Dadmun And Miller - Abide With Me (Shellac)

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Gennett is a record company and label. The company was owned by the Starr Piano Company of Richmond, Indiana, and was named after the latter's three most important managers, Harry, Fred, and Clarence Gennett. Issue began in , with the first discs being vertically cut; these included three items by the pianist Earl Fuller.

Laterally cut discs were released from mid, among them a recording by the New Orleans Jazz Band. The company made its first forays into the race-record market with material by white bands, and issued a long series of discs recorded in by the Original Memphis Five under the pseudonym Ladd's Black Aces and a more important sequence made in —3 by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings as the Friars Society Orchestra.

Sessions by a few vaudeville blues singers were organized, but extensive recording of race material did not begin until , when King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton both recorded for the label. These tracks formed the start of a series of recordings now held to be classics.

Gennett never had a designated race series: instead, from , it printed the relevant labels with the legend "race record," and was the only company to adopt this policy. The discs were generally issued in batches as part of the general sequence, especially after December , when the catalogue reached ; at this point the company started to produce electrically made recordings, the Electrobeams.

As well as exchanging masters with other small labels, Gennett provided recording facilities for Black Patti in and Paramount in The company also undertook much custom recording, offering its services to individuals and ensembles who were prepared to pay to make their own discs. Important jazz from this scheme, notably items by Jesse Crump, appears on unnumbered records with either Gennett or special labels. The label Gennett itself was discontinued in , but the company continued to release discs on its subsidiary labels Champion and Superior before discontinuing its music labels at the end of The Champion trademark and the rights to some of Gennett's recordings were sold to Decca; as a consequence some of the company's more famous material was reissued on English Brunswick in the mids, but often with very poor sound quality.

Gennett remained in the recording business for sound effects and other purposes throughout the s, and as a result the company was given an allocation of shellac during World War II. Harry Gennett entered into an arrangement whereby this was made available to the promoter and producer Joe Davis, who put out a short race series, the Gennett s; this included reissues and new material. Davis soon discontinued the name Gennett in favor of his own labels, Beacon and Joe Davis, though records were occasionally issued on Gennett in other series for a short period thereafter.

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Work Titles: A's Arrangement Items arranged alphabetically by song title. Adagio Pathetique Composer: Godard. L'Addio Composer: Bovio. Adeste Fideles Composer: Floridia. Adeste Fideles Arranger: Floridia, P.

Adeste Fideles Composer: Maloof. Afghanstan Composer: Wilander. After All Composer: Roberts. After Every Party Composer: Freed. Performer: F. Ferera's Hawaiian Quartette. After the Rain Composer: Kahn. After the Storm Composer: Nelson.

Aggravatin' Papa Composer: Turk. Ah Ha! Composer: Clare. Composer: Monaco. Beneditte 'E Bagne! Composer: Nicolo', Mario. Aida Composer: Verdi.

Ain't She Sweet Composer: Yellen. Ain't That Hateful Composer: Creger. Air Composer: Bach. Alabamy Mammy Composer: von Tilzer. Alabamy Bound Composer: De Sylva.

Alfonsa Performer: Gonzalez y su orquesta. All Aboard for Heaven Composer: Rose. All Alone Composer: Berlin. All By Myself Composer: Berlin. All Muddled Up Composer: Wenrich. All Night Blues Composer: Jones. All the Way to Calvary Composer: Ackley.

All Wrong Composer: Martin. Alligator Hop Composer: Oliver. Aloha Land Composer: Herzer, Walter. Aloha Sunset Land Composer: Kauels. Aloma Composer: Joyce. Amalia Polka Composer: Giannone. Performer: Lieut. Matt's th Infantry Band. Among My Souvenirs Composer: Leslie. Amorek Performer: Orkiestra Deta. Amoureuse Waltz Performer: Signor Frosini. Wee, Wee Composer: Ruby. Andulko Me Dite Composer: Czecho. Angel Child Composer: Price. Angels Composer: Kalmar. Angry Composer: Brunies. Annabelle Composer: Brown.

Annie Laurie Composer: Scott. Annie My Own Composer: Scharf. Answer Composer: Robyn. Anvil Chorus Composer: Verdi. Performer: Hart, Charles and Elliot Shaw. Apple Sauce Composer: Freed. Arabia Composer: Green. Arcady Composer: Jolson. Are you Lonely? Composer: Burke. Are You Sorry Composer: Davis. Arkansas Blues Composer: Lada.

As You Were Composer: Gaskill. Asleep in the Deep Performer: Hawtrey, F. At Night Composer: Engel. At Sundown Composer: Donaldson. Athlone Composer: Chapman. Avalon Composer: Jolson, Al. Ave Maria Composer: Gounod. Ave Maria Composer: Schubert. Awful Moanin' Blues Composer: Miller. Work Titles: B's Arrangement Items arranged alphabetically by song title. Babuna Oberek Arranger: Boluta, Win.

Baby Composer: Kanh. Baby Blue Eyes Composer: Hirsch. Baby's Got the Blues Composer: Creamer. Backbiting Moan Composer: Bolan. Bad News Blues Composer: Akst.

Bajadera Composer: Kalman, E. La Ballerina Composer: Gatti, D. Bambalina Composer: Youmans. A Banjo Song Composer: Weeds. Baptistown Crawl Composer: May. Barcarolle Composer: Offenbach. Barbara Allen Composer: Robison. Barcarole Tales of Hoffman Composer: Offenbach. Barney Google Composer: Rose. Battleship New York Composer: Futton. Baxter's Jig Performer: Conlon, Peter.

Beale Street Mamma Composer: Turk. Beautiful Ohio Composer: Earl. Beautiful California Composer: Dewitt. Beautiful Spring Performer: Brownfield, Harvey. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Composer: Pounds. Beautiful Island of Somewhere Composer: Pounds.

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Composer: Pownds. Beautiful Annabell Lee Composer: Mehlinger. Bebe Composer: Silver. Because from "Jocelyn" Composer: Godard. Bee's Knees Composer: Lopez.

Before the World Began Composer: Sterling. Before You Go Composer: M. The Bells of St. Mary Composer: Adams. Belphigor March Performer: Prince, Alexander. Ben Bolt Performer: Ellis, Viola. Benamor Performer: Glantz, Nathan. Berceuse from "Jocelyn:" Composer: Hoffman.

Beside a Silv'ry Stream Composer: Black. Big Boy Composer: Ager. Bimini Bay Composer: Whiting. Birth of the Blues Composer: Henderson. Black Bottom Blues Composer: Bomburyero. Black Eyed Blues Composer: Jaxore. Black Sheep Blues Composer: Kahn. Blackborn Thick Performer: Dick, Pamby. La Blanche Waltzes Composer: Sheridan. Bleeding Heart Blues Composer: Austin. Blue Danube Waltz Composer: Strauss. Blue Diamonds Composer: Caddigan. Blue Grass Blues Composer: Meyers. Blue Hoosier Blues Composer: Friend.

Performer: Smilin' Sam's Dixie Strutters. Blue Jeans Composer: Traveller. Blue Rose Composer: Coleman. Blue Rose Waltz Composer: Logan. Bluin' the Blues Composer: Mitchell. Beazley ; James Rowe. Davis ; John T. Toplady ; Thos. Bonar ; C. Crosby ; Mrs. Gilmore ; Wm. Owens ; W. Walford ; Wm. Walker ; L. How ; Justin H. Robinson ; J. Fillimore Bennett ; Jos. Bradbury -- Shall we meet? Hastings ; Elihu S. McDonald ; W. Watts ; G. Mackay ; J. Lyte ; Wm. Rankin ; W. Hoffman ; A. Newman ; John B.

O why not to-night? Bonar ; J. Alexander ; W. Hall ; John T. Hoffman ; J. Fischer -- Is my name written there? Dunbar -- Why not now? Witter ; H. Cowper ; T. Merritt ; Wm. Gabriel ; Ida M. Bessie F. Gabriel ; T. Deaton ; arr.

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Abide With Me Performer: Dadmun and Miller Physical Description: 1 10" sound disc.

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