those such as myself many years to come. Anonymous on John Our Lord wept differently in these two instances because the eternal outcomes were entirely different. Martha, Mary, and Lazarus had eternal life because they believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, but most in Jerusalem did not believe and therefore did not have life. Share this page on:. Find Out How to

Nov 01,  · Jesus Wept Because He Knew the Imminent Cost of Sin A third reason for weeping was the cost that he was about to pay to purchase not only Lazarus’ short-term resurrection, but his everlasting life. The cross was just days away and no one really knew the inner distress (Luke ) Jesus was experiencing.

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  1. (35) Jesus weptThe word is different from that which is used to express weeping in John ; but this latter is used of our Lord in Luke The present word means not the cry of lamentation nor the wail of excessive grief, but the calm shedding of tears.
  2. Jan 02,  · Jesus wept (John ) when He gathered with the sisters and others mourning Lazarus’s death. Jesus did not weep over the death itself since He knew Lazarus would soon be raised and ultimately spend eternity with Him in heaven.
  3. What is meant by "Jesus wept"? εδακρυσεν (edakrusen) means “to tear up in the eye” or “to shed tears.” By contrast, the Greek verb translated "weeping" in John for the others is κλαιοντας (klaiontas), which means “to wail.” So Jesus "wept" as in shedding tears while the people around Him were wailing.
  4. My Jesus wept from my own point of view is because Jesus while on earth took human being nature even though he was the Son of God and never sined. John so he felts for our pains, our emotions, our burdens etc at humans we pass through on earth just like mary and martha.
  5. Sep 14,  · Jesus wept after speaking with Lazarus’ grieving sisters, Martha and Mary, and seeing all the mourners. That seems natural enough. Most of us would have wept too. Except that Jesus had come to.
  6. Jun 09,  · Jesus loved His friend, Lazarus, and wept at his death. Jesus loved His city, Jerusalem, and wept at the thought of its demise. Jesus hated sin and wept, knowing the high price He would pay to redeem mankind.
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  9. Jesus wept - It has been remarked that this is the shortest verse in the Bible; but it is exceedingly important and tender. It shows the Lord Jesus as a friend, a tender friend, and evinces his character as a man. And from this we learn: 1.

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