I Could Try - Bop And Soul Sextt - Hydrogen Bond (CD)

As I've written in the disclaimer above, this is a mix of canon and non-canon events, and some of the canon events may happen a little differently or in a different order, as I intended them to be. So, to all those that read this fanfic and reviewed when I first started writing and posting, thank you for all the support and comments, both lovely and kind, and harsh and critical as they've helped me to become a better writer.

And to all those that are reading this for the first time, I hope you all enjoy, though I won't be offended if you don't, not all things can appeal to the tastes of everyone.

Hermione sat still, gaping at the strange lady wearing the tweed suit. Correction, she was gaping at a tabby cat that used to be a strange lady wearing a tweed suit. At first, she believed this woman to have a few screws loose, but when she turned into a tabby cat in front of her eyes, she was so surprised she was speechless, and that wasn't a common occurrence as most would agree.

Professor McGonagall transformed back into a woman with a slight smug yet stern look on her face. That never gets old, thought an amused Professor McGonagall, as she sat waiting patiently for the news to be digested by the eleven-year-old witch sitting opposite her.

Hermione was brought out of doing a rather impressive impression of a fish when her parents, Jean and Richard Granger walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray of tea and a saucer of biscuits. Hermione noticed that they were the biscuits that are reserved for visitors and visitors only, and she learned that lesson the hard way when she had been six-years-old. You eat one biscuit and get your favourite book taken away for a week, but what do you expect when both your parents are dentists?

Hermione mused to herself. Finally, the silence was broken once Jean and Richard took their seats on either side of their only daughter, wearing proud yet apprehensive expressions on their faces. Hermione was glad her Mother had asked this question as she was curious and wanted to know herself. Granger is a witch that is not born from magical parents, but rather muggles.

Muggles are what magical beings call those who do not possess magic, such as yourself," Professor McGonagall explained. All eyes were trained on the Professor as she answered. Squibs are born from magical parents but they hardly possess any magic or a magical core, as such, they generally live their lives in this world, without magic.

As I've previously explained, Muggleborns are born from two muggle parents; however, it is believed that the magic gene that is in a Muggleborn has been passed down from a Squib, meaning it's highly likely that you have a Squib as one of your ancestors on either the side of the family tree. Finally, Purebloods are born to both magical parents that have a lineage of magic that can be traced back to multiple generations for at least the last couple hundred years and they don't have any muggle ancestry in their bloodline," she finished, taking a delicate sip of her tea.

Hermione decided to ask the question that had been bothering her since the professor's arrival and she squared her shoulders and lifted her head, looking Professor McGonagall in the eye and never wavering. Professor McGonagall noticed her behaviour and let a small smile appear on her usually stern face but it was gone within moments. She would bet her last galleon on it.

Are you certain that you have the correct person and haven't made a mistake? Hermione and her parents exchanged knowing looks with her parents showing laughter in their eyes. When you were younger you had spouts of accidental magic that was caused by certain strong feelings and emotions. All magical children have these when growing up before attending Hogwarts. Once you have obtained your wand, these bursts of magic will stop and be contained.

These magical outbursts are recorded by the Ministry of Magic and a file will be made for you and you are now considered to be a member of the Wizarding World. This is how we know that you are a witch. The professor spoke with such surety that Hermione had no choice but to trust she was telling her the truth. The conversation between the professor and the Granger parents continued. Hermione sat taking it all in, the more Professor McGonagall had explained, the more it made sense.

This is why I feel different, why I don't fit in anywhere, why strange things happen to and around me. Even at home with my parents. I've always felt like something's been missing from my life, a missing part of me. Hydrogen bonding , interaction involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of other atoms having a high affinity for electrons ; such a bond is weaker than an ionic bond or covalent bond but stronger than van der Waals forces.

Hydrogen bonds can exist between atoms in different molecules or in parts of the same molecule. The other atom of the pair, also typically F, N, or O, has an unshared electron pair, which gives it a slight negative charge. Mainly through electrostatic attraction, the donor atom effectively shares its hydrogen with the acceptor atom, forming a bond.

Because of its extensive hydrogen bonding, water H 2 O is liquid over a far greater range of temperatures that would be expected for a molecule of its size.

Water is also a good solvent for ionic compounds and many others because it readily forms hydrogen bonds with the solute. In biology, intramolecular hydrogen bonding is partly responsible for the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures of proteins and nucleic acids. The hydrogen bonds help the proteins and nucleic acids form and maintain specific shapes. Boundless vets and curates high-quality, openly licensed content from around the Internet. This particular resource used the following sources:.

Skip to main content. Liquids and Solids. We at StudyOrgo have extensive experience instructing principles and reaction mechanisms frequently covered in Organic Chemistry. Sign up today for clear, detailed explanations of over Orgo Chem reactions and reviews on conceptual topics! Physical properties of molecules such as boiling and melting point, solubility and reactivity, are affected by the functional groups that make up the molecule.

This can be explained by analyzing the type of intermolecular forces that are experienced between molecules. Because these forces are not covalent, intermolecular forces are determined by the intensity of electrostatic forces which is what makes up each type of intermolecular force.

Share hydrogen bond Post the Definition of hydrogen bond to Facebook Share the Definition of hydrogen bond on Twitter. Time Traveler for hydrogen bond The first known use of hydrogen bond was in See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near hydrogen bond hydrogenase hydrogenate hydrogen bomb hydrogen bond hydrogen bromide hydrogen chloride hydrogen cyanide See More Nearby Entries.

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Nov 11,  · OK a bit of confusion here I think. A hydrogen bond is an intermolecular bond - it occurs between different molecules not in one molecule. c-o-h is capable of forming h bonds with another c-o-h where the hydrogen will coordinate with the oxygen in another molecule. Oxygen has two lone pairs - It can participate in coordination of two hydrogens.

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  1. Jan 18,  · Hydrogen bond HBS song I could try Galactic blues Buy the CD at misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.co Arranged and composed by Maxime Blésin. With: HANS VAN OOSTERHOUT: drums SAL LA.
  2. Bop and Soul Sextt: Hydrogen Bond: Record Labels: Orfena Music: Pascal Mohy-Piano: Sal La Rocca-Double bass: Hans Van Oosterhout-Drums Bands: Bop and Soul Sextt Tracks: 1. Look at this 2. HBS song 7. I could try 8. Galactic blues All compositions by Maxime Blésin.
  3. Jul 05,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Leaves in Windy Weather · Bop and Soul Sextt Hydrogen Bond ℗ Orfena Music Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  4. Hydrogen Bond. Hydrogen bonds are a type of dipole-dipole interaction formed between the proton of a group X-H, where X is an electronegative atom, and other electronegative atoms (Y) containing a pair of nonbonded electrons. From: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action (Second Edition),
  5. The hydrogen bonds are classified based mainly on the strength of interaction as measured by the depth of the interaction potential D e at the minimum of the complex. Usually three classes are distinguished: weak, moderate, and strong bonds, with energetic boundaries at about 2 and 15 kcal/mol. The weak hydrogen bonds involve less polar X-H groups in proton donors, like C-H .
  6. The hydrogen bond is an interaction involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of other atoms having a high affinity for electrons such as nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine. It is an electrostatic attraction between two polar groups. This occurs when a hydrogen atom (H) is bound to a highly electronegative atom such as nitrogen (N), oxygen (O.
  7. A hydrogen bond (often informally abbreviated H-bond) is a partial intermolecular bonding interaction between a lone pair on an electron rich donor atom, particularly the second-row elements nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), or fluorine (F), and the antibonding molecular orbital of a bond between hydrogen (H) and a more electronegative atom or group. Such an interacting system .
  8. Hydrogen bonding, interaction involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of other atoms having a high affinity for electrons; such a bond is weaker than an ionic bond or covalent bond but stronger than van der Waals misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.coen bonds can exist between atoms in different molecules or in parts of the same molecule. One atom of the pair (the donor), generally a .

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