Freitod - Various - Cleanse The Bacteria (Vinyl, LP)

Lightly spray the disc with the Tergitol solution and let sit for about minutes. Then using a record brush like the ones we described above, lightly wipe the discs in the direction of the grooves to clean up the soapy mixture. Repeat this process one more time using only the deionized water so no Tergitol to clean off any remaining soapy residue.

Using a soft micro-fiber cloth gently pat the record dry. Excess moisture can cause the sleeve to mold and damage the record.

The most important consideration is to avoid damaging them further during the cleaning process. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple task when the right tools are available.

Wipe the record gently with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Large pieces of dirt should be removed first to avoid damaging the record with small rocks or dirt. Dilute the rubbing alcohol. Anonymous November 19, at PM. Anonymous July 24, at PM. Zer July 24, at PM. Zer July 28, at PM. Anonymous July 30, at AM. Zer July 30, at AM. Anonymous July 25, at PM. Mick Harris August 9, at PM. Zer February 22, at PM. Anonymous July 19, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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It also takes longer than any other method tested. For wood glue to be effective, you need to let it dry, then peel it off, then rinse, then dry again. Drying out the wood glue also takes up a good amount of space. In what was probably the biggest surprise of the entire experiment — the results were fantastic. We deliberately used one of the dirtiest records for the solution and it removed the vast majority of grime in one application. Wood Glue — 2. There are numerous companies that offer vinyl record cleaning solutions that are both easy to use and relatively affordable.

We put a few of the most common ones to the test to see if their claims of providing superior cleaning ring true. They collaborate with record shops, labels, and others in the industry to create limited-edition bottles, which makes them stand out. They are also active in the London record fair scene, hosting around 12 events each year. The solution was easy to apply. The microfiber white cloth included with the bottle allowed us to clean a record without needing any additional materials.

Removed a lot of grime and dirt — even stuff that our homemade concoction did not. The white cloth shows the grime you remove right away, which visually reinforces the work.

The solution leaves a nice shine after. Near Mint — 4. GrooveWasher was inspired by a former professor of microbiology named Dr. Bruce Meier. GrooveWasher is an attempt to honor his Discwasher invention. They strive to provide a consumer record cleaning tool and method that cleans the microgroove so the honest sound can be heard without doing harm to the record or the stylus.

Functionally, the GrooveWasher kit is complete. With other solutions, you might need to purchase distilled water or a microfiber cloth to start cleaning. The display kit is aesthetically pleasing and is a nice touch. Definitely helpful for keeping everything in one place. It distributed pressure well and kept our grimy hands far away from the clean surface. GrooveWasher wiped away stains that looked tough nearly instantly. It would also last pretty long given how little is needed to clean a record.

In short, Discogs knew what they were doing when they decided to partner with GrooveWasher on a branded vinyl record cleaning solution package. It is well organized and looks great next to any setup. You can find an array of their products, including the kit with the stand tested for this article, at Turntable Lab.

I initially wanted to test The Library of Congress mixture of deionized water and. I quickly learned that Tergitol S-7 is not available from any local shops and must be ordered online…in amounts that are both expensive and too large for this experiment.

Since this method requires diluting the Tergitol, the amounts I came across were enough to last most collectors a lifetime. Then a coworker mentioned his solution of choice, TergiKleen. Derived from Tergitol, the concentrate can be diluted with distilled water to create a near-match to the LOC solution. With the warnings on the box, we decided to use precaution in handling this solution.

They recommend using a cake pan to soak the record. As a manual solution, it is probably not your best option. You need additional materials bucket or cake pan, distilled water, potentially gloves, etc. However, I can see this being the best solution we tested for vinyl record cleaning machines, such as Spin-Cleen. TergiKleen is undeniably powerful. We cleaned one of the dirtiest records with little elbow grease and the record was left in pristine condition. It should last most collectors the full two-year shelf life, just a few drops should make enough solution for hundreds of records.

For collectors who have hundreds, if not thousands, of dirty records to clean and absolute purists, TergiKleen is a great vinyl record cleaning solution. Better for vinyl record cleaning machines than hand washes.

Discogs included affiliate links to earn fees from the products recommended in this article. I use the GEM Dandy followed by a rinse with distilled water through a water flosser followed by air drying. Has worked brilliantly for me! How much tergitol I have to use with demineralized water? I am using an audiorevita ultrasonic cleaner for this. Hi folks, i made this to clean my records using the tap rince and then use distilled soep water. It's best when you have several to do at a session.

You squeeze the diluted fluid on the record surface facing up. You then use your finger to squeegie out the fluid into a waste cup or bowl. You then have another bowl with clean distilled or filtered water. Dip the rinse brush in that clean water and rub that brush around. Finally, supplied lint-free cloths are used to dab up the fluid on the surface. Turn the record over and repeat. You can then place that record on a coated dish rack to air dry, or use a vacuum record cleaning machine to dry the record which is what I do.

Disc Doctor also has a Quick Wash, for those who want a quick, one-step liquid for use with a record cleaning machine, but it's not as effective as the original system. Meanwhile, this is THE best bargain in record cleaning machines. It is made by Nitty Gritty for Audio Advisor. The RCM isn't essential, but it makes the process faster.

If you're willing to let the the uncovered LPs sit in a rubberized surface dish rack until they dry, they'll be okay. If you air dry the records, you risk getting dust on them overnight.

In that case, I'd also get an In The Groove record cleaner. Besides, this record cleaning machine contains nonionic surfactants that lack electrical charge. To make the fluid work, one can use both microfiber brush and cloth. This record cover is suitable for LPs, album covers, and drawings.

Being dust-, dirt-, and totally waterproof, it will protect vinyls from being scratched, contaminated, or broken. The sleeves from Invest In Vinyl are made from polyethylene that is thicker than average record sleeves are. The material is totally acid-free so make no harm and discoloration to the items that are stored inside for a long period.

They will not only protect your collection but will prolong its life. Each sleeve has The easiest way to clean your vinyl and maintain good sound quality is to clean a record with a special brush before and after each play, to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Just easily hold the brush on the recording surface when it is twisting, to remove dust. After a full one or two turns, slowly remove the brush. Also, you should rub the brush after each cleaning. Wet cleaning is recommended periodically to quickly clean your records.

Wet cleaning is carried out either manually or with a special machine for cleaning the record, however, before wet cleaning, it is worth removing dust particles with a record brush. There are a lot of cleaning machines on the market that quickly and efficiently perform the whole process of cleaning and provide excellent results that are expressed in high-quality sound. Such cleaning machines consist of a cleaning brush, fluid, and cleaning machine.

Nevertheless, there is also a cheap method for cleaning your records. It helps remove fingerprints that a dry brush cannot cope with. Put your record on the microfiber. Spill the resulting solution onto the record, however, the solution should not get on the label.

Wait a few seconds until the liquid gets into the grooves. After that, you need to take a microfiber napkin and wipe your turntable record several times. For more effect, repeat the wipe in the other direction. Turn your record and wipe it again. The cleaning process is complete. All dirt should be removed. If you own a large collection of records, the most suitable option for deep and thorough cleaning is the purchase of a special vinyl record vacuum automatic machine for deep cleaning.

Such machines are expensive, but they carry out the entire cleaning process very quickly, efficiently and carefully.

All work is done automatically, the machine uses a special cleaning solution, quickly removing dirt and providing the user with high-quality clean sound. When cleaning, it is not necessary to use vinegar or any other home remedy to clean your records, as they are not suitable for high-quality cleaning and in most cases, can damage your records and sound quality.

The only exception that can be used is a wood glue that effectively removes dust and dirt. If you do not want your record to be damaged, and you need it and you have a long-term clearance for your vinyl record system, then you must make the selection and purchase of the best vinyl record cleaning kit. You just have to choose the most optimal and best way to clean the records that would fully fit your needs and desires in order to make cleaning work perfect.

Best Choice. Collector Protector. Record Cleaner Kit 4-in Cleaner Kit. View at Amazon.

Cleanse the Bacteria is a Hardcore Punk compilation LP released in It is a international compilation of early hardcore music, and represents grindcore pioneers Siege's only original official release. A bonus inch came with the mail-order version on orange colored vinyl. Problem is, it's quite a bitch to find.

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  1. Sep 21,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Cleanse The Bacteria on Discogs. Label: Pusmort - PUSMORT • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk/5(53).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Cleanse The Bacteria on Discogs. Label: Pusmort - PUSMORT • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk/5(19).
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Orange Translucent Vinyl release of Cleanse The Bacteria on Discogs. Label: Pusmort - PUSMORT ,Pusmort - PUSMORT • Format: Vinyl LP Orange TranslucentVinyl /5(13).
  4. Sep 21,  · Auf Discogs können Sie sich ansehen, wer an Vinyl von Cleanse The Bacteria mitgewirkt hat, Rezensionen und Titellisten lesen und auf dem Marktplatz nach der Veröffentlichung suchen/5(53).
  5. Jan 27,  · referencing Cleanse The Bacteria, CDr, Comp, none Seriously mr "tmmnskw" there should be a rule about adding a pirate man cave burnt on demand CDR with custom cheese sleeve here. Smells like bogus "release", show me a place where this was ever for sale but here and some teenagers bedroom/5().
  6. This is where "Cleanse the Bacteria" comes in. Released in early , this international hardcore compilation LP was the brainchild of "MAXIMUMROCKNROLL" and "Thrasher" scribe Brian "Pushead" Schroeder, who also just happened to be frontman for one of the bands included on the compilation, SEPTIC DEATH.4/5(1).
  7. Pushead Presents - Cleanse The BacteriaPunk Compilation 12" LP Vinyl Record Vinyl: VG / Excellent. Sleeve: VG slight shelf wear to bottom & name of previous owner written inside sleeve Note - Due to one recent feedback I have downgraded all my ratings & Missing: Freitod.
  8. It truly was difficult to find and expose yourself to new and different music back then. I'd have been lost with out the likes of Pushead, Tim Yo, etc. I just found this in a used bin a couple weeks ago. Vinyl plays perfectly, the cover just a tad worn. CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation LP () FLITOX no1 7" () CASBAH russian.

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