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High stress tolerance -- thrives in a high-pressure environment. Things to do in Charleston, SC. Get Your Bearings in Charleston. Things to See Visitors are attracted to Charleston, S. Explore Further. Where to Stay Charleston's hotels are no doubt a huge draw for visitors to the city. What to Eat It's no secret that Charleston has become a leading food destination in the Southeast, competing with the likes of Savannah, Atlanta and Miami.

Places to Party Sunset in Charleston means it's time to explore the night side of the city, getting to know our hometown through the friends you'll meet at the bar! Best Nightlife Bars Billiards. Live Music Lounges Sports Bars. Where to Shop Charleston's shopping districts are centered in on King, Meeting and Broad Streets, all of which offer a wide variety of men's, women's and children's clothing stores, antique shops and souvenir stores. Best Shopping Christmas Shopping. From a carriage ride along a seaside street to an afternoon boat outing on the Atlantic, Charleston's romantic history, picturesque architecture and scenic surroundings are sure to inspire your next vacation.

Experience the charm of a historic Southern City combined with the contemporary vibes of South Carolina's coastal culture. With its second-to-none restaurant scene, beautiful oceanfront resorts and enduring cultural roots, the Holy City is a haven for history buffs and beachgoers. Get a taste of the culture and culinary traditions that Charleston, South Carolina is famous for! From history, to adventure to quality time in a beautiful place, there's something fun for everyone in the family in Charleston, South Carolina.

Experience the Southern hospitality and charm of Charleston wherever you decide to stay. Seating is limited and by reservation only. For reservations, please call us at Monday — Thursday from pm — 9pm Friday and Saturday — Seatings at pm, 6pm, 8pm and pm.

View Outdoor Dining Service Menu. We are still open for curbside pick-up in addition to our outdoor dining option. View Our To Go Menu. In , the city formally apologized for its role in the American Slave trade after CNN noted that slavery "riddles the history" of Charleston.

The magazine has ranked Charleston the best city in the U. The city limits also have expanded across the Cooper River, encompassing Daniel Island and the Cainhoy area. The present city has a total area of North Charleston blocks any expansion up the peninsula, and Mount Pleasant occupies the land directly east of the Cooper River.

Sullivan's Island lies to the north of the entrance and Morris Island to the south. There is a submerged river delta off the mouth of the harbor and the Cooper River is deep. Summer is the wettest season; almost half of the annual rainfall occurs from June to September in the form of thundershowers.

Fall remains relatively warm through the middle of November. Winter is short and mild, and is characterized by occasional rain.

The dewpoint from June to August ranges from As defined by the U. Office of Management and Budget, for use by the U. Census Bureau and other U. Government agencies for statistical purposes only, Charleston is included within the Charleston—North Charleston—Summerville metropolitan area and the Charleston-North Charleston urban area.

As of the U. Census, the metropolitan statistical area had a total population of , people. North Charleston is the second-largest city in the Charleston—North Charleston—Summerville Metropolitan Statistical Area and ranks as the third-largest city in the state; Mount Pleasant and Summerville are the next-largest cities.

These cities combined with other incorporated and unincorporated areas along with the city of Charleston form the Charleston-North Charleston Urban Area with a population of , as of [update]. The traditional parish system persisted until the Reconstruction Era , when counties were imposed. When the city of Charleston was formed, it was defined by the limits of the Parish of St. Philip and St. Michael, now also includes parts of St.

James' Parish, St. George's Parish, St. Andrew's Parish, and St. John's Parish, although the last two are mostly still incorporated rural parishes. It took seven years before the group arranged for settlement expeditions.

In , Governor William Sayle brought over several shiploads of settlers from Bermuda , which lies due east of Charleston although closer to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina , and Barbados in the eastern Caribbean. The British Crown did not approve the one attempt to do so in the 's. At the time of contact, the area was inhabited by the Cusabo natives.

The settlers declared war on them in October The Charelstonians initially allied with the Westo , a slaving northern tribe that had grown powerful trading for guns with the colonists in Virginia. The Westo had made enemies of nearly every other tribe in the region, however, and the English turned on them in Destroying the Westo by , the settlers were able to use their improved relations with the Cusabo and other tribes to trade, recapture runaway slaves , and engage in slaving raids of Spanish -allied areas.

The Earl of Shaftesbury , one of the Lords Proprietors, proclaimed that it would soon become "a great port towne". Not only was this location more defensible, but it also offered access to a fine natural harbor, which accommodated trade with the West Indies.

The new town was the 5th-largest in North America by On December 7, , the Lords Proprietors decided to separate the Province of North Carolina from Charles Town's government, although they continued to own and control both regions.

A smallpox outbreak hit in , followed by an earthquake in February , whose ensuing fire destroyed about a third of the town. Charles Town suffered between 5 and 8 major yellow fever outbreaks over the first half of the 18th century. It developed a deserved reputation as one of the least healthy locations in British North America for whites, although mistaken observations over the period led some doctors to think that blacks had a natural immunity to the disease.

Both black and white locals appear to have developed a general immunity to the disease by , with future outbreaks lasting until tending to kill only new arrivals, prompting its local name as "stranger's fever". Although it did not have the high fatalities of yellow fever, it caused much illness and was also a major health problem through most of the city's history before dying out in the s after use of pesticides.

Charles Town was fortified according to a plan developed in under Governor Nathaniel Johnson. The early settlement was often subject to attack from sea and land. Both Spain and France contested England's claims to the region. Native Americans and pirates both raided it, though the Yamasee War of the s did not quite reach it. The Circular Congregational Church manse was damaged during the storm in which church records were lost. Much of Charles Town was flooded as " the Ashley and Cooper rivers became one".

At least seventy lives were lost. The storm was more severe to the North of Charles Town. This storm created a new inlet of Currituck five miles south of the existing one which later became the accepted dividing line border between North Carolina and Virginia.

Charleston became a hotspot for pirates from the s; the combination of a weak government and corruption made the city popular with pirates, who frequently visited and raided the city. The famous pirate Anne Bonny grew up in the city. Charles Town was besieged by the pirate " Blackbeard " for several days in May ; his pirates plundered merchant ships and seized the passengers and crew of the Crowley. Blackbeard released his hostages and left in exchange for a chest of medicine from Governor Robert Johnson.

Around , the town's name began to be generally written Charlestown [26] and, excepting those fronting the Cooper River, the old walls were largely removed over the next decade. Charlestown was a center for inland colonization of South Carolina , but remained the southernmost point of English settlement on the American mainland until the Province of Georgia was established in The first settlers primarily came from England and its colonies on Barbados and Bermuda.

The latter planters brought African slaves with them who had been purchased in the islands. Early immigrants to the city included Protestant French , Scottish, Irish, and Germans, as well as hundreds of Jews , predominately Sephardi from England and the Netherlands. Catholic emancipation did not proceed in earnest until after the onset of the American Revolution. By , however, the majority of the colony's population were black Africans.

They had been brought to Charlestown on the Middle Passage , first as "servants" and then as slaves. In the early s Charleston's largest slave trader Joseph Wragg pioneered the American large-scale slave trade; Wraggborough is named for him. Many slaves were sold from here. At the foundation of the town, the principal items of commerce were pine timber and pitch for ships and tobacco. The early economy developed around the deerskin trade, in which colonists used alliances with the Cherokee and Creek peoples to secure the raw material used for Europeans' buckskin pants, gloves, and book bindings.

Records show an average annual export of 54, skins for the years from to At the same time, Indians were used to enslave one another. From to , approximately 40, native men, women, and children were sold through the port, principally to the West Indies but also to Boston and other cities in British North America. The area's unsuitability for tobacco prompted the Lowcountry planters to experiment with other cash crops. The profitability of growing rice led the planters to pay premiums for slaves from the "Rice Coast" who knew its cultivation; their descendants make up the Gullah.

Within three years, British subsidies and high demand had already made it a leading export. Throughout this period, the slaves were sold aboard the arriving ships or at ad hoc gatherings in town's taverns. The white community had recently been decimated by a malaria outbreak and the rebels killed about 25 white people before being stopped by the colonial militia; the rebellion resulted in whites killing 35 to 50 black people.

The planters attributed the violence to recently imported Africans and agreed to a year moratorium on slave importation through Charlestown, relying on the communities they already possessed.

The Negro Act also tightened controls, requiring one white for every ten blacks on any plantation and banning slaves from assembling together, growing their own food, earning money, or learning to read. Drums were banned owing to Africans' use of them for signaling, although slaves continued to be permitted string and other instruments.

By the midth century, Charlestown, described as "the Jerusalem of American slavery, its capital and center of faith", [40] : 89 was the hub of the Atlantic trade of England's southern colonies. From , many were sold from the newly constructed Gadsden's Wharf , where six slave ships at a time could tie up. The plantations and the economy based on them made this the wealthiest city in British North America [53] and the largest in population south of Philadelphia.

In , the city's 11, inhabitants—half slaves—made it the 4th-largest port after Boston , New York , and Philadelphia. The elite used this wealth to create cultural and social development. America's first theater building was constructed here in ; it was later replaced by today's Dock Street Theater.

The Library Society was established in by well-born young men who wanted to share the financial cost to keep up with the scientific and philosophical issues of the day.

The completion of jetties through the harbour bar in provided Charleston with a deepwater entrance, and in a U. Charleston remains the financial and commercial centre of coastal South Carolina. The city was devastated by a powerful hurricane in September , and its economy received a serious, though short-lived, blow in , when the decision was made to close the naval shipyard and several other naval bases. Fort Sumter National Monument , commemorating the first shot fired in the Civil War, is located about 3.

Nearby are Middleton Place, a former plantation with a formal garden established in the midth century; Magnolia Plantation and Its Gardens, noted for azaleas and camellias; and Cypress Gardens. Article Media.

Be prepared with the most accurate day forecast for Charleston, SC with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and

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  1. is the official city website dedicated to helping you find the best of everything in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in , Charleston is cited for its beauty, its history, its restaurants, its livability, its shopping, its business climate, and its romantic appeal. Its accolades are seemingly endless.
  2. At their meeting on June 25, , Charleston City Council approved an emergency ordinance requiring face coverings in public areas throughout the city of Charleston to reduce risk of exposure to COVID, effective July 1,
  3. Discover why Charleston is the one destination you absolutely, positively must visit. Voted #1 Best U.S. City by Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards 9 years in a row.
  4. Charleston Tourism: Tripadvisor has , reviews of Charleston Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Charleston resource.
  5. City of Charleston. Known as the "Holy City", for its long tolerance for religions of all types, Charleston is the state's most beautiful and historic treasure. Charleston has had a starring role in South Carolina history since its founding more than years ago. Read More.
  6. Mar 05,  · Mayor John Tecklenburg and city of Charleston leaders remain in close communication with federal, state and regional officials including representatives of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), the U.S. Coast Guard and the Medical University of South Carolina .
  7. Charleston is a great destination thanks to incredible diversity that ensures an unforgettable vacation for couples, families, single travelers or a group of friends. There are so many things to do in Charleston so come explore the city's many attractions and historic culture to find the perfect activity for you.
  8. Charleston's craft beer scene is thriving and plays a large (& thirst quenching) role in the destination’s acclaimed dining scene. View More Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-free Guide To Charleston.
  9. The College of Charleston is a state-supported comprehensive university providing a high-quality education in the arts and sciences, education and business.

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