Fjørds - Milos Greed (Floppy Disk, MP3)

One of the first floppy disk drive music videos was posted to YouTube on September 16th, by drbpony. Titled "The Singing Floppy Drive," the video showed a Commodore 64 floppy disk drive playing a programmed tune. In , tutorials on how to make these orchestrated floppy drive sounds appeared on Locker Gnome [8] and Lifehacker.

The next month, YouTuber MrSolidSnake [10] launched his floppy disk music video channel with his version of the Imperial March shown below, right. In , another tutorial appeared on Instructables [7] while Techeblog [6] and Make Use Of [2] curated lists of floppy disk music videos. As of February , there are more than search results for "floppy drive" on YouTube. View All Videos. Updated the video section with a few videos.

Perhaps make a spin off section with Hard Drives? Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. I just want to revel in the creativity of the masses! My favorite thing in the world is sharing the hard work of a maker.

The most prolific poster of these videos showing floppy drives playing music is youtube user MrSolidSnake Over the years, he has gone through various amounts of floppies for each song, Seen above are 5 floppies playing some Daft Punk, and up at the top you can find 8 floppies playing the game of thrones theme. He was even hired by a museum to produce a 16 floppy display, which you can see below playing the theme from Final Fantasy 7.

If you want to find them all, you should take some time to browse around his youtube channel. Invariably, people always ask how this is done. What kind of magic and trickery are necessary to make a floppy drive sing? This is not only where the easiest software comes from, but Sammy1Am shared detailed plans on how to set up your own singing floppy disk drive!

Of course, now that you now how to make one, you should go put one together and send us a link to the video you made! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. However, I might have opted for a USB key as the storage medium, just for size and power reasons.

He could as well have plugged a 30cm record player, the sleeve design is bigger…. I lived through the 80s. I only had one floppy fail on me. I only wish I could have a storage medium with the reliability of a floppy but a reasonable storage size for the current times.

Were those unreliable? It was mostly 3. I suppose a modern cloud storage service is more reliable than a floppy. If you like having your stuff all indexed by marketing agencies.

Floppies did fail if you got them full of dirt, put them in the bottom of a bag full of heavy books or stored them next to powerful magnets. But come on, if you do those things whose fault is that? Whether 3. I had very few failed 3. I suppose even trying to use a CrO2 or Metal tape might be worth it. It was fabulous. Most people could not discern the difference between a music track played on a CD and the same track played a good cassette deck outfitted with Dbx.

Dbx was even applied to vinyl records a few hundred albums were released that way. Record Dbx claimed something on the order of 90 db SN. DCC used tape very similar to analog cassette tape the players could play back analog tapes , and used ATRAC-like compression at around kbps if i recall correctly.

Maybe, just maybe, on the high end side of cassette decks and tapes, you may be able to crank it up to kbps which is just about enough for FLAC files. However, if you have such a high end cassette deck, the quality difference with CD will already be very small and fully subjective.

If you experience a "Floppy Disk Fail (40) or (80)" error, the following steps may help you fix the problem. Floppy cable not connected properly. Verify that the floppy disk drive cable is connected correctly. How to troubleshoot floppy disk drive issues. Why is the floppy drive light not turning off? Bad floppy .

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  1. Sep 08,  · We remember the floppy disk as the storage medium most of us used two decades or more ago, limited in capacity and susceptible to data loss. It found its way into a .
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  4. Floppy Disko brings the very best nu disco and deep and progressive house from around the interweb. Grab a drink and crank up that dial. Smooooth.
  5. Floppy disk-ølbrikken er den perfekte gave til vennen, der nostalgi-tripper over Commodore 64 og Zelda. Eller til din yndlings-it-nørd. Nu kan I sammen drømme om de gode gamle dage, mens I deler en kold øl eller en Squash og taler om Tina fra parallelklassen med den flotte permanent og BALL-trøjen.
  6. samsung usb floppy driver free download - Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones, Samsung USB MODEM, Darik's Boot and Nuke for floppy disks and USB, and many more programs.
  7. Nov 16,  · Floppy disk fail 40 Hej jeg sider og roder med en computer og jeg kan ikke få den op og køre på grund af: når jeg both får jeg en fejl melding der siger Floppy disk fail 40 og jeg har prøvet at sætte en anden floppy i men det er den lige glad med hvad kan det være.
  8. Skjalde Mjød er den mildeste mjød, hvor det er honningsmagen der er den dominerende. Fremstillet af honning tilsat humle og mjødurt. Velegnet som dessertvin og velkomstdrink. Bør opbevares i barskab, da den ikke tåler sollys. Der kan forekomme bundfald, da der ikke anvendes tilsætningsstoffer. Mjød bliver aldrig for gammel, den bliver kun bedre med tiden. Stenflaske med 70 cl.

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