Gamemasters who choose to rule that certain Force Powers are unavailable by default can use Holocrons to reintroduce "Lost" Force Powers from the past. Alternatively, some mechanically inclined Gamemasters wish to create new Force Powers of their own; a Holocron provides an excellent vehicle for introducing brand-new Force Powers into the game.

Typically, a Holocron can include as many new Force Powers as the Gamemaster feels necessary. Possession of a Holocron doesn't necessarily guarantee access to the Force Powers within, but when a hero in possession of such a Holocron takes the Force Training Feat, the Gamemaster can choose to open up one or two new Force Powers for the hero to add to his or her Force Power Suite.

Though the Gamemaster is free to make all of the new Force Powers within the Holocron available at once, doling out new Force Powers one at a time over a series of levels can help maintain the Holocron's presence as an important aspect of the hero's study of The Force , and can prolong the rewards for continued training. A Holocron can also be used to introduce Retraining for existing heroes.

Tutelage under a Holocron can represent a hero rebuilding his or her knowledge of The Force from the ground up; in essence, one "Unlearns what one has learned" as the Gatekeeper of the Holocron rebuilds the hero's Force skills at a fundamental level.

Perhaps a player is unhappy with their character's selection of Force Powers , or has decided to take their character in a different direction.

Whatever the reason, the player of a Jedi or Force Prodigy hero might need to rebuild their character using different mechanics, and the Holocron can provide a good reason for doing so. Periods of downtime between adventures can provide the opportunity for Retraining Much as the heroes of the films evolve significantly between each episode. However, Holocrons can offer more immediate rebuilding methods.

In general, a character in possession of a Holocron should be able to trade out one Force Power for another Or one Force Talent for another during a significant period of downtime.

The exact time needed for the character to study the new ability is up to the Gamemaster, but it should take longer to Retrain a Force Power than to make a jump through hyperspace.

Typically, Holocrons are of little use in combat. Some scholars claim the six-sided cube of the Jedi represents a more modern and advanced version of the original four- and five-sided pyramids favored by the Sith, though hard evidence for this idea is scarce A Jedi Knight will receive this codex as part of the quest Enemy Force on the Planet Tython A Jedi Consular will receive this codex at the end of the quest The Path of a Jedi on the Planet Tython.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. Note that if you used a cheat code to unlock and save the costume you normally earn from a holocron, that holocron will be missing from the game. One of the second level walkways has this easy one. Doubel jump from the sloped supports on the ground to get there.

Holocron 2 -- TIE Hangar. This is on the middle walkway -- the one above the center TIE launch rail. Use the tail fin of the crashed shuttle to get the height you need. Holocron 3 -- Corridor to flight tower. A look at your mini-map shows that one door is essentially a dead end.

That's the one with the holocron you want. If Juno contacts you about a TIE squadron being scrambled, you've gone too far ahead. Holocron 4 -- Flight tower. The lower level of the flight tower has a holocron buried amidst the cargo crates.

Check the area around the central tower and the lift that takes you up one level for the goodie. Can't miss a giant floating boullion cube that glows in the dark. Holocron 5 -- Flight tower.

The upper level. After taking the lift, one door leads to the control room area, the other to a platform leading nowhere. Opt for the dead and examine cargo boxes for the holocron. Holocron 6 -- Flight tower, upper gantry. Having taken the lift to the upper gantry, and fetched 4 and 5 , you'll cross over a second broken bridge to leave this zone. There is a holocron from where the enemy spawns monster closet just past the break in the bridge. Holocron 7 -- Wing Assembly moving.

The upper catwalk of this zone has an easily seen holocron. Holocron 8 -- Wing Assembly moving. Above the small control room of this zone. Again, easily seen if you move high enough using the lift. Holocron 9 -- Wing Assembly broken. Atop one of the many bent TIE wings in this zone. Holocron 10 -- Wing Assembly broken.

On the highest catwalk, above the exit from this zone. You will need to employ Force Grip to insert at least one TIE wing from the floor into one of the wing support slots to be able to cover that double jump distance.

Holocron 11 -- Cockpit assembly. Before you reach the laser field in this zone, there are some enemy spawn rooms lining the sides of the bottom level. Check out the ones in the middle halfway between the save point and the laser field for a holocron.

Holocron 12 -- Cockpit assembly. Disable the laser field midway through the cockpit assembly zone. There is one holocron hidden amidst the power coils in the laser field generator's room. Holocron 13 -- Cockpit assembly.

There is one holocron in one of the monster closets in the laser field generator's room. Holocron 14 -- Cockpit assembly. Past the laser field, the second half of the assembly zone has more enemy spawn rooms on the lower level of the assembly line.

Like 11, check those small rooms for this holocron. Holocron 15 -- Cockpit assembly. Right by the exit ramp from this zone. If Juno chats about Kota being "right above you", you've gone too far ahead. Raxus Prime - 15 holocrons Holocron 1 -- Insertion zone before entering the hyperdrive coil.

After igniting the first jet engine and before encountering the second engine , you're forced to go left, raise a platform and cross over to start ripping off the faces of Rodian scavenger bastards. A holocron will be floating just above some hyperdrive coolant, under a small square foothold. His now blinded master, Kanan, being concerned about the holocron's influence on Ezra, took it away from him.

He later gave it to The Bendu as a "gift" after helping him see using the Force despite being blind. Maul demanded Ezra and Kanan to give him back the Sith holocron in order not to kill the rest of the crew. So, in order to save their friends, Ezra and Kanan, went back to Atollon in order to get back the holocron from Bendu.

Having recovered it, they went to meet with Maul, who had managed to locate Kanan's Jedi Holocron aboard the Ghost, yet failed to open it. If you need a cheaper chip, a smaller or more specialized footprint, then you can still do it. In any case, for this project -- if you chose to follow my footsteps in NeoPixels -- all that is needed is an Arduino compatible, a USB cable, and the free download of the Arduino software.

And then you download the NeoPixel library. And, in my case, the CapSense library found at the Arduino Playground. To get a little interactivity, we can add a button. Or a sensor. In this case, by adding capacitance sensing we turn the entire top surface of the Holocron into a button. I had hoped to get centimeters of range, but it doesn't appear possible through three thicknesses of acrylic.

Plus, the sensitivity changes depending on whether the Holocron is connected thus, grounded to a computer. So to prevent false triggers, the capsense is dialed down to where you need to lightly touch the surface before it will fire. At that point the Holocron does a little light show -- as if the presence of a Force-Sensitive has awoken it -- then after thirty seconds or so fades back to the usual soft glow. The AVR chips can do capacitance sensing natively.

Atmel even has a free library. The way the library works, the "send" pin is used to trickle a charge to the receive pin through a large resistor. The time it takes that pin to reach threshold is dependent on the RC value; hence, adding the capacitance of a human body changes it. WIth a resistor of 1 meg, actual touch is required. With ten meg ohms, you can trigger from a few inches away, and with more than that, you can push it out to a foot or more. Unfortunately, this also increases the sense time, and to keep the rest of the circuit running smoothly I found it was better to stay with a mid-range value.

Once the Holocron was completely assembled, I had to tweak the sensitivity -- by going back and changing one of the params in the software.

For my Holocron, I wanted to be able to display it without a computer attached. Which means batteries. And since you don't want to be opening it every few days to change the batteries, it should recharge automatically whenever it is connected to a computer.

Simple enough. And, yes, the thumb drive and Trinket and charger will all work simultaneously, without interference. That was one of the first things I checked. Only the power and ground leads need to be connected.

This is really a bit elaborate for the project at hand, but as with the NeoPixels, I wanted to try this kind of rechargeable circuit. And what I've found here may be of use to you as well; if not in a Holocron, then in another project.

It might be annoying to be streaming a movie off your fancy new flash drive and have this glowing rotating light on your desktop right beside the screen. It also might be nice to save the batteries when you've got the thing in a closet. So it needs a kill switch. The simplest answer is another non-contact sensor; a tilt switch. The older tilt switches as you used to find in thermostats were little balls of mercury in a glass envelop.

When tipped, the mercury would slosh over a pair of conductors, bridging them electrically. Well, RoHS has made mercury switches a thing of the past. Fortunately, you can still get the same functionality. Radio Shack no longer carries them, but Digikey does. As did my local electronics shop. The downside to the new switches is they are much more vibration sensitive as well.

Thus, the late addition of a uf capacitor in parallel with the power leads; this way, the Trinket circuit remains powered up for long enough to ride out the brief interruption of power, without going dark then rebooting every time the Holocron is jarred or shifted. Well, sorta. We will do our best to ship the best condition item in our stock, but if you have questions about package condition, PLEASE email us!

Due to the collectible nature of our items, we do not accept returns or exchanges. We accept no responsiblity for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages that are shipped internationally.

Holocrons are ancient Jedi and Sith information-storage datacron devices that held both Jedi and Sith information, teachings, and messages and can only be opened with the Force. Jedi Holocrons tended to be cube shaped, while Sith Holocrons tended to be pyramid shaped. During the time of the Republic, countless holocrons were stored in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Most of these holocrons were Affiliations: Jedi Sith.

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  2. The Jedi Order kept holocrons containing centuries of lore secured within the archives. Some holocrons contained Sith lore and secret teachings; to protect Jedi against the potential dangers of this information, access to this holocron vault was carefully controlled and limited to Jedi Masters. In a daring raid during the Clone Wars, Cad Bane stole a holocron from the vault.
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  5. Feb 07,  · Holocron 3 -- In the large room with test tubes, break the test tube and shiny holocron get! Holocron 4 -- Escape pod room. Move or destroy one of the lifepods near the zone exit to see the holocron.
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