Daily Grind - Shameless / Various - Dat Sounds Presents... BLESS The Mixtape (CD, Album)

The Piketon Massacre. On the night of April 21, in rural Piketon, Ohio - eight members of the Rhoden family were viciously murdered execution style in their homes. Shocked by the arrests, this once close-knit and religious community remains divided and unable to cope. Was a respected and reputable Piketon family responsible for this unimaginable murder spree? Our team will examine the deep ties that connected both families.

She wasn't pleased with them but would go along with it for now. There was a rustle in the bushes not to far away from her cage. If you don't like it then don't read.

Her parents still neglect her, but her understanding of the world and her bond with Toby had improved. Life was better After all, by the law of human's seventeen is still a child. This is the story of Sarah's Thirteen Hours in the castle at the center of the Labyrinth.

Few Fears by ladeste reviews Ace survives the war, thanks to another family member that shows up at Marineford, but why is Garp so freaked out? Continued with further appearances by Shanks, Dragon, Robin, and Koala. The Unbroken Vase by CatrinaSL reviews It seemed odd that a simple quest for quiet would result in an 8 million yen debt. But what if it hadn't? Polite Battery by Lady Hallen reviews "Excuse me," was spoken. It was said in the middle of an Invasion and Steve didn't really want to deal with it right now.

Except the man was so polite that they had little choice in the matter. Searching for a Saviour by UnicornsThatGamble reviews After Ace becomes a well known pirate, Foosha Village is taken over by a Celestial Dragon aiming to make the whole town a slave market. Luffy, being labeled as a Devil for being related to the notorious Fire Fist Ace, barely escapes with his life. Game On! And to help her, they'll give her a tool : the Gamer's Ability.

First stop : the Mafia World. Harry, gamer! A Different Kind of Family by livvylane reviews When Peter was recruited into the Avengers, he expected a lot of training and fighting. He certainly didn't expect a grumpy guy with a metal arm, a deaf archer who was a bit obsessed with pranks, or a sleep-deprived genius who had decided that Peter was his new project, and he certainly didn't expect Steve Rogers to act like such a Harry himself expected it, right up until the moment came to apply to the academy.

He takes up a hobby instead, and it leads him to a whole new world. I've been looking for you! That it surprised the heck out of everyone else in the Mafia was just a bonus. They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier.

Unmistakeable by AutumnsFey reviews 'Iemitsu was a dead man walking. He just didn't know it. He had never denied the fact that he hated the idiots incompetence, but this was unacceptable. This mistake was unforgivable. His heart ached for his new student, for a child punished with that as a father, and he swore revenge for her. Who the fuck got his own child's gender wrong? When Two Worlds Collide by phoenixreal reviews The Avengers are surprised when a man falls from the sky and leaves a crater in New York.

Ichigo is also surprised to wake up in a new world after falling through a garganta in Heuco Mundo during a fight with a strange arrancar. When two worlds come together, sparks are sure to fly. Ichigo finds out that no matter where he goes, there are those that need protection. Enter a distant cousin long thought dead. AU really? I mean, it is so obviously AU. For pity's sake, Hermione is in Forks and related to Alice? Totally not canon!

When Kakashi's In advance by HecateTombe reviews Everyone in Konoha could tell you this, Hatake Kakashi is never on time, except if it's a life-or-death situation. So when he's in advance? When he is, the world comes crashing at your feet. You can ask Kurenai and Asuma. Or: In the months he spends at the Varia Compound at Timoteo's behest, Tsuna manages to stumble across enough forgotten dead bodies to fill entire cemeteries.

And everyone is terribly amused. Except, y'know, for him. Apathy by AutumnsFey reviews Tsuna certainly didn't expect to meet his wayward father in Italy - not when the pathetic man should have been working traffic at construction site's at the northpole.

And he wasn't exactly squeamish or Tsuna, Bad! Parents, NoDecimo! Tsuna Katekyo Hitman Reborn! She neglects to mention this to her husband. When Iemitsu makes it clear he doesn't expect Tsuna to join his family, Nana brings him into hers.

Looking Beyond by shini-amaryllis reviews The first thing everyone noticed about Hope Potter was that she may have had her mother's face, but she had her father's penchant for causing trouble or somehow finding it, and it only made sense that danger was attracted to her very scent.

She was going to prove she was more than just the Girl-Who-Lived. Consequences by Goldenbrook15 reviews Mulan glanced between the arrow, the figures on the other end of the rope, and the unconscious body in her lap, and knew that the weight would be too much for one man, or even a small group, to pull up. It took her less then a moment to make her decision. Shang was pulled up, but Ping was nowhere to be seen. What if that that new master was Harry Potter?

Labyrinth with a tiny little crossover with Rise of The Guardians. Papa Cloud by wolfsrainrules reviews "I'm a showman little one. It is my job to make others see what I want them to see. In Convenience by Batsutousai reviews 'He knew, okay. He knew he was a pain in the arse. That he'd never have survived so long without Al looking out for him, but that Al didn't need him. Fuck, Al would probably be way better off without Ed dragging him down all the time.

Sometimes, Ed was honestly surprised his brother hadn't left him. One Tail by Marco Strange reviews When Lucy hears how her team really feels about her, she sets out on a mission to prove them wrong. But how will she react to meeting the straw hats? And how will her team feel now that she's gone? Instinct by Shadowblayze reviews A child's magical core is an elastic, yet delicate thing. There is good reason why there are Pediatric Healers, after all.

Too bad that Dumbledore forgot to check on Harry's bindings. A magical catastrophe later, Harry's got a new gift, a new friend, and a new adventure for the taking! What could possibly go wrong? Incendiary by Tsume Yuki reviews In which the stronger your soulmate is, the brighter the mark. And the closer you get, the more the mark blooms. Carnassial by Tsume Yuki reviews In which every word your soulmate ever speaks to you imprints on your body, and can last for a few minutes upto several hours.

FemTsuna Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The Prince by LoliBat reviews "The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him. After Loki's actions in Manhattan, he is escorted back to Asgard in chains with his pride stripped.

Yet, during his imprisonment, he finds an unlikely ally in the form of a guard with the same green eyes as the ones he sees in his own reflection. Also known as, the one where Loki tries to pull a prank but it gets away from him as usual, only this time it doesn't turn out so bad for him or for Asgard.

To his great amazement it's his classmate, Marinette. Hermione, in which the brilliant witch catches the attention of creative twin wizards. It isn't easy, though. Not all Gryffindors are vastly brave, nor are all Slytherins loyal to their own. Cover art by windyshoes! Chaos ensues! I will make a sequel. It happens so often that eventually the team stops panicking about it.

Morgan, S. Knots in the Strings by Arella1 reviews The scent drifting to him from her was tantalizing-a sweetly tart aroma that had him nearly closing his eyes to savor it. The tartness was from her spiritual powers and it added a zing to her scent that made Yuki wonder if he'd taste it, were he to lay his tongue on her skin.

For a moment, he had the most surreal sense of Kagome belonging to him. Catching Snitches by tlyxor1 reviews It was her beauty that caught his eye first. It was later she captured his heart. Inspired by - though not a response to - whitetigerwolf's 'Seekers' challenge. That's Ridiculous, Madara by Madrigal-in-training reviews Naruto calls bullshit on this whole reincarnation thing, because Sasuke couldn't possibly be Madara's reincarnation, if he was standing in front of them, and trying to single-handedly take over the world, right?

The Cupboard by enahma reviews After Sirius's death, Harry is sinking into depression. And then, he receives a detention which leads to a shocking revelation. Will he be able to stop sinking deeper? No slash. A Ravenclaw Harry story. Warning: child abuse, character bashing, and pureblood society. Grounded by mote writes reviews The worst thing is when someone else walks through him before he can recover. Before his vision clears, before he can see again to avoid it.

Then it isn't just his heart anymore, but his lungs too. This time a five-year-old Frisk who is nothing but a scared child is the one destined to save the monsters and free them Default Origins by The Carnivorous Muffin reviews Godric Gryffindor meets the time travelling Lily and together they terrorize towns with oversized poultry and wreck havoc across the countryside.

Later, Lily becomes upset when she remembers that they still have that Hogwarts thing to build. Fineshine by Tsume Yuki reviews Gellert Grindelwald was only in America to see if he could sway the president over to his side of things. He didn't expect to meet a red-haired nymph with Avada Kedavra green eyes in the waiting room.

But he never manages to quite stop the automatic flinch at that particular shade of green. Can Thorin ever get his hobbit back? No major character deaths. Just who is the handsome young man in the window, and why does he have a chicken on his head? Rated T for bullying. The Wandering Spirit by Voidfish reviews Harry is no stranger to death, being the spirit that escorts children's souls to the afterlife. But in all of his immortal existence, he only attends one funeral.

Unknown to him, it's also his own. But I'm not. It's all rather confusing. He knew dating her was a bad idea, but it had been so long since he had actually been able to be himself with anyone. Not Gibbs, Ziva or Tim friendly. Ghost-Kissed by darkwinterfrost reviews SPR's latest case has it all: love, betrayal, and deadly secrets.

Secrets by Zanchev reviews Greg Lestrade was happy with his life. He had a good job, a bizarre but solid set of friends and colleagues, and a smoking hot lover. When he is convinced to bring his boyfriend along to a crime scene, Greg finds that things are not exactly as they seem But hot damn does it all make his lover more attractive.

If by Haze Spawn reviews The fact is, you've more than likely to have been dunked. But what if Sans saw right through Frisk- and into the eyes of Chara? Frisk, genocide route. Afterthought by starlight reviews You blamed yourself for what the other you did, and you had a plan to fix it all. Sans should be happy with your decision. After all, you killed his brother didn't you? So why did he stop you? Why did he take the knife away?

You just wanted the pain to stop. You didn't anticipate him saving your life. Contains mentions of self-harm and suicide. Or why certain Academy teachers and snails are great to have at hand when a crisis hits your hometown.

If you feel I should rate the story higher, please tell me so. Hypothermia by Sazuka57 reviews Snowdin was too cold, and Frisk's clothes weren't warm enough to handle it. Kuroko comes day after day to practice, harboring more injuries than before. Is Kuroko holding a dark secret? Determined to find out, Seirin investigates in Kuroko's life, soon to find something shocking. But GoM are already on their move. Warnings of abuse and language. Damon is asked to visit an old friend by someone he can't say no to.

When he gets to Forks, though, it's not a family of vampires he finds waiting for him, but an angry girl who just might give his life the new direction he's been seeking Those ideals are the foundations of which all Madara's understanding of the female sex stand upon. Then, Namikaze Naruto comes blitzing into his life and ruins it. Tom Riddle's death led to someone else going to hell. When Dean is taking too long to break on the rack he is brought in to try other methods but never trust the son of a Marauder to obey the rules.

The Magician by otakusocial reviews The Land of Whirlpool disappeared, along with all the Uzumaki secrets that were hidden in the ruble under masterly crafted seals. The only suspect, was a man that went around calling himself the Magician. Between Snape and the Dursleys, will Harry make it to the Burrow in one piece?

Second Time by Brievel reviews Darth Vader finds a five-year-old Luke Skywalker wandering the dunes of Tatooine, lost, and realizes the child is his son. What is he to do with the boy? Piett - Complete. Iridis by oreioreo reviews Two things that she expected are chaos and drama, but never peace and acceptance. But what if they were watching it during the second movie?

Join Hiccup, Stoick, Valka, and the others as they watch the past in a whole new light. Need by Arella1 reviews She frowned. With the moon shining on her and her simple clothes, her beauty was so much that if she were the last thing he saw, he would count himself blessed.

Broken Together by Nalyra reviews Hades had enough, his family's nagging had pushed him over the edge. Acacia on the other hand didn't know what to do when immortality was suddenly thrust upon her and she found herself in yet another mystical world. Love Makes a Difference by fringeperson reviews It is truly amazing how having a little love and understanding can change things so dramatically, even if some things never truly change.

Taser Tricks, don't own, complete. The Perks of Not Being the Mistress of Death by worldtravellingfly reviews Instead of immortality and power over Death, Carry Potter brokered a deal with the aforementioned entity: the Deathly Hallows in exchange for time to say goodbye. The catch: Fate is not happy about how her life turned out.

So our lovable heroine is sent to aid Kakashi Hatake in changing the future of a newly founded Konohagakure, after he died the first time. AU Fem! Harry D. The Owl Princess by worldtravellingfly reviews Yoshino has died shortly after giving birth to Shikamaru due to an assassination by Iwa.

After nearly completing the standard mourning period, Shikaku now must consider marrying again, hounded by fangirls, ambitious kunoichi, and his Clan Elders. Enter a herd of intelligent deer, a confusing Owl Summons Clan, and one world-traveling witch in search of a new purpose. AU, Fem!

Fortunately for her, the Night Mother hears her children's pleas. Surge de Hydra by Watermelonsmellinfellon reviews Harry was not having a good day. How was he supposed to handle waking up alone in a forest with no idea how he got there and getting a splitting headache from seeing said forest from seven different angles? Forced to hide his identity, he gains help from an unexpected source.

The BWL sees the war from another angle, how will this effect him? Willing to do almost anything to stay hidden from the world she left behind after discovering her immortality, she finds herself working alongside god and mortal alike in an effort to protect the world from alien invasion. Harry, some adult themes, swearing, and mention of suicide.

Sequel part I up. What Happened Between by Secondary Luminescence reviews Cathryn Black returns to her retirement the day after the Chitauri have been defeated. But people aren't always as easy to get rid of as memories. Interlude to 'Early Retirement' and it's planned sequel. Read 'Early Retirement' first, or this won't make sense. Warnings for fem! Harry and mentions of suicide, sex, alcohol, and language.

Years of being bullied for his smarts left him dreading when people figured out he was a genius. What better way to throw them off then by acting stupid? Enter: Dumb Blond Spencer Reid. New World by kirallie reviews HarrySam. What if the Veil doesn't always lead to death? What if sometimes it leads to alternate realities. Now what will Harry do? Addams in the Famiglia by fringeperson reviews Some would say he "had to learn it somewhere", others that he "was born knowing".

The truth is a little of both, and he has never forgotten. Even if he sometimes wanted to. Oneshot, complete, don't own. A young man who seems to be researching how radiation can be used to enhance the human body. How about we FeS2 by Shivani reviews Harry learns something about pure-bloods, and his father, which rocks his world.

And not in a good way. And oh, the repercussions! Decidedly not-Light! Harry do-over fic. Harsh Reality by Duochanfan reviews Marge Dursely has only heard bad things about Harry Potter, she has not had the chance to meet him face to face.

The Durselys are going on hoilday and Marge will have to look after a four year old Harry Potter, will she see what lies beneath the lies? A Child's Greatest Sacrifice by Goldenbrook15 reviews Every Immortal has to sacrifice something to become what they are, even the Guardians.

Out of all of them though, only one has suffered the greatest of all sacrifices: Their life in exchange for another. Mountain Mother by Illyth reviews the journey to Erebor was long and hard but at last they have made it to the rich halls of Durin's Folk.

The dragon may be dead their troubles are not over. Billa sacrifices everything to save her family from the goldsickness, almost losing her life in the process.

But maybe in risking everything she will win it all? Bilbo Fem! Cleaning no Jutsu by Erisah Mae reviews She seemed determined enough. Maybe she'd be able to finally answer the question that had been bugging him for a while now, since he had realised he'd forgotten the answer years ago.

What colour was his carpet? I Prefer the Mafia by SkyGem reviews When her school refuses to punish the man who violated her in the most revolting way possible, I-Pin Sawada goes to her big brother instead. Because if anyone can make her fear go away, it's the most powerful man in the underground. Trigger warnings: mentions of rape.

Package Delivery by modeoheim reviews It starts when Angeal begins lusting over an underwear model in his boyfriend Genesis' favorite fashion magazine.

Harmony Factor by Bleach-ed-Na-tsu reviews Sealing off Sky flames in children was dangerous, sealing the flames of a child with exceptional harmony factor was even more so. However, what if there were unforeseen consequences of sealing away Tsuna's sky flames but not his harmony? Did Kensuke have a choice in targeting Tsuna? Would that explain the sudden change in Tsuna upon meeting Hayato? After all, the sun belongs to the sky and all that rot Doesn't it? Some days, at his most lucid, he wonders if it succeeded.

Either way, he doesn't intend to take it lying down, but from Templars to demons, the trouble keeps coming. Oh and the world might be ending, although that, for once, is someone else's problem. I own nothing. Death's Chosen by uoduck reviews When the Red Woman tells Arya Stark that death is close to her, she really wasn't joking.

Kamiko-Sama by fringeperson reviews Supernatural intrusions on the life of a girl attending high school. Kagome has been there, done that, and found out that there was no T-shirt. She is not going to now stand aside and just let it happen to someone else who doesn't know what they're getting into, not without offering to help, anyway.

Don't own. Unintended Consequences by Umei no Mai reviews Mermaids are very free with their affections and pirates aren't the type to say no to a pretty face; logically then any number of those who sail the Grand Line might have offspring they've never met. A parent casts a long shadow over the life of their child regardless, but pirates' children have so much more to prove and Dracule Lisska is no exception to this rule. Also, he probably formed some strange kinship with that red haired waiter who kept getting assigned to him.

Kidorui by Shivani reviews Something that happened when Harry was twelve comes back to "haunt" him in his new home in Namimori, and it often says, "Lambo-san is here! While drunk and celebrating the birth of James' heiress, the two best friends decide to betroth their children via a marriage contract.

TV Scorecard. What's On Tonight. Submit Scoop. The Goldbergs - Episode 2. Forever - Episode 1. Submit one today. Newer Articles Older Articles. Show Selector 10 After Midnight 2 Death 3 Dr. Inbetween 32 Mr. Mayor 1 Mr. Robinson 32 Mr.

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Body Bag Girl. Tango Romeo. Gimme Back My Brain Therapy? Spotify Amazon.

All 19 songs featured in Shameless season 8 episode 3: God Bless Her, with scene descriptions. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on .

9 thoughts on “Daily Grind - Shameless / Various - Dat Sounds Presents... BLESS The Mixtape (CD, Album)

  1. London based MC, Shameless is at the forefront of 'Grindie' as the fusion of Grime and Indie. Shameless pioneered this scene by doing a remix of the Artic .
  2. Shameless are a hard rock and glam metal supergroup based in Munich, Germany. Although the band are based in Germany, they are notable for having numerous American rockers appearing on their albums. The original incarnation of Shameless was formed in .
  3. Check out Shameless by The Weeknd on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.co5/5(6).
  4. Shameless Soundtrack (CD) Average Rating: () stars out of 5 stars Write a review. UMGD. Walmart # $ $ 22 $ $ Qty: Free delivery on $35+ orders. Arrives by Fri, Jul Free pickup Fri, Jul Ships to San Leandro, Davis St. More delivery & pickup misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.co: UMGD.
  5. This CD at least matches his work with the Prisoners, but with a little harder edge. Great guitar hooks and melodies, no-nonsense production, this man is still in his prime. The music has a retro sound, yet it's original -- I racked my brain trying to come up with bands from the 60s that they resemble, but couldn't think of any, so I guess it's /5(5).
  6. Find Shameless discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.
  7. Thre3Style 'Lucky Bastid' finalist SA DMC finalist SA DMC Runner-up CT DMC Winner bookings [email protected] misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.co Johannesburg. 8 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Shameless on your desktop or mobile device.
  8. Shameless Disco is a monthly club night held in East London. Past Homes include The Horse & Groom and London Fields Pubs with our new home being The Waiting Room (Formerly The Drop) on Stoke Newington. London. 2 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Shameless Disco on your desktop or mobile device.
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