Cry In The Wind - Psycho Sin - You Axed For It (Vinyl)

Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. As you hear the voice of the author it changes from beginning to middle to end as at times it is one of hope, then heartache and then despair always hoping to find that one positive that would change it all. From working in the laundry to the kitchen to the unnecessary beatings she and her sister endured Othello withstood more than anyone should in a lifetime even before she reached her ten.

But, when she turned 12 things changed at the orphanage and her father came to see them to take them for the weekend. Leaving them alone and then making them wait until he took care of his male needs with Othello.

How can a father abuse a child like that and how did she deal with his betrayals only wanting him to care for her and her sisters and brothers. Then the most precious gift of all she bestowed upon herself. Not only that it seemed to ease her way with Ms. Polk her matron. Othello was bright, full of life and made sure she protected her family when she could. Then, a miracle happens and her brother Don returns from Korea. Things changed for a while since he and his family came to visit and the rest were united for a short time.

Then the unthinkable happens at the orphanage and the abuse roars on even worse several children were raped.

The ending will astound you as Othello gets punished for reporting what we all know is wrong and should not have been swept under the rug. When you read the Epilogue you will know what the fate of her family members and the courage it took for Othello to forge ahead, go after what she wants and never ever have to Cry Into The Wind Again and let her prayers and wishes fly away.

The final chapter is quite compelling and can be used as a resource for anyone who has ever been a victim of any type of abuse: Regaining, Self Respect.

You certainly did. Abuse of any type is wrong and the way the children in the orphanage in Texas and Oklahoma were treated is beyond horrific and the fact that there are places today and kids in foster care that are enduring the same type of treatment equally as horrific. I started with review with Close your eyes and picture your life in a field filled with mud.

Now: Open them and realize that everyone needs to protect the children from harm and the picture painted in the first chapters of this book should not be the ones painted in real life for anyone. I dedicate this to all children who seek help and hopefully will be rescued and receive it.

I dedicate this to the memory of Mason and Thurmond and to an author who shared her thoughts, her life and her goals with us and achieved so much in her life. Thank you for sending me this book to review. It was not uncommon for Othello and her family to be referred to by others as "white trash.

Her mother told her she might as well, "cry into the wind" because the possibility of getting any of those was next to none - hence the name of the book. Feb 18, Karla Goforth Abreu rated it liked it. When reading this I sometimes felt deeply angered at the people who abused and neglected Othello and her siblings. The utter poverty she describes, along with the horrible treatment of children is beyond horrible.

The fact that institutions, in the 20th century, early or late, could commit such atrocities, slave labor, sexual abuse sanctioned by the church and filthy practices roaches in the food is incomprehensible. Yet, of course, we have had that today with constant sex trafficking, Catholic sex abuse cover-ups, etc. Even so, the depiction of the approval or blind eye turned from that era is atrocious.

Yet, there is a sense of triumph in the end. The book would have had more stars but the writing is not quite as eloquent as some biographies. I recommend this book if you like biographies about people who triumph through the most difficult of circumstances. Mar 07, CM rated it it was ok. Just sad. Apr 27, Martha Cheves rated it it was amazing. When he had finished, a gaping hole about six feet wide and twenty feet long lay before us. He tried to run up it and only slipped and slid because it was so loose.

The rest of us simply stared. When the digging was finished, the man drove the backhoe onto his trailer, hopped into his truck, and pulled it up next to ours. He and Daddy unloaded our headboard and dresser, set them on the back blade of the backhoe, and tied them in place with rope. Without another word, the stranger climbed into his truck and slowly drove on down the road.

Eyes wide open, fixed on the trench, the tears flowed, uninterrupted. Don and Mason glared at Daddy. Daddy turned and left. This was a thousand times better than living in the truck. In fact, as far as I could see, this was the greatest place anyone could live. Like rabbits! Sliding into our house and burrowing beneath the earth.

She was the oldest girl and the middle sibling of seven. He never lived in the hole in the ground but spent his time in town going from bar to bar and woman to woman. To sell a surplus of ancient 35mm.

The film that was being cut up? You guessed it. Sauerlaender was able to rescue the fragments that make a complete copy, perhaps the only print in existence today!

It told of workmen digging a well in the floor of an old synagogue. They uncover a. That statue is sold to an antique dealer. Later, in an ancient cabalistic volume, the dealer o A little girl makes a friendly gesture toward the giant of clay. This second miracle causes the awakening of a soul in his clay body.

But the frightened girl runs from her eerie suit- or and he realizes — he is a monster. Filled with fury by his fate, the Golem pursues the girl, blind- ly destroying everything before him. In the end he perishes, falling from a tower. His corpse lies in the street, a shattered figure of clay. Twice we are told by film historian Oscar Estes he was captured by soldiers in his own army and held as a spy be- cause of his Eurasian features.

When he was recognized, he was released! Rabbi Loew Albert Steinrueck , an astrologer, is studying the portents of the stars thna an astro- labe. His interpretation of the signs: misfortune threatens the Jews. Descending a spiral staircase he says to his assistant. Famulus Ernst Deutsch : "I must warn our people.

The stars predict disaster. They practice Black Magic. We Decree that all Jews shall leave sight of the city before the month is ended. Rabbi Loew is studdying. Then he lifts a hidden trapdoor to descend to an under- ground crypt.

With his knife point he cuts a mys- tic seal across the door, enters, removes a stone panel from a window and light falls upon a strange figure leaning against the far wall. On the floor are several broken, incompleted statues: this one, against the wall, seems lacking only a face. With his hands, Loew burrows in the soft clay and molds the features.

I warned him twice of danger. Tell him I seek an audience. Golem portrait. He goes upstairs for help. Famulus is astonished as Loew appears from the trapdoor.

He drops his skillet and its alchemical contents. They struggle with the rigid statue up the stair- way from, the co'Pt. On the laboratory level they place it upright in a closet.

Come to the Festival in the castle and amuse us with your magical arts. When the magic word is placed in the amulet on his breast he will live and breathe as long as he wears it. Waving a wand, Loew points in the cardinal di- rections, then, above the floor he draws an imagin- ary circle about himself. Fire ignites a magic ring about the sorcerer. He beckons to Famulus who fearfully steps inside the circle. Flitting, dancing balls of fire swirl about their heads. The demon's bulging eyes and slit-like mouth are horrible — they begin to smoke fiercely and hurricane winds blast the frightened men.

The face fades from view and in a flash of smoke the fiery circle vanishes. It is over. Loew lifts Famulus to a chair and shakes him awake.

Deliriously happy he exhibits the amulet, then takes pen and scrawls the magic letters on the strip of paper; A-E-M-A-E-R. In a full length shot, the Golem opens his eyes. The Golem looks all around — wobbles a bit, side to side — walks toward Loew, beside the forge. The Golem pivots, starts back and encounters Famulus. He hurls Loess assistant to the floor, returns to his original position. Triumphantly, Loew snatches away the amulet and the Golem tips rigidly backward, inanimate, against the stairway.

The Golem at work chopping wood — with the wrong side of the axehead! The Golem moves to the well. In his study above. Rabbi Loew observes his creature, with his daughter Miriam. She fears it. He starts off in the wrong direction and Famulus motions the true way. As the Golem walks down the street, Famulus is his shadow.

The carved creation that alchemy turned into a massive living monster. The elders cringe in fear. He will come to you each day with a list of articles we need. Greatly per- plexed, because he cannot remove the basket from the folded stone arm, Famulus motions the Golem to straighten it. The reaction is so sudden it fright- ens Famulus but he takes the basket from the out- stretched arm. Famulus becomes fascinated with controlling the creature, takes him to the forge to try to ex- plain how the bellows fans the flame for his al- chemy skillet.

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Golem," says Loew. He awakens the creature. Famulus orders him to pound and Golem rattles the plaster but the door holds.

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Loews roof in flames. Crowds milling. A man shouts. Golem places Miriam on a boulder, strides off. The Golem arrives at the great ghetto gate. He tries to push the gate open; the huge bar is in place. He pushes harder and the bar breaks. The gates swing wide. The child- ren are frightened and run. All except one small blonde girl-child. With happiness on his face, Golem confronts the child.

She holds up her apple. Or browse results titled :. Psycho Sin Hoboken, New Jersey. Contact Psycho Sin. Streaming and Download help.

Report this album or account. The brooding and, at times, menacing presence of her new brother-in-law, Mick, threatens her peace of mind in more ways than one, as mistrust and violent dislike turn into the agonies of forbidden love. The story starts out as a kitchen sink drama but evolves into the saddest kind of tragedy, as Annie and Mick fight their true feelings for one another, destined never to find real happiness together. After Mick's death, it transpires that his adult life had been blighted by a terrible secret and his bequest to his favourite nephew, Annie's son Oisin Kelly, reveals a mystery waiting to be solved.

And so begin's Oisin's quest. I can't wait to read the next part of this compelling trilogy. Moya Burridge rated it really liked it Aug 17, Ginny rated it it was amazing Oct 31, Dorothy rated it liked it Apr 02, Trieu Van marked it as to-read Jun 12, Phiwokuhle Rubuluza marked it as to-read Jun 12, Eileen Thornton marked it as to-read Jun 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Iona Carroll. Iona Carroll. Books by Iona Carroll. Are you having a difficult time reading these days? If so, you're not alone.


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  1. Dec 29,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Psycho Sin - You Axed For It at Discogs. Complete your Psycho Sin collection/5(9).
  2. You Axed For It by Psycho Sin, released 01 January 1. Guns for the Underground 2. If I'm Insane 3. Outlaw 4. Manson's Innocent 5. Cry In the Wind 6. Everything's Fucked Up 7. Adjustable Life 8. This Is Hardcore.
  3. Sep 10,  · Psycho Sin since This band was started by Carlo Casanova soon after he returned home from the U.S. Army. Carlo found Dan McHale and the duo began to make real noise. Hardcore Punk was at it's baby age. They have a sound unlike anyone else! Left wing crossed with pure anarchy!
  4. Directed by Anthony Heller, Leonard Schach. With Flora Robson, Giannis Voglis, Dimitra Kasma, Despo Diamantidou.
  5. PSYCHO SIN - You Axed For It! 7" $ PSYCHO SIN/CYANAMID/SOCIAL DECAY/LETHAL AGGRESSION - 4 way split 7" $ USELESS ID - Get In The Pita Bread Pit LP $ USELESS ID/TARAKANY - split 7" $ USELESS ID/TOPSY TURVYS - split 7" $ REFUSE RECORDS (new) FOG - Into The Fog 7" $ PROTEIN - The Things I Cannot Hide 7" $
  6. Sep 07,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Psycho Sin - 3 songs ( US Noisecore-Fastcore) YouTube Rapt-Nazis Communists (France Political Noisecore Punk) - Duration: Dronemf S. 3, views.
  7. Provided to YouTube by Entertainment One Distribution US Cry Like The Wind · Soundtrack / Cast Album Do-re-mi - Featuring Nathan Lane ℗ DRG RECORDS Released.
  8. The Wind Cries Mary Lyrics: After all the jacks are in their boxes / And the clowns have all gone to bed / You can hear happiness staggering on down the street / Footprints dressed in red / .

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