Fast Mover - The Pat Michael Eleven - Programme Production No. 3 (Vinyl, LP)

Thus far my researches have been unable to locate any record of Fred arriving to Aotearoa. At least — not up until the s when several records clearly indicate a Mr. Why New Zealand? So it was probably the most logical option. The speed with which he remarried indicates he may have already met his future second wife, perhaps in Australia, hence his absconding with no explanation. Either that or he was a very fast mover. It was more likely the latter — but we will probably never know exactly how it played out.

Anyway, now a Kiwi tailor named Fred records show a registration for Elbe Tailoring Company Ltd in Wellington , his transformation was almost complete. Their parents both passed away in Hutt in respectively. However as an interesting aside, the couple seem to have been living separately from at least Given how some wives feel about their mothers-in-law, it may be why she moved out! Fred Jr. As the business and brand became successful, premises were purchased just across the road — and a factory started production under his management.

Other items they served were soft drinks and fancy concoctions like peach melba, chocolate peanut and date snowball sundaes, the Snowman, the Rainbow Special — as well as individual Dixie-style tubs, vanilla slices, chocolate coated novelties probably similar to Boms.

There was also a full candy counter in the corner and a jukebox for the latest in pop music. I never got one. During the first half of this decade Fred Jr. I was unable to find out what exactly that was, but I speculated it was most likely a piece of manufacturing machinery or packaging rather than a recipe.

The family story goes that another invention of Great-Grandpa Fred Jr. Gavin Elbe, one of Fred Jr. In my school days I did odd jobs there at the factory during the holidays and weekends. As soon as I was old enough, I had the job of breaking up the slabs to put in the mixture. Did he just say Denne? The same T. I wonder if that got left out deliberately or perhaps just forgot to get a mention unlikely. Until one day my father got a phone call from the Dennes to say he was to lay off all staff, and arrange the strip out of our factory.

No visit — just a phone call. I still remember that day because I had biked down to the factory after school to do some jobs, as I frequently did, and found all of the staff in a sombre mood. Seemingly during the war years one of the things they were handling was sugar — a very precious commodity for confectionery and ice cream makers, obviously. That said, ice cream makers were off the hook a bit more than chocolate companies because there was no rationing restriction on dairy — so sugar was their only problem.

Many of these companies were connected through distribution deals because they needed to pair up with others, for transport reasons, to make their enterprise profitable. This means many reciprocal deals were done to move product around the country efficiently.

One acquaintance remembers her father being friendly enough with Fred Jr. We were given a tour of the business, including out the back, where ice cream was made. In a large freezer room were shown a box of peas, still in their shells. He opened one pod to show that the contents were in mint condition. He predicted correctly that this would be a major method of preserving food in the future.

So it is not really relevant to the fact that Peter Pan bought out quite a number of freezing businesses, including ice cream operations, up and down the North Island in a methodical campaign to advance their distribution over the years. However there may have been more of a motive at play here for the acquisition.

My job was refunding the empty bottles, at two pence each — or a packet of chewing gum. In those days it was a legal requirement for ice cream in New Zealand to have a minimum percentage of real butter and milk powder to help protect the dairy industry.

Very early on I remember real cream was used, also. It was normal during peak periods for a queue to form outside — waiting patiently for their turn to enter. Their milkshakes were literally bringing boys to the yard. Sensationalist media reports of course did not help, but sold papers and made coin.

The hearings and investigations took place over a period of eight weeks. It cites the appearance of witnesses Mr L. Ellingham, and Mr.

Lummis, who appeared in the hearing line-up and were examined under oath as numbers fifteen to seventeen respectively. I was definitely a member of that group of guys and gals so named…a great bunch of people to associate with. The girl in question lived just down the road from me. They made it very big news, but it was pretty tame stuff really! Manning , design by Dennis Knight Turner, published by Reed, Their gym frocks always smelled, well, inviting.

Too hazy for my liking — and deliberately, I suspect. Apart from that it was to sit round and comb your hair and try and look beautiful on your bikes. Then you would go in and have a milkshake. Not exactly titillating stuff. Even local member of parliament of the time Michael Moohan called them on it and opined it was the report itself that was internationally stigmatizing, dubbing it sensationalist. One way they use situations like this is basically for crowd control, often by scapegoating.

However, once people start actually looking for reasons to break up the party — they can usually find one if they really want to. Mazengarb, a notorious right wing killjoy and puritanical prude, disapproved wholeheartedly of just about everything as most fundamentalists do — and the list was long.

As most fundamentalists also do — I am sure he was hiding something. I like to call it the J. The impact had its desired effect, though. We had no idea what they were on about, but we knew it had something to do with people not much older than us, behaving very, very badly.

Our minds fairly boggled. It was my first experience of a moral panic and it was a little bit scary. I realise now that it was probably even scarier for my parents. No wonder my parents were afraid! It was farewell Jailhouse Rock, and welcome to Carnaby Street. Following that, the Hippie movement. And so it goes on, generation to generation.

It was, in the end, hardly a boon for him — as he won another term that year anyway. Those in the know say that ultimately it had little effect on that outcome, and it was wasted energy beating up the situation; however the damage it all caused was done and it was deep, destructive and lasting. He reckoned that Mum deliberately caused it because, pregnant with me, she had terrible middle-of-the-night cravings for ice cream. She got her wish! Bill and Betty Lummis acquired the milk bar and ran it through the s.

Upper Hutt Leader Number 22, 20 June, Today Amalgamated Video occupies the original site on the southern end of High Street. Michael the Mover. Send Message. Michael the Mover is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Had to inquire, found out that our princess is in another castle. Michael the Mover is at The Gallery. Once Farina and her CIA agents have infiltrated the president's office with lock burners , the Eleven uses the Sash of Rassilon to neutralise them, killing the agents and putting the mind probe on Farina to extract her knowledge.

Reaching the Eleven in time, Kiani successfully persuades the Eleven to take her as his companion instead of Liv, but he kills her with a biodata disseminator before fleeing in a stolen TARDIS. Feeling guilty for the Eleven's escape, the Doctor says that it is his responsibility to recapture him and invites Liv to join him, which she accepts.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You may be looking for The Eleven. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Lindsay lost her kids and was living out of a car because of her heroin addiction. Then she found recovery from communication with God. Selina Albright - Extended Mix.

Katie May - Original Mix. Gordon Doyle Remix. Christian Alvarez Feat. Manufactured Superstars Feat. Rene Rodrigezz, Sivana Reese Feat. Jose Delgado Feat. Dave Dub. Dave Remix. Mike Foyle Pres. Robert Morr, Alex Tojar Feat. Mario Aureo, Daniel Solar Feat. Blogger October 25, at AM.

Blogger November 13, at PM. C'etait le winner? Quelle load de cobblers! Et c'est aussi plus de douze mots! C'est crap, mon slogan. If I had to name one reason why I have stayed with the Navy so long and never seriously looked for a change of career, I would say the people -.

I was puzzled by the strange smell in the scrum, which I later identified as rum. Considering that it was established in later breathalyser days that a tot at lunch time left Ratings well over the alcohol limit for driving when they went home at tea time, the standard of play was remarkably high!

Happily, we. The Drafting process has also moved on considerably during my. The Ship's Company in my first ship, HMS Urchin, had been drafted there for the whole commission and there was precious lit-. I can't vouch for that, but an exSubmarine PO Stoker who was the. It was worse in the Army!

The RSM was desperately keen to win the Sergeants' Mess billiards knock-out competition and, although a poor player, so terrified the other Sergeants that he arrived in the final against my father - who had mis-spent his youth. He sent for my father beforehand and emphasised that it was his dearest wish to have his name on the cup before he was promoted, and that it would go badly for my father if the match went the.

The other Sergeants bet my father a month's beer to win. As my father was about to play the. The point of these 'dits' is to demonstrate that manpower deployment is now much fairer and better organised. I am full of admiration for the hard work and professionalism of my staff.

At the very least, I think that today's Drafty would get the right Sergeant Critchley! Nonetheless, there is still a clear need, if not to break the mould of drafting practice why discard a good system that has stood the test of time? We have proposed a whole raft of measures to achieve this and to.

Please debit my my The only way that Ratings can establish their chances at the moment is by making a representation. We want to be more efficient in our management of ratings in the margin for medical and welfare reasons, to do more roadshows and surgeries and to be able to develop and implement more career management initiatives.

We also intend to allow access by all Senior Rates to their drafter. They will enable bright people to achieve fast track promotion rather than sit on long, demotivating rosters and, I know, are warmly welcomed by the vast majority. We have already introduced written Promotion Prospect Assessments for Senior Rates sweating on promotion to Warrant Officer and are hoping to extend this to promotion to Chief this year. The Royal Marines Careers Hotline is on stream in the Corps Drafting Office helping Marines to make informed choices about specialising, and we are experimenting with 'job adverts' here in Navy News and in the Globe and Laurel, and bench-marking to measure ourselves against the best of current practice.

We want to make our response to applications for branch transfer. Devonport aims to reduce turbulence and to give them face-to-face contact with the Drafting Cell in the Squadron Offices.

All these things take staff time, and with the constant call for economies we are finding it difficult to maintain even the present level of service. Required June for two years.

CAEM M. A shore billet at Gosport. Abnormal load route surveyor, DVR essential. Required July for two. NATO verification duties.

Three AEMs required for. Security duties. Required August for one year. Commodore John Musters takes over from me on March 5.

I know that he is a strong supporter. She was handed over in October, but she has been so busy she has only just been named. A week later she sailed for Thessaloniki with armoured vehicles which may be needed to extract observers in Kosovo. Since then she has been to Plymouth and Dundee, delivered Royal Marines to winter exercises in Norway, and has visited Antwerp twice and Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

No Also known as Diligence The second, a 6th Rate, was bought in and sold three years later, to be followed by a sloop built in As a fireship she became HMS Comet in , and was sold the following year. The fourth Diligence was the brig-sloop Spencer, renamed in , but she was wrecked in the Caribbean in In the sloop Union was bought and renamed as the fifth Diligence, followed by the lugger Thistle, which became Diligence in The seventh was a ton.

Apart from a ton dockyard hoy of , the next scheduled Diligence, a wooden screw sloop, was laid down in Chatham in but cancelled the following year, so the eighth was a destroyer depot ship, ex-Tabaristan, which was bought in Matters become somewhat confusing at this point, as a tug already named Diligence was renamed Security in , and served as a drifter during the war.

The penultimate Diligence was a 4,ton Lend-Lease destroyer repair vessel which came to Britain in but was returned to the US Navy in The vessel acted as mothership for the Third Mine Countermeasures Squadron deployment to the Gulf - far from her normal operating base in the South Atlantic. And it was in the Falkland Islands that Diligence first took on a defence role, for she started life as the MV Stena Inspector, a multi-purpose support vessel for North Sea oil operations, but was taken up from trade in May as a fleet repair ship during the Falklands Campaign.

She was subsequently purchased from Stena UK Line by the Ministry of Defence in October and entered the Clyde Dock Engineering facility, where she was converted and military features added, including a large workshop for hull and machinery repairs, supply facilities, accommodation, armaments and magazines and communications fits. She is designed to provide forward repair and maintenance facilities to ships and submarines operating away from their home ports, so in addition to a variety of workshops she can also provide auxiliary electrical power, fuel, water and sullage reception.

Diligence is the Royal Navy's primary battle damage repair unit, and is on short notice to react to developing situations worldwide. During the mining of the Straits of Hormuz in she provided forward support to the multinational minesweeping operation based in the UAE. While there she provided repair and towage to HMS Southampton after collision damage, and in Diligence was again in the Gulf during the war, where helped to repair American ships damaged by.

One of the key features of the ship's design is her computerassisted dynamic positioning system which can keep the vessel static in poor conditions, using the ship's range of thrusters and the variable-pitch propeller.

She is fitted with a decompression chamber, and has a helicopter deck on the roof of her bridge. As her hull is built to the highest ice class specification, she can operate anywhere the Navy does. She returned to Faslane in December and is now on her way back to the Falklands. To order black and white postcards of the 'Ships of the Royal Navy' series please contact Sarah Geary in the Business Department on Work began on the design in the latter stages of World War II, the first prototype flying in , followed almost a year later by the naval prototype.

The first of production. By Attackers also equipped , By the Attacker had disappeared altogether from Fleet Air Arm service. The Supermarine Attacker F. Range was miles or 1, miles with an auxiliary tank carried ventrally. Service ceiling was 45,ft. The Attacker was armed with four 20mm cannon, and the FB.

This will deliver to your door a black and white postcard sized picture every month. With eighteen pages you will have plenty of space to display your postcards and to attach any notes you might want to make.

Pictures can also be bought individually at a cost of 65p each min. Buy your subscription and album now and we will send you, absolutely free, a set of twelve assorted black and white postcards to get your collection started. Add me to your 'Ship of the Month' subscription list now. Telephone No. HOW refreshing it was to read that after so many years of being trapped within a restrictive "all of one company" pay system that something new and improved was on the horizon.

Your lead article in the January issue seemed to carry nothing but good news until I. I have always been disappointed that I did not receive the Atlantic Star although I felt my sea time was sufficient. Following the suggestion at the end of the article, I wrote and was delighted to receive a letter informing me that my service qualified me for it.

Had I not been a regular. I recall it was on May 7 that we had to visit the dentist before kit issue. We fell in in a long line three or four deep. I was about three-quarters back, so I could not see why we were there. As I got nearer the front I realised why - men in front of me were falling down fainting at what they saw.

My turn came all too soon. I sat in the dentist's chair and a Petty Officer stood behind me and put his interlocked fingers across my forehead, pressing. I HAVE often experienced a small niggle of aggravation when I see reports in the Press or hear radio and TV announcers referring to the ship's company of. I suppose one must make allowances for the landlubber's lack of knowledge of RN tradition they probably also refer to ships as "boats".

CPO refer to the ship's company as "the crew"!!! Is this another tradition to sink without trace. My head was an ummoveable object. The dentist stood in front of me, his white coat spattered with blood. He was holding a silver mirror tool that went into the mouth with a pair of pliers. He inspected the inside of my mouth and announced that two teeth had to come out. If I hadn't been so scared I could have laughed. One jerk of the No anaesthetic. The dentist was efficient but not very caring - the gum surrounding my top tooth had a right old tear.

PNB Upon investigation, it appears that Harry Barnett's inspired picture is in fact a composite of three of these. I wonder who inspired the photographer? Miller, Fareham. Letters to the Editor should always be accompanied by the correspondent's name and address, not necessarily for publication.

Prisoners of War Memorial Church at Wymondham, Norfolk is now planning to extend the commemoration rolls to include those who died and are not yet included and also add those who. This statement is not only misleading but intimates an ignorance of past studies and of ratings' current employment patterns. As a newly promoted Warrant. Officer I spent nearly two years assisting in the completion of a full job evaluation of the officer corps as part of the Requirement Evaluation Team.

The evaluation was carried out with professional assistance and utilised an internationally recognised standard for job weighting. It looked at every appointment open to officers both ashore and afloat.

Whilst this data could only present a snap-shot of each appointment at the time, it did provide a full job weighting and not that many of the appointments will have changed enough to render the information insufficient for use by Pay The article continues saying that whole trade scores could not be used for the officer corps as "officers from different branches and seniorities undertake the same similar appointments".

This is increasing as a result of the civilianisation and partnering. The lack of job evaluation and the wide range of appointments undertaken by the. The size of the ratings' corps compared to the officer corps would suggest that it would be more prudent to introduce the Pay for that corps before attempting the same for the ratings.

A trial of the system was completed in mid and it is probably the work carried out during. This trial was, by definition, limited in scope and it was recognised at the time that a considerable volume. This work continues. The job evaluation trial did indeed consider officer appointments, and, as a result of individual post evaluation during the trial and subsequently, Flag.

Officers have already been placed in pay ranges 3 at 2 Star and 2 at 3 Star. However, for more junior officers. This was in part due to the fact that during the trial it was only possible to evaluate a cross-section of. It was therefore decided that officers of Commodore rank and below should, for the moment, remain on one range, although the application.

The potential for lower through-career earnings and differential rates of pay were certainly. This decision has enabled the limited resources available for job evaluation to concentrate on achieving viable whole-trade scores for significantly greater numbers of other ranks in the RN, Army and RAF.

Unlike the RN with its "all of one company" pay system, the Army and RAF have had pay banding for their other ranks, and therefore effectively pay ranges, for many years.

This has considerably eased the task of applying the new job evaluation. However, the fact remains that there is still a significant number of RN and RM other rank trades for which job evaluation is currently under way and which will not be completed before autumn this year. The task of job evaluation will not stop on April 1, The process will continue with regular re-evaluation carried out to ensure that whole-trade scores, and therefore pay, continue to reflect the ever-changing shape of the.

We had a plaque stating we were the fastest warship in the world and. Incidentally, whilst at Kiel I captained a small rifle shooting party that competed against the various European nantions with much larger ships and personnel.

We won the cup for the highest score and returned to Gosport with it. Does anyone know where it is now? Hagan, Lytham-St-Annes. Sheffield was also dispatched to shadow her. The first wave of Swordfish from Ark Royal mistook Sheffield for Bismarck and fired torpedoes which fortunately missed the target. The second wave from Ark Royal found the Bismarck and obtained two hits, one jamming the port side rudder at a 15 degree angle and flooding the stern compartments.

This meant that the Bismarck could not steam ahead and could only circle. Which account is correct? As a member of the ship's company of HMS. Renown my recollection of one part of the incident is as follows. This is an enjoyable experience but away from the South coast things are not as they should be. Eagerly grasping the opportunity to display my 5Js in the public areas of Ruislip, I approached two elderly gentlemen proudly exhibiting their war medals.

As my 50p plunged to the bottom of their collecting box, one of them exclaimed: "It's good to see the uniform. Now, if I'd been wearing light blue or green I'd have been instantly recognised. The question on their minds is: Are you a security guard, bus driver, ferry driver, hospital porter or dare I say it funeral director?

I hope I shall fare better with the unsuspecting public of Harrow-onthe Weald. As mentioned in the story, two other members of the Naval Brigade were awarded the VC for the same action. They were Mark Scholefield and James Gorman. Five men were involved, but two died and their names were not recorded.

Mark Scolefield is reported to have died at sea in February James Gorman emigrated to Australia in and fed a wellrecorded life in Sydney, where for 14 years he was a member of staff of the Nautical School Ship Vernon.

He died of a stroke in at the age of Like Reeves, he lies in an unmarked grave. His is in what is now known as Pioneers Memorial. Park, Leichardt, Syney. A war memorial in the park to honour those from the area who died in World War I bears plaques.

Currey, VC and J. Mackey, VC. Gorman was the first VC to live in Australia. Willey, Scone, New South Wales.

Defiance, if I remember correctly, consisted of three vessels.

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  7. 45 rpm EP. Fully laminated cover. Manufactured in Australia by Festival Records. Pty. Limited. Music From 'Michael' is ten-part suite recorded for the soundtrack of the "Michael" episode (directed by Peter Weir) of the three-part Australian film Three to Go.
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