Hang On (Just A Little Bit Longer)

To establish means to make steadfast and unmovable. But I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail, and when you have returned to me, strengthen establish your brothers.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. And I can think of no better way to close it than with the very words of James. James said of the prophets , Indeed we count them blessed who endure.

You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord—that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful. I used to read the story of Job a lot when I was growing up. Job was a man blessed with material prosperity. He had sheep, camels, yoke of oxen, female donkeys, and a fabulous home. He had a family that loved him — a wife, seven sons, and three daughters.

One day when the angels came to give their report, Satan came too. The Lord asked Satan, have you considered my servant Job. There is none like him in all the earth. Want your voice heard? Join the Blue Man Hoop team! Write for us! I'm hoping Obama will use his veto power to veto rebus crosswords from the New York Times. He can do that, right?

Rex- Thank you, thank you,, thank you -for the clip of Maria Callas. One of my favorite arias, performed by my very favorite soprano. Anonymous I agree. Ithink Manjet is a fantastic name for a gay bar.

Want to join forces and open one? Ulrich- still wairting for the instructions to get my avatar up. Yes, all this is by way of avoiding my total dislike of this puzzle. Not a pleasant Sunday experience for me. I didn't find it hard, just not fun. Sorry, Mr. Awesome puzzle.

Great theme. Cool answers. Lively fill. Bravo to the constructor. Impressive puzzle, probably a bit too tough for Sunday on account of the ambitious theme density, but still nice to find all the inauguration-related fill.

Yes that's their policy, but these days this means they recite commercial slogans for money and call their advertisers "sponsors" or "underwriters". I still remember when this was controversial. An ad by any other name, etc I did this on the plane to the west coast, and I felt about it pretty much like mac did, with the same rough spots. I started my scientific life in the opiates and endorphin area and worked on the neurobiology of pain for many years.

Actually, I'm always amazed by what people project onto the endorphins and the opiates , evidence or no evidence. In a moment of weird convergence between my foodie side and my neuroscience side, I was recently asked to comment on whether the capsaicin in hot pepper releases endorphins, as claimed by the Chile Pepper Institute!

I said the evidence is meager, and now I might get hate mail from chile pepper growers as I did for a while from runners about the meager evidence for endorphins in runners' high.. But now they like me because last year, there was finally a good study that showed that connection and I said so in the NYTimes, no less. We all have our crosses crosswords? Louise, I was getting ready to agree with you but I checked the definition of "exhaustive" and the second meaning was "Tending to exhaust"!

Please respond by e-mail if you got it or not--one way or other. This is weird. I'm sending a comment into the future. Anyways, I just wanted to remind everyone that on Sundays, the syndicated puzzles are only one week behind, not five. So, comments on past puzzles are in fact, spoilers to thousands of us living in the past.

They were limited to 15 seconds, fore and aft, plain letters no logos on black, of the company name, audio to match. THAT was a major controversy, and for once, the dire prediction of a slippery slope was true. AND, they have picked up on the annoying promos down in the corner during the shows Everytime that Numbers clue comes up, I fall for it and it's really starting to irritate me.

I saw the rebus at 19A - the second answer I entered - and confirmed it on my third entry. I went rebus-clue-hunting, found it and a few minutes later saw the significance of the two-letter state codes.

This was the quickest turn around for me on a rebus puzzle and because there were so many rebus entries, I proceeded normally through the puzzle, marvelling at some spots, groaning at others and, to paraphrase Lewis Caroll, started at the begining, went to the end, then stopped.

Less of a slog then most Sundays and, because of the theme, I enjoyed it. Thanks for explaining "Numbers? Does IMDB turn up with any frequency? Great puzzle DJ Kahn! But as a Republican cross-worder, a few too many painful memories of election night and news from the coasts e.

I would have preferred a puzzle on the states won by Mondale in I'm hoping PLO and Aeroflot weren't themed answers! Felt the same about Exhaustive, but I know there's going to be a later definition that ends up taking all the precision out of a distinct word. The most annoying style of Clue. I didn't even want to see the movie.

And even though I did, my memory is still of how I pictured the written story. Several of us got together and read it aloud a year or two ago, and that was even more memorable.

In the closing stages of this puzzle I had to make a list of all 28 so I could fill in the last four circles. Had nearly forgotten that MT went for Obama. The WA WI combo was the trickiest for me.

I had to finish this puzzle by listing from memory the states that Obama won. Somehow I'd guess that I'm hardly the only person on this list who did this Seems like the same sort of "skill" surely the wrong word that leads one to do crosswords. WHen i first moved here in '84 there were so many more, the most outrageous of which was "The White Swallow".

In fact it's so obviously wrong that it blocked that area of the puzzle for hours until I just gave up and used it anyway. A sad lapse in an otherwise very clever puzzle. I took "thrown for a loss" to be a football term, when a runner is tackled behind the line of scrimmage I get the puzzle in syndication here in ND not Minot so I get to see a lot of comments before I do the puzzle. A disadvantage is not being part of the camaraderie, if you will. It was a fun puzzle. The most fun for me, though, was reading the comments.

I was laughing my head off about the Minot comments, especially. They range from snobby to curiously ignorant to ordinary.

My wife was born near Minot and by all I can tell she is still a normal person? Actually, the people there are tough and hardly, mostly of Scandanavian descent but like someone else noted there are some other small groups of people, including the Jewish, which you may not expect. Minot is a few miles from the geographic center of North America.

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RedDogAlberta , Oct 24, Continued excellence! BEEF , Oct 24, Love this RR, thanks for having me along. The pics make me want to learn a little RussiN. BillUA , Oct 24, This IS the best one going at the moment! AJRJ , Oct 24, Thanks for sharing in a most excellent way. The target for today is Chita about miles away. Get out of the city and it all looks good. A lovely road through some rolling hills.

Not another fecker anywhere to be seen. Just complete isolation for miles and miles and miles. We come to a small village and a petrol station. The ground starts to shake and one of these all trucks pulls in. I love these old things. You see loads of them out here and I think they are the worlds first indestructible vehicle.

Christ knows how old it is.. Belching and farting, chewing the ground and spitting it out. The bloke gets a big starting handle to it and off it goes again up the road. I want one of these. I want to drive it though the middle of London. This thing demands respect. Fuck your Maybachs and G wagons, these things have a lot more style. As we leave the village the tarmac disappears and turns to a good rough road. What the fuck does he know? He only lives here. Google knows best.. The road gets rougher and rougher as we go, heavily corrugated and loose.

Lovely scenery, lovely sunny day, a change from the relentless straights.. I hate deep sand. Fucky tits! I think I may have spilt the caviar in that one.. Get to the main road and get a groove on. The perfect time for my bike to start fucking about again. Siberia is a LOT colder than Canada and so they MUST do the same… so … I come into a petrol station, keep the engine running, open the fuel cap with the spare key and stick the pump in.

I know what the problem is… but I choose to ignore it… until the door flies open and a wild woman with eyes on stalks and spit flying off her forked tongue comes stamping over with her hands on her hips and makes it extra extra extra clear.. Cow… So I fill the bike and push it off the forecourt. Get my prayer mat out.. Bloody thing is shaking and shivering like all the bolts were only torqued to about 2Nm. The bloke jumps out and sticks the pump in… hang on mate..

Did she shout and thrash about and get her tits in a tangle? Did she FUCK!! Up an out… another anonymous town.. Hang on, now. I am in control. I am doing everything according to My perfect will. Why is there so much brokenness in my life? Get The Christian Post newsletter in your inbox.

Lovely little tricks you do Now I'm hangin' you Hang on a little bit longer Hang on you're a goner Never never can tell How hard you fell Lovely, lovely locket 'cause The best poison of Lovely, lovely locket love You could use a little of Hang a chain around you You're hangin' too Hang on a little bit longer Hang on you're a goner.

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  1. Jul 16,  · The Soul Machine-Hang On (Just a Little Bit Longer)-Sudden Sound - Duration: AgentSoul 1, views. Stay Just A Little Bit Longer () - Duration:
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Will It Last Forever / Hang On (Just A Little Bit Longer) on Discogs.5/5(1).
  3. Hold on just a little bit longer He knows that this is gonna make you stronger, stronger The pain ain't gonna last forever And things can only get better Believe me This is gonna make you stronger Gonna make you stronger, stronger, stronger Believe me, this is gonna make you Try and do the best you can Hold on and let Him hold your hand.
  4. A little bit longer." The martyred tribulation saints were asking when they would be avenged. And God was saying, Just a little bit longer. We say, "Lord, when are You going to come?" He says, Just a little bit longer. When is judgment going to come?" Just a little bit longer. "When will my prayer be answered?" Just a little bit longer. Hang on, now.
  5. Hang On a Little Longer Lyrics: Do you see the light / At the end of the tunnel / Flickering for you / If you hold on tight / You'll come out of the rubble / Stronger than you knew / It’s hard.
  6. Aug 28,  · hold on a little longer help is on the way Any moment you're gonna look up and see through your tears any second you're gonna realize there's a holy presence near and you'll witness to the stronghold of the enemy fall down hold on a little longer soon you'll hear sweet victory sound hold on a little longer help is on the way hold on a little longer you'll find strength today.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of You'd Better Watch Your Fox / Hang On (Just A Little Bit Longer) on Discogs.5/5(4).
  8. May 22,  · HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE WHILE LONGER Romans My brothers and sisters as we go through life, we discover that it is full of ups and downs. It appears that for every step we take forward, we would take three backwards.

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