Fluvine Uno - Fernando Grillo - Fluvine (CD, Album)

Volume I A. The Bebop Tune B. Coltrane's Blues B. The Eastern Song A2. Free form. Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on Gary Peacock R. This is the earliest official recording with Gary Peacock Hans Koller, tenor saxophone, drums only tr.

B1 Ro Crossover One A4. R A5. R B1. River Boat B2. Solarius R. Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock Volkslied 4. Mountain Jump J. Lady Orsina R. Soldat Tadeusz J. Track 2,3,5 and 6 on 29th November, Concert divided into two sets for the length. Unknown Ismay My Mother [B. Harris] Charlette [K. McIntyre] I Wish I Knew [H. Gordon] Unknown 2nd set : High Noon [K. Don't I [K. African Drums [B. For me this is transformative ritual urban folk music ,for a decaying civilization.

Originally downloaded as a torrent from Dime-a-Dozen, thanks to the original taper,seeder, traders. Don't know what to write - thank you R. Black Out J. Strangulation Of A Monkey R. Dance Of A Spaceman R. Grand Pa J. Don't Think J. On a morning after a concert at Berlin Jazz Fest - the J. Track 5 is dedicated to Duke Ellington. Roastbeef 2. Scorie 3. In-Side-Out-Side 5. Lenny Tristano 6. Antropofagia Released For all those who haven't already heard this great concert.

Totally Opaque No. Sea Seizure No. Cold Mirrors No. Right Size Too Little No. Sequential Tears In It No. Caos II part 1 2. Caos II part 2 3. Administratio 2. The Man From S. This is the third installment of the Cramps series. Efstratios Demetriou Alexandria, April 22, — New York, June 13, better known as Demetrio Stratos was a Greek lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, music researcher, and co-founder, frontman and lead singer of the Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion band Area — International POPular Group.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, of Greek parents, he studied piano and accordion at the "National Conservatoire". In he was sent to Nicosia, Cyprus, and, at the age of 17, moved to Milan, Italy, to attend the Politecnico di Milano University at the Architecture Faculty, where he formed his first musical group. He studied ethnomusicology, vocal extensions, Asian music chant, compared musicology, the problem of ethnic vocality, psychoanalysis, the relationship between spoken language and the psyche, the limits of the spoken language.

He was able to reach 7, Hz, and to perform diplophony, triplophony, and also quadrophony. Posted October 7, edited. Posted October 8, That Bromberg sounds interesting. I'm gonna get me that one. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more?

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Fernando Grillo performed these four pieces, varying in length between five and 22 minutes, solo on double bass. For the most part they were done live with a panoramic microphone; an additional contact microphone was used in "Fluvine Tre." These are mostly ambient sounds that sometimes dip below the threshold of audibility, sometimes create a serene mood with caressed tones, and occasionally.

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