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The winning dealer and the Decca salesman whose territory he is in each with a companion of his choice will be flown to Brazil for a Holiday in Rio. Before ar- riving in Rio, the winners will also spend three days in the Ciudad Tru- jillo as guests of the Dominican Republic Tourist Office.

In Rio the visi- tors will stay at the Copacabana Pal- ace. Besides all expenses being paid, and planned entertainment, the win- ners will be presented with an Ameri- can Express Travelers Cheque for their personal use. In addition to the vacation for the First Prize winners, Decca will also make other awards to runners-up.

Dealers will be supplied with exten- sive display material for the exploi- tation of the Holiday Series. Main unit is an electric flip card display. This will be augmented by mounted and unmounted lithos of the albums in the series, and colorful posters from spots all over the world that are among the locations included in the Holiday albums.

The travel bureaus of each of these countries have coop- erated in making the material avail- able. Decca salesmen will present the promotion plans to their dealers via a special kit — a canvas airplane case from Varig Airlines — in which will be contained all the necessary informa- tion and material, including bound litho folders.

The consumer will be made aware of the Holiday Series via a specially designed leaflet, attractively illus- trated; by extensive advertising on national and local levels, and by re- views on the albums which will appear in newspapers all over the country. Congra tu la tions M. Jay Kay Distributing Co. Pico Blvd. Beckman is the owner of two retail record shops and has been active in the record busi- ness in Southern California for the last ten years.

The new one-stop will be competi- tively priced for operators and will contain a complete mail order depart- ment. Beckman announced that the store will remain open seven days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM for the con- venience of operators who might wish to phone in orders over the weekend to be picked up on a Monday. A complete title strip service will also be available to ops. An open house cocktail party will be held to mark the official opening on May Marks is the owner of St. Thanks Music Operators and D.

Occupying the entire 13th floor of a building still unfinished in the heart of the TV area, WMOA now has modern quarters embodying the most advanced engineering facilities and inaugurating the latest techniques in local broadcasting.

One of the pioneer stations in New York, WMCA has changed locations three times in the past, but this is the first move from the Broadway area. Originally located in the McAlpin Hotel at Broadway and 33rd Street, the station subsequently moved to 53rd Street and Broadway, then to 52nd and Broadway , where it enjoyed a brief network stint as part of the Intercity System sharing pro- grams with Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.

Originator of notable radio firsts, WMCA- — during its Broadway heyday — introduced many of the programs that made radio history. Lloyd was just standing there engrossed and happy about the whole visit. Bethlehem — leads the way. Hollywood, Cal.

JU N. Z ! Both artists are Decca pactees. He smiles appreciatively as Bob Austin hands over the award. Every single day of the year, thousands of news- papers and millions of readers rely on AP to bring them accurate, up to the minute, unbiased facts.

An important fact for the entire music industry to know is that The Cash Box charts go out over the AP wires every single week. They are relayed to news- papers and radio stations everywhere and give program directors, disk jockeys and editors the latest standing of current pop records.

It is a rare thing that AP should use any but its own sources. Yet for a specialized field such as music and records, it seeks out the best possible source and in turn gives the information from that expert source to its clients.

We at The Cash Box are proud of this public recog- nition by the most respected and reliable news service. We have always known that our charts were the most accurate, most timely, completely honest compilations available.

We knew also that most of the music industry was aware of their effectiveness. Now this superiority is attested to by the acme of reliability as far as the news world is concerned. Once again we say we are extremely proud of this recognition. Thanks Operators From Southern California's newest and fastest growing independent distributor.

Write for Our Mailer. REpublic Records Are Your In Entertainment For an industry that is so dependent on promotion, hypo and hoopla, the record industry is strangely deficient in its willingness to promote itself. Every record that comes out gets some kind of promotion. A song plugger works on it; a disk jockey promotion man makes the rounds; one stops get special incentives; contests are held among distributor salesmen and retailers.

But as far as the industry as a whole goes, there has never been a campaign to inform the public of the advantages of records. There can be no doubt that records are the best buy in enter- tainment today. For less than a dollar you can buy a recording of one of the top artists in the nation and listen to it any time you please.

And for three or four dollars you can buy an album that can give you approximately forty minutes of musical entertainment time and time again. Moreover, while the price of almost every other form of enter- tainment has been going up, the price of many records has been going down. The cost of movies, concerts and other public performances has been on the upgrade for years. A television set can cost hundreds of dollars. And yet a single record still costs less than a dollar and an album costs less than ever.

This is a tremendous story to tell the public — to tell from an industry-wide point of view. Yet no step has ever been taken in this direction. Why not? The record industry is an expanding industry. Yearly its gross and potential increases by leaps and bounds. With a growing popu- lation and undiminishing prosperity, the future looks brighter than ever. Yet the record industry will fail to achieve its greatest possible sales unless it can act on an industry-wide basis when the occasion demands it.

A right step was taken several years ago when the record com- panies got together to form the RIAA. But unfortunately the achievements which were hoped for from that organization have not yet been fulfilled.

A program to inform the public of the advantages and benefits of records in their lives is certainly something everyone in the record business can agree upon.

And certainly here is a program which should logically originate with and be carried out by the RIAA. Now Watch For. Best Wishes To M. Los Angeles 6, Calif. Phone: REpublic Hello to all our New Jersey operator friends — and thanks for your patronage throughout the year.

Place: Club, Broadway, Oakland, Calif. Place: Fresno Hotel, Fresno, Calif. Place: U. Grant Hotel, San Diego, Calif. Place: Beaconsfield Hotel, Boston, Mass. Place: Rush Blvd. Place: Sacramento Hotel, Sacramento, Calif. J S Is iSl. In the past several years, the quality of records has im- proved not only musically but in all its physical qualities. Today we never hear the complaint that used to be prev- alent during the war, for instance, that a record could only be played three or four times before it fell apart.

Records now stand up for a long time and survive many adverse con- ditions. The advent of hi-fi has probably been the most important factor in the development of better records. Hi-fii made the sound in a record of vital importance. It demanded im- proved pressings because poor pressings had such surface noise that the record could not comfortably be heard.

Even the smallest company today insists on the best pos- sible vinyl for its records. It is no longer a question of just turning out a record and letting it last for just a few plays.

With juke boxes and home phonographs all embracing hi-fi today, even the first playing of a poorly pressed record shows glaring defects. Almost every record firm, which despite the introduction of hi-fi, nevertheless still tried to save pennies with bad press- ings, has now come to the realization that only well pressed records sell in quantity.

Of course a hit sells. But what most diskeries have found out is that they have a large catalogue. It is these records which nothing happens to unless they are physically good records. And even hits sell in larger quantity when they are pressed well. It used to be taken for granted that the majors used the more expensive pressings, while the independents cut the corners.

Today that is no longer so, for both majors and in- dependents try to get their records as good as possible. When the independents realized the necessity for good pressings, the majors then went further and made efforts to improve their own product even beyond the high qualitative state they had already reached.

The effect of all this competition — and hi-fi — has been to create better sounds for the public, a longer lasting record, and a more or less uniform physical quality which the entire record industry can be proud of.

In- stead of several invoices to check, there is only one. Instead of several phone calls or letters, one call does the trick. It is, however, worth real money to the operator. Thus the operator is able to take ad- vantage of our experience.

He can buy the hit versions much earlier. The owners tell us that they are picking up much additional business by being able to get a second order of various brands on Saturday. It can very often deter- mine the success or failure of a project. The timing of the release of a record is one of the most important elements in its future sales, but all too often that factor is completely overlooked by record firms. And such occurrences serve neither the potential buyer nor the record busi- ness.

It seems to us that record reviews and disk jockey play should both be timed with the distribution of the record. The same applies to disk jockey play. Of course, you may build up some kind of demand, but a person going into a store to buy a record usually wants that record at that particular moment. One of the main principles of current sales procedure is to have merchandise available when the buyer wants it. It loses the impact of initial sales.

It loses the momentum of sustained buying. We have all heard of records that took off in three or four days. Timing in all phases of our industry is important.

Yet we neglect the timing of such an important fact as the release of a record. It seems to us that better coordination between the release date and distribution of records can certainly be effected. ASCAP and other representative spokesmen for the creators of musical works have suggested that the respective groups sit down and discuss the problem to see if such a plan may be found. They have repeatedly expressed their willingness to discuss with the music operators a revision of the copy- right law that would protect the juke box operators and the location owners, while recognizing the rights of the musical creators to some compensation for the performance of their music.

All that the creators of music seek is to establish the principle that operators of juke boxes, who make money out of playing copyrighted music, should pay something for using this property like every other user engaged in giving commercial performances. Once this principle is accepted by the juke box industry, we believe everything else can be worked out quickly and satisfactorily.

Congress: if it will aid in working out a solution of the problem, ASCAP would be willing to eliminate itself entirely from the juke box picture. Either way, it is our sincere belief, that once the operators and the creators sit down together and discuss their mutual problems, a plan can be worked out that is simple to carry out, inexpensive to the operator, and fair to all concerned.

Manned with six saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones and a three- piece rhythm section, the Heath aggre- gation displayed the delightful brand of music mastery that has made it the number one band of the Isles.

For this number, each of the 17 men in the band was pro- vided with a drum, and they all beat in unison. It was a fascinating ex- perience. The results were refreshing and marked the first time such an instrument was featured in a jazz band. Ted closed with a pleasant speech thanking the American people for the warm welcome they had given him.

Probably the greatest lesson that record retailers as a whole have to learn is the art of merchandising. Too often the record man is using selling ideas that went out of style twenty years ago. Many are not taking advantage of the latest practices in placing their shops and their merchandise in the most advantageous position possible before the buying public.

And this despite the fact that almost every record manu- facturer today is doing his utmost to aid the retailer in his merchandising problems. All sorts of programs have been developed by these record firms. There is a store modern- ization plan ; there are window display aids ; there are inside merchandising racks which help to properly display records. Yet many retailers are still living in the dark ages as far as selling is concerned.

In the last few years, album covers have approached the level of high art. Some covers have been spectacularly beau- tiful. Many have won prizes for outstanding art jobs. These covers are natural sales aids. They attract the customer, help him want the records which are inside. Yet in many, many stores throughout the country these albums are stacked in bins where they are never displayed and are only sold when they are asked for.

If merchandisers in other retail busi- nesses kept their stock stored in the same way and simply waited to be asked for an item, the level of American business would be infinitely smaller than it is today. When business slumps a little, record dealers are used to blaming it on lack of hit records which bring people into the stores. Record retailing is still in the horse and buggy stage.

Congratulations to M. Ward will record in two entirely different styles. Her first sides will be released shortly. The third artist to be signed is vocalist Johnny Carroll. Carroll, a native of Godley, Texas, was signed by Paul Cohen. The record company disclosed that the Powell deal is one of the most lucrative yet offered to a personality with the star committed to a one-year agreement with an option for four more years. The first recording session is scheduled within the next month with Bregman fronting a large orchestra to back up the screen star.

Besides his disk jockey job, he will also act in a new TV series. Everyone does it. The music business, of course, is subject to its share of complaints. No one in the business knows what factors go into the making of a hit. It is an artistic busi- ness in which hunches very often pay off better than precise planning. But difficult as the problems may be, the music busi- ness is nevertheless a wonderful business — exciting, eventful and rewarding.

Our industry is really in its infancy as far as expansion is concerned. There can be little doubt that the economy of the United States is on the verge of one of its greatest eras of prosperity. And the effects of this bright future on the music and record fields will be spectacular.

The factors which make our future so wonderful are almost too numerous to detail. But we would like to point out a few of them. Every year our birth statistics go up and our death rate goes down, leaving us with a constantly rising population ready, anxious and eager to make use of all the forces of entertainment at its disposal.

With larger incomes, people have the means to cultivate their tastes, indulge in purchases they might not have been able to afford before, and particularly see to it that their children have some of the cultural advantages they themselves might not have had.

Hand in hand with this rise in income is the prospect that leisure hours will be substantially increased in the com- ing years. There is constant pressure to lower working hours. There are current negotiations going on between labor un- ions and corporations attempting to establish the principle of a guaranteed wage, which will give employees an income on a year round basis, holding forth the possibility that sea- sonal slumps may thus be eliminated.

The social changes which have occurred in the United States in the last two decades have all tended in the direction of greater productivity, greater distribution of the wealth of the country, greater leisure for the majority of the popula- tion and an easier life for all.

These changes which have taken place, and which. Any way you look at it, our business is sitting pretty. Ballots containing the names of three candidates nominated by the Committee were printed in paid advertisements in the Amsterdam News and New York Age Defender, leading Negro weekly newspaper publications.

Prominent city offi- cials and celebrities from the show business world will be on hand for Dr. Hy and Sam will see everyone on the floor and entertain at the Hotel Croyden. They have three items moving nicely for them at the moment. Too many jocks had made arrangements for those dates and the organization decided to adhere to the initial plans. Gib- son, thru this column, asks all jockeys who have not been reached by phone or letter to consider this a blanket invitation to attend.

Henry Boye just a wee bit excited about a novelty rock and roll tune he is collaborating on with Jessie Stone. Dance music was supplied by the spectacular new Latin band, Moncho Lena, a fast rising group that will make its biggest impression on the New York market this season when it goes into the Palladium for a long stay. The pyrotechnical combination is signed to Ansonia Records. Dick has become a tremendous favorite of the Harlem kids, who have witnessed his earnest efforts in their behalf for two years.

Monty Bruce, who was formerly allied with Leo Rogers and Morty Craft, tells us he is making plans to come back into the busi- ness as a manufacturer on his own. Six talented youngsters vied for three scholarship courses of advanced lessons taught by Mary Lou Williams and other great jazz artists.

George Goldner planes out to the MOA show this weekend, where he will also do a bit of promoting. The jockeys will start arriving as early as Thursday, May 17, and will register Friday, May 18, from 8 to 10 a. Cocktail Party and dinner followed by entertainment. Business Session Third Saturday, May Saturday, May This session is open to record companies, artists, etc. Business Session Fifth Sunday, May Convention closes with a cocktail party.

Marie just signed with Wing and was formerly known for her work with Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Hampton Hawes due for appearances at the Blue Note. Shaw Artists tell us that they have a total of bands and singing groups around the country on one-nighters.

George adds that Joe Leibowitz of Premium called to say that the disk sold 15, in New York in one week. Len Chess really busy with his hits.

Bill Doggett wowing them at the Crown Propellor. Wing Records just signed alto sax player, Dick Johnson. He is skedded to make an LP. The Flairs and Shirley Gunter also due in to see the sights. The other is taking the southern route. Eddie Ray introducing Vivian Green to the disk-jockeys in town.

Harry Fox, back from a distributor tour of the western states, on which he represented several independent lines. Most of the independent distributors and manufacturers in town are attending the MOA con- vention this week in Chicago. The Coasters currently doing top business at the Regal Theatre in Chicago. Anywhere you inquire, The Cash Box Hot Charts have been the criterion by which artists, publishers, record company execs, juke box operators, disk jockeys and retailers have guided themselves.

We have been told about — and witnessed — retailers buying records by going right down our Hot Charts. We have seen juke box operators do the same.

And everyone knows that disk jockey after disk jockey programs directly from these charts. Why has The Cash Box taken on such importance in this field? Because nowhere else is the information we offer available with the same degree of accuracy, honesty and integrity. The charts are compiled with the greatest objectivity possible. And they encompass the widest possible area. In short, The Cash Box charts reflect what is actually happening, not what someone thinks may be happening or what someone would like to have happen.

It reaches throughout the entire record business, determining which songs are to go Pop, which records are to be pushed, which artists are to get the hot material. Week by week, month by month, the maga- zine reaches a larger audience, attains greater recognition, becomes more authoritative.

The purpose of The Cash Box is to serve our subscribers in the best possible way. As we reach for and attain new levels of achievement, we have every confidence that our readers too will progress and prosper and achieve successes beyond those they have ever achieved before. Michigan Ave. King RPM Fair Oaks, Pasadena, Calif.

Sparkling mambo and cha cha cha rhythms were beat out by Jose Curbello and his exciting band, Fiesta Record artists. Vernon Ave.

Nm Tut City, H. It is a sprightly waxing on which the lads blend in solid manner. Deck rides as the band swings, the sax screams, and the lads deliver. Good sound and infectious material. Two ok teener sides. Hot jump for the kids to hop to. Driving tempo guaranteed to knock out the kids and the musicians. Very exciting. It is a moving piece of wax with a lightly swinging melody that the kids can latch on to. This one is pop as well as r and b fare and we look for the deck to make it in both fields.

Stay close to this side. It is an item that can grab action. Tuneful deck. Dawn has two pleasing, easy to listen to sides. It will be very familiar to the kids. Simply arranged and easy to listen to. The gals melt tenderly as they turn in a warm and ear tickling performance. Smith] Another lovely tender bit of wax. The sister team speaks of love in a most convinc- ing manner.

Two appealing pleasers. Babs stays away from the bop talk on this side and turns in an enticing effort. The Jimmy Smith Trio lends instrumental support. Soft lights effort. The etch- ing has a solid combination of sound and beat. This is one of the rare instrumentals that come along every once in a while and makes it big.

It could happen here. Ryland is of the Hamilton, Hibbler school. Starry-eyed swooners will go for this deck. Perry] Johnny Angel sings a middle beat bouncer blues in which he con- fesses his love. Strongest appeal will be in the South- ern markets.

DJ spare parts. Computer accessories. Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Back Catalogue: Rock. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 50 of on page 1 of 3.

People also bought Unday Belgium. Common Sense blue vinyl 12". Late Night Tales. Music Brokers. It seems that only in the USA are outstanding jazz-performances! But I can garantee you that in Europe the most beautiful music has been made that never reached the shores of America. Just check You Tube so you can blow your mind!! The following are influenced by thrills only as imagined by the author, and it has no significant whatsoever to the work of the artists.

Weather Report! I stop at the soul station just to see Hank Mobley I went to St. On the top of the Hill is the Point of Departure for Andrew. Here comes the Head Hunter Herbie Hancock Dexter Gordon — Go Dexter Go Whenever I listen to Sarah, I have Vaughan The people were thrill at Massey Hall when we see the Quintet.

Bill Evans — Sunday school professor at the village Vanguard. Voyage with Herbie Hancock was made smoothly. The only Duke that matters to me is— Ellington All Structures designed by Cecil Taylor are well reinforced. We all know that Mr. Albert said to Ayler , no unity is better that Spiritual Unity Eric Dolphy possesses the best Table manner; see him— Out to Lunch To Abstract the Truth, you must apply the law of Oliver Nelson Erroll Garner holds the Tide at one of his Concert by the Sea It is always a pleasant day when Mr.

Louis Armstrong came to my Town. I tasted Miles Davis Bitches Brew before, it was great. When Ornette told Mr. Coleman about the Shape of Jazz to come, he meant business. It was in wonderful Copenhagen when Mr. Brubeck gave no Time Out, and the audience loves it. Here you have it, Mr. How about the Sachal Jazz Ensemble? Not sure how well known they are Stateside — they arose from the Lahore-based film industry, a group of veteran musicians who had fallen foul of conservative anti-western sentiments, interpreting western jazz standards.

But they are so much more than that. Check out their eponymous debut album They have been compared to the Buena Vista Social Club — that rare and welcome push to re-evaluate a genre and in this case to revisit some favourite jazz standards as well as listen to fresh material from an unlikely and unexpected source. Try them.

However, it opened up many possibilities I will check out. Everyone has an opinion. Just my 2 cents…. There is always some crazy nutter adding all the albums to a spotify-list with other great jazz-albums. I guess the most important person in Jazz is Louis Armstrong, because he had the most influence and made jazz as popular as it is unfortunetly was! So where are all the great recordings? Louis plays W. Django would be great to! He is the only european artist, who belongs to top 50 of Jazz! Que hay de Chick Corea?.

A futile effort to get anyone to agree with you entirely. Nice effort, but why is there no Freddy Hubbard or Donald Byrd on it. In mho great influential artists….. Its a perfect record. The Song for My Father title track dominates that album, but Cape Verdean is a 45 minute masterpiece.

Please try it all. No Gerry Mulligan? No Modern Jazz Quartet? Glad to see Erroll Garner and Stan Getz for sure. But if you are going to include Miles, especially Birth of the Cool, then it is silly to leave out John Lewis or Mulligan, who were there from the start. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue 2. Bird and Diz: Last recording on verve 3.

Duke Ellington — Hot Summer Dance 4. Dave Brubeck: Take Five 5. Billie Holiday : Stange Fruit. What, no Ella? Both superb Garner. Thank you for this list. My jazz collection of records went from ten to one hundred. Great top 50! And look at the conversations that your choices stimulated.

We can add a Django Reinhardt album or a Chick Corea LP, and we can subtract two for which we might be on the fence to keep the total at Importantly, we all thought a lot about great jazz, a lifetime love for many of us.

Of course it is just silly: nothing by David Murray! On the other hand, if it promotes interest in the music, all well and good. There are one or two other superb Monk albums not listed here. Duke Ellington has been mentioned in many comments, and I agree.

I think Blue Trane is overrated and I find much of Weather Report difficult to swallow particularly in terms of the smooth production. Art Tatum should be there, more Rollins too…. So many……. Decent list, but needs some more recent stuff. Maybe I missed it but at least one of them should be on here? This is a great list. The important thing to remember is that it is just a opinion, and not a shot at your favorite record.

I bet the author even had second thought after publishing the list. Lots of great stuff mentioned, both on and off the list. Nice try, but no cigar.

Dizzy Gillespie? Ella Fitzgerald not good enough?? Conspicuously absent are: 1. Great list. Thank you. I even named one of my rescue dogs after him. Best dog ever. Yet Bitches Brew is the worst album that Miles ever put out. Self indulgent BS. And I love Miles. I would rather see one of Trains blues records on the list. One woman on the list. My dad grew up in the South, used to sneak into all-black venues to hear the early jazz artists. He would shake his head at your list. They were also released in and are in the Top 5 according to this list.

As mentioned, Joe Henderson is missing as a leader. Are there no new Records? Concert by the Sea is not Garners best. And Hutcherson is great with barron In The Vanguard. No Phineas Newborn here.

I would not include reissue compliations in the list. I would stick with original issues. And as Waltz for Debbie is an original issue taken from the Sunday at Village Vanguard sessions why list both?

Thanks for this list and all the others. Suggestion: Compile a list of the greatest jazz albums of all times by relatively unknown artists. I am a senior, and compile bibliography as a avocation. And so it is with jazz. Have been a jazz buff all of my life.

Many great players do not chose a public life on the road. Such a list would take years to compile, and would take the combined efforts of many jazz buffs, but could be extraordinary, and a great gift to prosperity.

What a nice post….. While I am familiar with many on this list, I cannot honestly say I have listened to them all nor can I respond to many of the comments above this. I would suggest two other albums for consideration. I can honestly say that was the single most talented band I have ever seen put together.

Having seen them live in Rotterdam and then purchasing the recording, it is in my personal top A entire band of great band leaders! Second is Offbeat of the Avenues by Manhatten Transfer. There are a few incredible cuts on that album that still blow me away after all this time.

I consider that album full blown jazz as opposed to a popular label. Several of the arrangements are truly magnificent. Typical list with the usual suspects on it in my opinion. Introducing Roland Kirk from on the Chess label should be on the list. Vince Gurualdi sp and Lorez Alexandria come to mind.

List definitely needs some Billie Holiday and Lester Young. Indeed a terrific bunch of music, perhaps academic. So the Hot Fives and Sevens, which were never thought of as a unit, should be disqualified. Interesting to see that only one female vocalist that made the list was Sarah Vaughan.

I agree. I remember Chico Hamilton telling me that the most daring and truly improvisational jazz singer that he had worked with was her……. Insatiable ME. I am a Miles man, but with miles to spare……. Too silly for words. Define what you mean by a jazz album. Support The Music. Gosh, to even attempt a list like this. I love seeing this type of stuff because it invariably requires a lot of effort by the author, it will literally completely please no one, yet it always calls out one or two albums that probably deserve more attention.

Sometimes just throwing a list out there to get the discussion going is just as helpful as actually making the list. No Freddie Hubbard on this list? You clearly state in your 1st paragraph you will attempt to create a list. Thank you for a great source for me that continues the conversation.

But i Miss Nefertiti, i think is the best of his quintet albums whatever quintet he played in. And of course newer stuff. But 50 records are only 50 records. What a great comments section. I will be able to spend the rest of the year listening to some of your recommendations. There was a fellow called Jelly Roll Morton that made some pretty significant recordings.

And of course Bechet. And it shows: there are 3 Coltrane albums on a 50 record list…. In my opinion the one above is pretty narrow-minded, sticking just to 50sss stuff. Make your own list and publish it here. This is a very shallow based list. According to this list, it appears that no significant jazz happened on the west coast USA or beyond. Where the Jazz Crusaders and other great musicians who were not based on the East Coast were just holding their instruments in the studios, making their posters or creating mannequins.

How is there no early jazz on the list? As a slight corrective, Pres would feature heavily in 49, but omitting the small group sessions with Lady Day, Teddy Wilson et al , is a big miss. No Ella Fitzgerald? No Ramsey Lewis? Only 1 Sarah Vaughan? Total incorrect list. Fusion albums mixed with traditional Jazz albums.

These lists are always subjective and reflect the personal taste of compiler. On that note, if I had compiled this list, it would include some Gerry Mulligan. No Grover Washington Jr? Especially Inner City Blues? I am disappointed with the list overall…:.

There are sooooo many great jazz albums I can think of, and some are on this list. But the 1 jazz album that stands heads above the rest in my opinion is not even listed here…. I have already seen many lists of the kind over internet. The New Yorker, many years ago, had its try [1], for instance. As I came to realize later, underneath all those lists there is a certain intention.

And that should not be understood as a mistake. Are Roy Elridge an Dizzy G. And Sinatra — listen to him as if he were a sax! Billie H. Bessi S. Sara V. The lack of representation of Dizzy Gillespie and Lee Morgan stands out. Where are they? Plus, all due respect to Miles, but both Dizzy and Lee could outplay Miles any day. Lots of great picks on this list, but it needs work fellas! Lets see three Coltrane albums and no Chet Baker. Nothing from Chic Corea or Django Rheinhardt still copied note for note today?

Nothing after ! This list is nonsensical. Also, no Wynton M? The first album or Black Codes? Where is Billie? What about pre jazz? Is Armstrong really the only early recording that makes the list?

Time to broaden your listening horizons folks. Too many free jazz and avantgarde to my taste. Missing Tete Montoliu as a one of the top pianists. What about John Klemmer? The ignorance expressed on this list is representative of our time. What a ton of wasted effort on this inadequate list. The exact order is not so important. But what gets me about top jazz lists is that almost always the majority of the albums are more than 50 years old.

Nevertheless, there are a whole lot of great jazz albums recorded in the past 50 years. I own 4, of them! A few of the greats include:. Soft Machine — Fourth.

Tanjah and Spirit of our Ancestors — Randy Weston. Afro-Eurasian Eclipse — Duke Ellington. Timeless — John Abercrombie. New Directions — Jack DeJohnette. Lenox Avenue Breakdown — Arthur Blythe. Offramp — Pat Metheny. African Exchange Student — Kenny Garrett. Night Bird Song — Thomas Chapin. Blue Sun — Mark Isham. Dark Starr — David Murray. Angel Song — Kenny Wheeler. Joey Barron — Down Home. Marc Cary — Listen.

The Art of Rhythm — Tom Harrell. Change — Chick Corea. Strange City — Herbie Nichols Project. Elevated — Michael Blake. Largo — Brad Mehldau. Wide Angles — Michael Brecker. Bounce — Terence Blanchard. Easy Living — Enrico Rava. Northern LIghts — Mike Mainieri. Camp Meeting — Bruce Hornsby. John Scofield — This Meets That. Lawn Chair Society — Kenn Werner. Invisible Cinema — Aaron Parks. Infernal Machines — Darcy James Argue. Movements in Color — Andy Sheppard. The Storyteller — Uri Gurvich.

Deluxe — Chris Lightcap. Sun Roms — Jason Adasiewicz. Tattooed by Passion — Matt Jorgensen. Hearts Wide Open — Gilad Hekselman. On the Go — Matthew Halsall. Trios — Carla Bley. Instead — Collocutor. LIve in Larissa — Nate Birchall. New Song — Omer Avital. Harmonious Creatures — Sarah Manning. Madeline — Ghost Rhythms. Homage — Adam Niewood. Oceanic Suite — Atlantis Jazz Ensemble. Infinitude — Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Early Americans — Jane Ira Bloom. Beam Me Up — Shauli Einav.

Layers of the City — Ben Allison. Ill Considered One — Ill Considered. More than dealers and press reps attended the event. Johnny Hoes presented the new Telstar repertory for the coming season. Mills Holland Bassart N. Singer is Kleintje Pils Ton. Most of the titles in the album are published by Scandia-Musiikki Oy. Swedish group the Hep Stars, recording for the Olga label, are coming on very strong in Finland, now.

The group has already done very well in Norway with most of their records. Bergen, a city in western Norway among mountains and fjords, has been for Norwegian pop industry what Liverpool is for the British.

She made some records in Germany for Polydor, and Polydor and Triola claim that they have her under contract, also for her native Norway. How to solve the problems seems to be a job for the lawyers.

Bo Lofberg, head of Philips-Sonora the record dept. Lofberg will handle certain special parts of the business, mainly on the international line. Cupol is doing a lot of promotion for the German Ariola label, as well as the affiliated labels.

Eurodisc and Baccarola. There are also six LPs with classical music released on Ariola this week. American nightingale Ernestine Anderson, well known here where she spent two years on tour some five years ago, contracted to the Berns Restaurant for the week Sept.

Grammofon AB Electra is doing a lot to promote the Coachmen, a British Decca group who have toured Sweden twice last year and this summer. Sven Ingvars, Philips recording Swedish group, is now ready for its debut in international connections. They have just done their first German record. Representing EMI are left to right , Mr. George was at the Lakehead to conclude contractual arrangement with a new label pactee, Martha Guran.

They will be released in time for the Christmas retail action across Canada, and possibly in other countries as well. Herb Bain Ltd. His hard working successor in that market is Jack Morrison. Basil Hurdon has announced that, effective almost immediately, the Bobby Curtola record product will be available in the U. Distribution arrangements have been set up by the Hurdon Bros.

The soft drink firm is offering the sensational LP, just recorded in Nashville and packed with great golden hit sounds, through its bottlers from coast to coast in Canada at one dollar per LP. The campaign is boosted by radio saturation spot campaigns across the country. The plural reference is intended, because in fact there were two albums produced for this Canada wide promotion, the Curtola set and a French-language LP featuring the combined vocal talents of Michel Louvain and Margot Lefebvre.

At the conclusion of the month long promotion, the Curtola LP will revert to Tartan for distribution and sales, while the masters of the French language set will become the property of the artists, to be produced as they see fit. Reaction to both sets, and the promo- tion, is nothing short of fantastic right across Canada, reports Richardson.

Chum — Toronto is in the market for a Deejay, at least one. Barry Paine has a flock of good new chart-bound sounds to crow about of late. Two of them are strong Canadian entries. Martin Onrot of M. Their debut LP for Vanguard is reportedly selling well, with many P.

DRL , the debut album under the Roman banner appears this week. Their disc was very well received by spinners in that area, reports Carl. Gaye Galin has one red hot LP right after another lately at London. This is really important because a lot of French singers want to take up folk music this winter. We had of course, last year many hit French treatments of folk songs, but the interest now is in the fact that singers as Johnny Hallyday and Claude Francois decided to sing songs with folk lyrics.

This publishing company is now settled on the 15 rue Saussier Leroy. The most important thing is the construction of three recording studios. Averty in the Palais des Sports three months ago will be broadcast on Sept. Riviera, the second set-up in the Eddie Barclay group, will also dis- tribute the Atco and Capitol labels.

Eddy Mitchell has just completed a recording session in London. Hugues Auffray has recorded a single for Italy. It will be released through RCA. Another date in Spanish will be distributed by Columbia in Spain.

This artist will present an album in the U. Eddie Barclay will leave Paris for an American biz trip.

He will be in New York from Sept. Barclay will be back in town on October 1st. This female singer will be the lead of the first program at Bobino Music Hall. Volt 59 Imperial. Eight of the songs were recorded in Mexico and the rest in Argentina. Enrique is now in Spain, doing a picture with Spanish actress and singer Rocio Durcal.

New musical TV shows have appeared. It seems that rock and roll music surf, twist, jerk, etc. The country celebrated that day with big festivities. On September 8, Mexico lost one of the greatest Mexican musicians of this century. His name: Julian Carrillo, creator of sound 13 and well known all over the world because of his marvelous experiments in music.

He died at the age of Preza, Romulo Moran, Fidel A. Vista and Jose Ramon Moreno. They are a great success there. Although it is not official now, it seems that Cuco Sanchez, one of our most popular composers and singers of our folk music and who used to belong to CBS Records, signed an exclusive contract with Capitol Records. This com- pany also signed contract with Cuban bongocero Silvestre Mendez. He just finished a long play with a new rhythm. Alberto Vazquez cut at Musart records a new single which contains two popular hits of some time ago.

Los Hermanos Castro, the excellent Mexican vocal group, returned from their tour through several South American countries, especially in Argentina, where they performed successfully. Discos Capitol de Mexico, S. RCA released four old songs with Paco Canedo when this artist used to be- long to this company he is now with Peerless. Outside of the common market in Austria and Switzerland, an additional 95, records were sold. Sales figure wise, Italy has sold , records, Germany ,, Benelux Holland-Belgium — 90, and 15, in France.

The song is number 1 in juke boxes, radio, records and sheet music sales. Hansa promotion man Jack Martin and distribution head Hans Blume were on hand for the ceremony.

Willy Klofat from Ariola has a stack of hard working new entries including the new Chubby Checker single and the new goodie by The Chiffons. The firm is doing a full push on the Hep Stars who are racking up terrific sales in Scandinavia.

Can anybody top that? The group is under contract to Ariola. Luxembourg D. Dieter Heck has just signed to the label and his first record for the firm comes out this week. Philips is racking up great sales with their small tape cartridge box which has passed the , mark in sales. Philips is also set with the 2nd LP of the International Beat festival held in the Star Club in Hamburg which will include music from 21 different groups.

Delegates were in attendance from Europe, Asia, S. America and Australia. Saturday morning Sept. Indications of this new look were witnessed every- where by the almost 1, manufacturers, distributors and operator conventioneers.

A feeling of freshness and polish stretched along the well-ordered aisles lined with vending, amusement and service exhibits; to the lavish music room where visitors strolled about the displays of juke box and record manufacturers to the delightful ac- companiment of recorded music played superbly on the latest coin-operated phonographs; on down to the color- ful games room — itself a kaleidoscope of pins, pool ta- bles, parts and supplies with the accent on profits for all through manufacturer-operator cooperation and me- chanical excellence.

Just as responsible in fostering this new look were the MOA association leaders who, under Clint Pierce, were a working team during and not only produced a most worthwhile convention but established a precedent of effort and effectiveness in legislative and PR areas whose momentum should continue for years to come. In the final analysis, the MOA, standing on its own, has proven itself. Drawing generous support from all phases of our industry, it has asserted its value and furthered its cause.

But secure in our minds of the strength of MOA, demonstrated last weekend, we need no longer be anxious about standing alone and therefore can stand proudly together. After a well-earned standing ovation by the assembled operators, president- elect Wallace bluntly laid out an ag- gressive program for his term, listing three major points: To put on an intensive membership drive to include increased enrollment in state and local associations.

To build a truly effective relation- ship between record manufacturers and the music operator a committee under newly elected association Treas- urer Bill Cannon was instantly begun — see separate story.

Also elected to office besides Wal- lace and Cannon were Jim Tolisano for secretary and Lou Casola for chairman of the board. Ted Nichols was ushered in as sergeant-at-arms. Directors elected for three-year terms included: Bill Anderson, Jr. Bishop, Royce Green, Jr. A telegram, sent by MOA veteran George Miller, was read to the assem- bled operators by Clint Pierce voicing his regret on his inability to attend due to illness. The heartwarming ap- plause which followed wished Miller well and a speedy recovery.

Longtime coinbiz friend Rep. Miller was also unable to attend due to commitments on the federal space committee. John Murphy of Staten Island, N. The Trade Show — a Dazzling Array of Equipment Of the close to 50 exhibitors who participated in the trade show, held in the Pick-Congress Hotel, all of the major phonograph and pool table manufacturers were there, most of the games factories were represented and a number of vending companies also displayed their wares to the throngs of operators who had gathered at the summit of the coin machine industry from Florida to Michigan to Hawaii.

The exhibit area was a figurative fan- tasyland of color and convenience with a music room set aside for phono and record mfrs and a games room for amusements. Next year, incidentally, the show will again be held in the Pick-Congress on Oct. Steiger, pres- ident of Tel-A-Sign, Inc. He explained that this endorsement is requested of him by the various federal agencies which will back the project. Since Moran first founded his school in Denver several years ago, he has been in constant telephone contact with the Cash Box Chicago office to report his progress, and to decry the numerous obstacles which barred his path to progression.

He explained that the reason he opened the school initially was to ab- sorb the legion of young men who were daily being laid off at a huge airplane plant in Denver. Oftentimes he would have to personally finance their training courses due to their lack of funds. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Af- fairs.

His ideal plan is to send these trained men back to jobs in their respective hometowns. One of the desperate problems in the manufacturing, distributing and operating firms in this country over the years has been a dearth of trained servicemen and mechanics. Since Mo- ran has been a veteran coin machine operator in the Denver area for many years, he is very much aware of this crying need.

This, he says, is actually what drove him into this training pro- gram It is his contention that a school of this sort on a national basis will supply the industry with the much needed mechanical talent. Thus far, Moran has been well re- ceived by regional officials, and their cooperation has spurred him on.

Lewis, Director of Chicago s branch of the U. Department of Labor. In his preliminary discussions with NAMA officials Moran advised that there was considerable interest in his training school program.

Outgoing president Clint Pierce bangs the gavel to bring the general meeting of the MOA to order. Clint Pierce hands the gavel of command over to President-elect John Wallace while new treasurer Bill Cannon, chairman of the board Lou Casola and secretary Jim Tolisano smile their approval.

Everyone and everything looked and felt wonderful — things serious and joyful well met, as you can see below. Aaron Goldsmith. Plenty of action for George Anthony at the Tape Athon booth. Ed Richer in the funny hat hosted scores of oper- ators during the three-day convention at his Wico booth.

Jerry Stein, left, discusses the benefits of his Proto- cision V-shaped shuffieboard with a pair of inter- ested operators. Shown at the Wurlitzer display are Burt Davidson, C. An interested conventioneer takes a fling at Ameri- can Shuffieboard' s new compact bank shot shuffle- board.

Engineering booth. Palmer show a lovely joying the delicious meal served at the MOA ban- Inc. Box booth. Nat and Janice Bailen offer the trade their latest film units at the Urban Industries booth. The boys at All-Tech keeping a close guard on their Seebring coin op slot-car unit. That famous face at left belongs to none other than Joe Ash, who is joined in the photo by his son Frank. Even the energetic Killer Joe Piro, second from left, has to take a moment out to rest and speak with some coin-biz friends.

Cash Box — September 25, Seeburg Corp. Cameron Gordon. Records In Both 16 2 burg firm for the new system. Sight Draft or C. Write for Complete List! It plays up to three separate and distinct programs of twelve inch records automatically selected from the fifty records verti- cally stored in its mechanism.

Because of our knowledge of music, we have de- veloped two vital ingredients hereto- fore unavailable in musical entertain- ment. The first is the new mechanism developed after four and a half years of engineering, research and develop- ment. The mechanism is de- signed to offer the location an oppor- tunity to provide such a wide variety of music that any patron preference may be met. The mechanism is remotely oper- ated from a control center that per- mits an over-ride of previously se- lected periods of programming.

Up to Seebur g's new Stereo Music System. The Music Centre system is avail- able in a variety of forms. The Select- O-Matic mechanism is available alone for playing through existing sound amplification systems of high quality. A Seeburg Automatic Timer Con- trol is available which automatically turns on the system, switches on the record program previously chosen and performs functions according to a pre- set pattern that may program for days or weeks ahead.

It will also turn off the unit as per pre-determined instructions. A program book is pro- vided with each unit in which record title strips may be placed for easy reference to records and selections by title or artist to be made. If pro- grammed entirely with Background Music records, each of hours in duration, the unit could provide hours of music before repeating. Every juke box owner. Every discotheque. Save on Tax! Palisades Park, N. It was decided that Cannon would immediately set on a course of ap- pointing a special MOA committee to keep in constant touch with record manufacturers.

He assumed the chair- manship of this newly created com- mittee. In keeping with this the record manufacturers will be supplied with data and statistical information of the juke box industry. Cannon further advised that to con- form with this, MOA will shortly pub- lish a list of names and addresses of operator members in booklet form for the record manufacturers.

All activi- ties in programming, product infor- mation and needs, etc. Therefore, a regular Format of Communications are such vital liaison activities as: 1 MOA is to supply marketing information to the record companies. Cannon asserted in conclusion that this liaison effort will be aimed to- wards a greater understanding with One Stops as well. If meetings are practical this is what weTi do! Valley Mfg. Cash Box — September 25, Our heartfelt thanks to M. What excitement! What enthusiasm!

Killer Joe puts two lovely Frug dancers through their paces. Do it Today! Owner Jean Sullivan gave shelter and comfort to local citizens and passing strangers, but through the plate glass window of the shop they could see the monster storm coming for them.

A truck driver jumped into the cab and pulled his vehicle in front of the shop to deflect the wind. Then the men, as the storm fell upon them, pushed three heavy pinball machines in front of the dangerous window.

The lights went out. The refugees huddled behind the counter and the phonograph. Suddenly the glass shat- tered and the rain and wind rushed into the cafe.

But the machines stood firm and the truck driver tore the rest of the glass away with his bare hands to keep the fragments from flying around the room.

Just as suddenly, the storm had passed. All were safe. Coffee and con- gratulations were passed around. Fiddle Around? Its unusual art work high- lighted by an eerie black light effect certainly hit the mark. Gold, president of Cleveland Coin International, re- ports that the office had a welcome visitor last week: K. Khoo of Ma- laysia.

Feeling the potential in his area has not been fully developed, Khoo plans to open several arcades in Formosa and Hong Kong with the equipment he has purchased on this trip. Although he has been an account of Cleveland Coin International for many years, this is his first visit to the United States.

In fiscal , the company earned 76cj 1 per share of common stock. This may lead to significant cost reductions and improved reliability through elimination of moving contacts on re- lays and switches, and offer the vend- ing operator lower cost equipment which can be maintained with less skilled technical personnel. Automatic record-keeping for route servicemen, through use of portable electronic equipment which would plug into each vending machine or vending bank and automatically re- cord all sales data for transfer later to data processing equipment.

Microwave heating and cooking, in commissaries, cafeterias and other manual food service centers. Recent advances include substantial reduc- tions in the cost per kilowatt of micro- wave heating energy. Integral vending systems are now being tested to explore the feasibility of this approach to vending. In an integral vending system, the vending apparatus is remotely located from the dispensing site, so that it is only necessary, for example, to install a cup dispenser and a coin mechanism at the point of sale.

Products are di- rected to the point of sale through conduits, thus permitting one basic installation to service multiple loca- tions. Modular vending units, designed to be either coin or manually operated to suit changing daily requirements.

The same units could be manually operated during peak feeding periods and coin or credit-card operated dur- ing off-peak periods to provide service for late comers, night shifts, transient sales, and so forth. Frozen meals for high schools, as well as for residence halls, would be heated by a similar battery of ovens at the school. And frozen meals for the housewife would be delivered to her door in accordance with a pre-planned menu selected by her and related to cost and nutrition factors.

Hungerford, executive director of the association. Members of the NAMA technical committee, who had worked with government officials in earlier phases of devising the new coins, were in- vited to the special testing by the Bureau of the Mint to make sure that no troubles had developed during actual minting of the coins. Hungerford said the new cupro- nickel-clad coins will not be in circu- lation until after the Mint has built up a sufficient supply several months from now.

He added that all manufacturers of equipment were satisfied with the tests. Those present comprised coin mechanism producers for merchandise vending, music machines, telephones and coin-op laundry businesses.

Lotspeich, Coin Acceptors, Inc. Wallin, National Rejectors, Inc. The manual outlines a complete safety program for vending operators which includes a specially designed shop record form available from the association. The Co 2 manual details Interstate Commerce Commission regulations which govern the handling, transport- ing and maintenance of cylinders, suggestions for filling, testing and marking, tips on storage, installation instructions and record keeping and inspection procedures.

Three different mod- els will be available for order on the NAMA Convention floor and are ready for prompt delivery. It features a special hopper loading system for the fastest possible loading time. It offers twelve payout combinations. Agreement was reached on two le- gal requirements which apply to all beverage machine operators: 1. A city of Hempstead plumbing permit will be secured by all opera- tors before the initial installation of water-connected machines and all in- stallations will be made by licensed plumbers.

Vending operators will initiate a servicing program for drink machines to ensure odor-free and nuisance-free waste pails. Representatives of the two associa- tions pledged their cooperation by ad- vising all vending operators of these requirements and in working further with New York officials.

Cabinet weight is lbs. Optional steel pedestal weighs 84 lbs. The N has the same cabinet size as the N-l, with a cabinet weight of lbs. Its optional steel pedestal weighs 84 lbs. A selection of NRI changers — or a bank of them at larger locations — incx-eases vending profits by putting correct change in the hands of customers right at the point of purchase. Hempstead ordinance all water-con- nected machines must be installed by a licensed plumber and a permit must first be secured.

Enforcement authorities began to check all beverage venders in Hemp- stead after a incident in which 11 persons were hospitalized after they had consumed drinks from a vender which drew its water supply from a boiler-type heating unit be- cause of faulty installation.

In a later incident two beverage venders were connected to water sup- ply which proved to be affected by sewage contamination, according to tests. This would be impossi- ble in many cases and would require expensive modifications for all exist- ing machines, Hartley said. Elected along with Casola were: Harry Shaffner, of Alton, Gillette, of Phonograph Service Co. MOA Banquet S. The festivities started with a cock- tail pay bar affair in the foyer of the Great Hall.

Red Wallace o. Red is an agressive co. New Jersey Guild chief Bill Cannon, clos- ing an excellent year as association secretary, has been elected treasurer for the coming year.

Among the directors from these parts that were installed during the general meeting, Sunday, Sept. Our best wishes to all of them for a successful and fruitful term in office. Sol said the American display got a good workout from visitors during the show and that special interest was shown in their brand new compact bank-shot table with the lavish new side-mount scoring device.

Billiards area featuring their Pro Series. We joined in a game of 8-ball with Harry and beat the pants off A1 D. Broad St. Latest Fluorescent Lighting. Individual Name Feature. Flash-Bonus Score Game. Red Pin Game. And more than one young lady in that crowd had to exercise a little restraint to keep from joining in with the famed dance master. Our own Candi Brooks was clearly visible in the balcony, taking a break from her duties at the Cash Box booth to scrutinize the Killer and note all the pointers to bring home to the gang at home.

AND C. The Wurlitzer program looked and sounded mighty fine at the show and according to visiting Wurlitzer distribs Jimmy Ginsburg, Clint Shockey and Johnny Billota, it sells that way too! Joe Munves of the Mike Munves Corp. He agreed that they did real fine! Their 3-D model in particular drew quite a crowd, most of us agreeing it was rather nicely programmed.

Features Best Jazz Albums: 50 Essentials You Need To Hear. Including career-defining sessions that continue to make their influence felt, the best jazz albums of all time offer a wealth of.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Sifoty Case CD release of The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 26/42 on Discogs/5(4).
  2. Oct 31,  · The Archive is split into 42 Sets x 4xCD. Each CD is untitled and dedicated to one musician, who mostly appears in different collaborations. The catalog numbers: The box is and each of the 42 Sets has its own catalog number. For example Set 1 is Set 1 - CD 2 is /B. Set 36 CDs - Classic Jazz, Ragtime, Dixieland/5(19).
  3. Comment: CD Set - Perfect Set for Gift Giving! BRAND NEW & FACTORY SEALED (Documents, , Cat# , CD SET) [German Import] The Ultimate Jazz Archive, you will not need another jazz-box! Includes Page Book With Biographies Of The Featured Artists. CDS with more than Songs. 24bitkhz Remastering/5(7).
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  5. Notes: The Ultimate Jazz Archive A Jazz Lunch For Your Ears - Bon Apetit! The archive contains of tracks from until on CD's and 2 books with pages of artist biographies each.
  6. This set is part of The Ultimate Jazz Archive and not a single release! Boogie Woogie Set 17 - CD 1 - Albert Ammons - Set 17 - CD 2 - Meade Lux Lewis (all New York) - Set 17 - CD 3 - Pete Johnson (all New York) - Set 17 - CD 4 - The Big Band Boogie Woogie -
  7. The Ultimate Jazz Archive (Colección de CDs) The Ultimate Jazz Archive. Label: Membran Music Ltd. The archive contains of tracks from until The Archive is split into 42 Sets x 4xCD. Each CD is untitled and dedicated to one musician, who mostly appears in different collaborations. Various () Set.
  8. Review: Storied Latin-jazz artist, composer, producer, and DJ Nicola Conte lays down a marker for his upcoming fifth studio album Free Souls with this delightful 7" of the same misprinlohagreirweb.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.coshing two gens from the album, Conte's channelling soul jazz at it's purest on the title track, with a rhythm and blues arrangement that provides the perfect backing for Bridgette Amofah's gliding vocal delivery.

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